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  • hOur Exchange Ypsilanti

    hOur Exchange Ypsilanti

  • Depot Town

    Depot Town

  • Hutchinson House

    Hutchinson House

  • Sidetrack


  • Depot Town

    Depot Town

  • Riverside Park

    Riverside Park

  • Old Ypsilanti Highschool

    Old Ypsilanti Highschool

  • Old Downtown Congress St

    Old Downtown Congress St

  • Great Map of the City

    Great Map of the City

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By becoming a member of hOur Exchange Ypsilanti you will join with your community and start to see your neighbors as vital to your life experience. Together we can make Ypsilanti even better!

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The Ypsilanti Time Bank is built to last. We are working hard to become an integral part of our beloved city. By joining citizens together, we work to strengthen the city as a whole. See what you can do for our great Ypsilanti!

Integrated Software

hOur Exchange Ypsi uses powerful software developed by one of the most successful time banks in the United States: Hour Exchange Portland (Maine). The software is robust and allows members to easily search through the needs and service offers of other members.

Do What You Love

Have a big pile of laundry to fold but would rather be reading? Request that a member come and fold while you enjoy your book. The Exchange can open you to the possibility of utilizing your unique strengths and abilities and get valuable services in return.