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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from 10/5/2013

    10/05/2013 11:58 am  •    Jeff  •     Board Meeting

Review last week’s to-do: we went over task list spreadsheet and assigned new to-do tasks


Orientations: Jeff requested that those doing orientations post on hEy Facebook group beforehand that orientation is going on. This will encourage more people to go to orientations. Jeff and Heather should remove dates from calendar for when they are away.

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Meeting Minutes from 9/7/2013

    09/07/2013 11:49 am  •    Jeff  •     Board Meeting

Working Group Meeting Notes

September 7, 2013

Secretary/Note-taking role: Nathanael has volunteered to take notes during meetings and post them on Facebook (for accessibility) and on G Drive (for archival purposes). Notes will help facilitate group discussion, clarification, and review during meetings.
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Meeting Minutes from 5/5/2013

    05/05/2013 12:22 pm  •    Jeff  •     Board Meeting

Minutes from 5/5 Meeting

All working group members ~ Please feel free to add/correct minutes IN AN

ADDENDUM BELOW NOTES as this is all my addled brain recalls ~ thank you!

Present: Jen Whaley, Amy Grettum, Heather Wysor, Liz Dahl McGregor, Jef Yoder

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Meeting Minutes from 4/6/2013

    04/06/2013 12:26 pm  •    Jeff  •     Board Meeting

hOur Exchange Ypsi notes from 4/6/13

1st business: Submitted and approved items for Agenda

I. Website update with Jeff

A. Got free local web hosting with HVCN, that ben recommended

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Meeting Minutes from 3/2/2013

    03/13/2013 12:20 pm  •    Jeff  •     Board Meeting


– Membership materials – Portland’s member handbook is good, may require some

tweaking. Looks like this is geared toward people who have already attended a new

member orientation and signed up for the exchange. We would still like to create a

one-page flyer/introductory sheet for people looking for general information. The

group as a whole needs to figure out whether people need to be required to attend

orientation before they can start participating or not.

– Looked at HourWorld member demo. Relatively simple, but some people may find it

difcult to navigate. We will definitely need a few E-Buddies available to work one-on-
one with new members having trouble. We may also have a few members who don’t

use computers at all who might need hours entered for them.

– Reviewed HourWorld’s recommendations for starting an exchange. Determined we

have about 10 solid people in our working group so far; our goal is 15. Ideal

availability would be 4 hours per month. Also need to define roles and group more

specifically and secure people in each of them so we have a solid foundation. The

consensus was that it’s difcult to get people involved while so many things are still so


– For working group meeting on 3/9, would like to: develop timeline, assign specific

admin roles, discuss setup of basic website, and brainstorm fundraising needs and

ideas, including possible Kickstarter campaign (Liz ofered to lead this portion of the

discussion). Having this information will help us with recruiting people for our working

group by giving more discrete ideas about what can be done to help.

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Meeting Minutes from 2/13/2013

    02/13/2013 12:01 pm  •    Jeff  •     Board Meeting

Meeting Notes 2-23-13

10:00am – We all introduced ourselves

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Meeting Minutes from 2/9/2013

    02/09/2013 12:19 pm  •    Jeff  •     Board Meeting

Meeting Notes Feb 9

Please feel free to add to or edit these notes.

People present: Nathanael, Chelle, Heather, Ben, Jenn, Jeff, Monica, and Diesel

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