What Is Yourphone.exe In Windows 10 In 2021

What Is Yourphone.exe In Windows 10 In 2021

This article will describe what is Yourphone.exe. If you’re assembling a Windows  computer reading this brief article, many system methods helped you get here. They let you boot up your PC, develop a graphical user interface to allow you to check in to Windows, connect to the web, open your web browser, and also.

What Is Yourphone.exe In Windows 10

What is Yourphone.exe here are the details here;

Windows has many system procedures and apps; but, most of them aren’t well-known to you. One way you may not have become aware of is Yourphone.exe. Unlike different system processes like svchost.exe, Yourphone.exe is a new system procedure presented in Windows 10. Here’s whatever you want to know about it.

How to Manually Close Yourphone.exe Process.

If you believe the Yourphone.exe procedure is running on your PC and you want to stop it, you can do so by hand using Windows Task Supervisor.

1. To do this, you’ll want to open the Windows Job Manager by right-clicking the taskbar at the bottom of your screen. From the choices menu, press Job Manager. Additionally, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard to open it by hand.

What Is Yourphone.exe In Windows 10

2. In the Windows Tasks Manager window, search for the Your Phone process. If the application is open, this will look like Your Phone. If it’s working in the background, it may seem like your phone instead.

3. To stop the Your Phone or YourPhone procedure, right-click it and press completion Job opportunity.

This will end the running system until you reboot or up until you open the Your Phone app manually. If you’re using Your Phone uses, this will stop the app from working in the background. You will not get alerts or messages synced during your Android device till the application is opened again.

What Is Yourphone.exe, Should You Disable It?

If you notice the Yourphone.exe procedure (or similar) running in Windows Job Manager, you’re running Windows 10, and you have the Your Phone app running in the background. The Your Phone app is an honestly new Windows function that allows you to sync your Windows device with an Android smartphone or tablet running Android 7 or later. It will enable you to read your gadget notices, including inbound messages, without directly reading your Android gadget.

If you’re a used iPhone or iPad, you can yet use the Your Phone app. But, you’re limited to internet browser link sharing, with no other functions presently provided. You’ll need Microsoft Edge set up on your iPhone or iPad to be able to do this. You can also share the files and images between your devices, reply to text messages from your PC, and more. It’s a Microsoft application, so it’s entirely safe for you to keeps running on your PC.

What Is Yourphone.exe In Windows 10

But, if you want to disable it, you can. You can by hand stop the Yourphone.exe procedure in Windows Job Supervisor, or you can avoid it from running in the background in Windows Settings. You can also switch it all together using Window’s PowerShell.

Understanding Essential System Processes in Windows 10.

Other system procedures, like msmpeng.exe, are thought-about vital components of your Windows 10 setup, and stopping or reducing them would trigger Windows to stop working. Luckily, the Your Phone app isn’t as necessary, then if you wish to remove it, you can, although it’s much better to disable it and leave it in place.

If you’re stressed over procedures in Windows Job Supervisor that you aren’t acquainted with, you should scan for malware to make sure your PC is still safe. If you don’t have antivirus security set up, you can use many free antivirus elimination tools instead of the built-in Windows Security tool.

Disabling the Your Phone Application in Windows 10.

Completing the Yourphone.exe procedure will stop the app from working till you reboot. If you need to prevent it from immediately filling in the background when you reboot your PC, you’ll require to disable it in your Windows Settings menu.

1. To open Windows Settings, right-click the Start menu and press the Settings choice.

2. In the Window’s Settings menu, press Privacy > Background apps. From here, a list of applications that can run in the background will be listed. Find the Your Phone app by scrolling through the list on the right. To disable it, click the slider beside it to the Off position.

As soon as disabled, the Your Phone app will no longer have the capacity to run in the background. The following time you reboot your computer, the application will no longer look in the Windows Task Supervisor procedure list until you open the app yourself.

If you nevermore use this app, the app will never arrive except you open it. This will leave it handicapped. But, ready to use, ought to you alter your mind in the future.

Raising the Your Phone App (Yourphone.exe) using Windows PowerShell.

Disabling the Your Phone application by stopping it from running in the background will leave it successfully disabled. But, you’ll yet be able to open it manually. If you need to eliminate it, you will need to use Windows PowerShell to do so.

While it isn’t usually a good idea to eliminate integrated Windows parts, it’s secure to eliminate this app. It isn’t a core system element, so it should not influence any other functions. Removing the application will stop you from syncing your Android gadget with Windows. Still, you can re-install the app from the Microsoft Shop later on.

1. To eliminate yourphone.exe, you will need to open a PowerShell window with administrative access. To do this, right-click the Start menu and press the Window’s PowerShell option.

What Is Yourphone.exe In Windows 10

2. In the Windows PowerShell windows, you can run a command that will stop the components used for Your Phone (consisting of yourphone.exe) from working. To do this, type Get-AppxPackage Microsoft. Your phone -AllUsers|Remove-AppxPackage and hit go into.

What Is Yourphone.exe In Windows 10

3. You will not notice any confirmation that the YourPhone app has been gotten rid of. If the command succeeds, no action in the PowerShell window will be recorded. You might also need to get rid of the installation declare the Your Phone application after doing this. You can access all these files by opening the C: \ Program Files \ WindowsApplications \ folder in Windows File Explorer.

4. In the C: \ Program Files \ Windows Apps folder, try to find an additional folder that starts with Microsoft. Your phone (for example, Microsoft.YourPhone _ 1.20081.117.0 _ x64 __ 8wekyb3d8bbwe). The folder name will alter, depending upon the app’s variation currently installed on your PC—several folders with the Microsoft. Your phone tag might be listed, so look for the folder, including the system architecture tag (e.g., x64).

What Is Yourphone.exe In Windows 10

5. To delete the folder, right-click it and press Erase. This will delete all Your Phone application files, consisting of the Yourphone.exe file.

6. You may need to press Continue in the Folder Gain access to Rejected pop-up to permit you to erase the folder.

7. If the folder won’t erase, you can use a Windows PowerShell command to remove it powerfully. To do this, type Remove the Item -path “C: \ Program Files \ WindowsApplications \ Microsoft.YourPhone _ 1.20081.117.0 _ x64 __ 8wekyb3d8bbwe” and press Go into. Change Microsoft. Your phone course with the appropriate path for your PC initially, depending upon the app version. After running the command, press Y to validate the deletion.

What Is Yourphone.exe In Windows 10

If the command succeeds, the folder (and all files contained within) need to be deleted. If the authorities return an error, make sure that YourPhone app is not still running, then use the -Force tag at the end of the command to ask Windows to delete all of the Your Phone files.


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