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One of our members found this great article on the profound impact of time banking on people’s lives.

It is hard to imagine a different kind of currency. Every one of us has gifts to share with our community. We all need help in help in some way. Find out what your neighbors gifts are. You will be surprised at what they have to offer you. Surprise them about what you have to offer in return. Trading time creates equality and helps us talk to one another. This, in turn, will encourage more social gathering and a stronger sense that your community is here for you and that you are here for your community. It is time we started looking at each other for help rather than looking to large profit-driven institutions to lift us up and bring us together.

Local Time Banking is Amazing!

Dona Nolan was overwhelmed when she learned that renovations to her home would cost up to $10,000! With the aid of her local time banks she was able to get the project done for only $300. This stuff is real people!

By trading her skills with other members of her local time bank, Dona was able to accrue enough hours in her bank to “pay” other members to do her renovations.

Sharing hours provides many benefits to members:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Friendship
  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Social Change

We are living in turbulent times in Ypsilanti. Our city is out of money and is struggling to find it’s footing to provide for it’s citizens. The truth is that without the help of the citizens our beloved Ypsilanti is in danger. The Local Ypsilanti Time Bank, hOur Exchange Ypsilanti, is here to help create and facilitate community growth. Alone we cannot save our great city. Together – helping each other, showing respect for one another, and working hand in hand – we will change the foundation of Ypsilanti. Get to know your neighbors better than your colleagues. Learn to trust again, stop locking your doors, feel safe knowing that your community loves and trusts you to do for them as they do for you.

We have an amazing opportunity to reshape what our community looks like. Are we just a bunch of people who live near each other? NO! We are Ypsilanti!

We encourage you to read the article and comment below! Don’t forget to tell everyone you know about hOur Exchange Ypsilanti and DON’T FORGET TO JOIN!


Jeff, president and co-founder of hOur Exchange Ypsilanti, strives to bring community together through shared experience. He loves the city of Ypsilanti and wants to see it thrive.

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