Benefits of Wireless Earphones: Are They Worth Student's Spending?

Benefits of Wireless Earphones: Are They Worth Student’s Spending?

Ever read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury? He predicted the invention of the technology in question. Bradbury called his device Seashells. In the book, they were luxury items to go with a wall-large TV set. Today, we live side-by-side with the hi-tech devices described in fiction. We live in the future already.

Tiny gadgets ensure users’ autonomy. Wireless technology is not about making one a weirdo talking to himself. Freedom of movement while talking on the cell is a significant benefit to using a Bluetooth headset instead of the wired headphone. There is even more to this technology than just using it for phone calls.

Having a Bluetooth-enabled headset is beneficial for sports, learning, and leisure activities.

But like any technology, they have both advantages and drawbacks.

The key advantage of a Bluetooth headset is the lack of any connecting cables. It ensures
maximum mobility and autonomy. How many times did the headphones’ cable get caught on something, pulling the headset off your ears? Or how often has the following happened: you pull the earpieces out of your pocket to find them all tangled? This usually transpires at the most undesirable moment.

Switching from traditional headphones to wireless, one needs to define the key choice
parameters. For example, there are Bluetooth, infra-red, NFC, and Wi-fi connection options.

The device will serve smoothly once you pick the right type of connection and shape suitable for the purpose intended.

Headsets are not as sound-efficient and also much bigger than earbuds, but can still have
their merits. They can maintain connection with several devices at home which is perfect for those who listen to music or podcasts while doing things about the house.
A big con of wireless technologies is their high price. The most frequent users of this type of equipment range in age from 14 to 35. Most of them are students. Some of them listen to music and try to muffle down the noise in the dorm room. Some even use mini earbuds to get little help during tests.

Yet, not all students can afford to buy these gizmos.

Still, one can cut corners on some things to go cordless and free. Quite often students use
online services to get help with their homework. This help can save time but also cost a
bomb. Here is an awesome service for paper writing with quite reasonable prices. By using it every student could do both – get high grades and spare some money for useful things. Hi-tech devices come in handy during exam preparations, tests, or to keep one’s mind off things.

The benefits of wireless design are numerous.

No knots and breakdowns

The operational life of wireless headphones is longer. In most cases of headset breakdowns, it is the cords that get frayed.

The operation principle allows device owners never to worry about connecting elements. The latter tend to get tangled and come apart, even if neatly folded into a pocket or bag. Pulling on the wire can cause it to break internally turning pretty good headphones into junk.

Outwardly, it may be invisible but the damage will cause the sound to break.
Unraveling and fixing them with duct tape takes time. And, of course, the device’s
appearance suffers once a thrifty user decides to Russian it up. If there are no wires, the
tangling problem disappears. Thus, the risk of breakage decreases (statistically, it is the
wires that are more susceptible to damage).

Wireless headset is a complex device. It includes many small parts that can fail. Thus, repair may be costly. But one can sidestep this problem easily by being reasonably careful with them.

Freedom of movement

When walking, in public transport, or doing anything besides sitting very still and straight, the wires can get hooked on edgy objects. Headphones tend to drop out of pockets causing, once again, the wire to break. While running or doing other sports activities, hanging wires even pose an injury threat as there is a high chance of tripping over them. Bluetooth models pose no such threat.

It is convenient to listen to podcasts or favorite albums and do everyday things or dance.
Meanwhile, the phone or laptop connected to the headset can be in another room charging.

Tiny earbuds are almost invisible. One can wear them during boring lectures without any
chance of disturbing the atmosphere in the classroom. Just try to keep from dancing to
whatever they play.

Attractive appearance

Remember the era of single-piece Bluetooth earpieces? Hands-free driving, looking like a
hotshot white-collar doing serious business while talking to granny? That age passed.
Though, the technology remained. In the present-day world, it acquired a more high-tech
and eye-pleasing form of wireless earphones.

Eye appeal is a big thing related to electronic devices. When the cords hang like ropes, it is not only inconvenient but also aesthetically unpleasing. Who wants to look like a 19
th-century telegraph pole? Autonomous models attract less attention and make the user look more futuristic and tech-savvy.

Wide choice

Modern market demands constant improvement of products. Wireless Earphones technologies advance fast and become available to a greater number of users. Some models have an inbuilt music player and memory drives. This allows using headphones without wasting cell phone charge.

There are expensive models with better characteristics and sophisticated design. The lower market segment offers more affordable options for less demanding users. Moreover, one can choose between full-fledged headsets, tiny earbuds, and headbands for sports. A wide selection allows choosing devices according to a particular set of demands.

Small size

This aspect is essential to those who care about their appearance. Small earbuds would not spoil a hairdo, get tangled in long hair, or get caught in the zipper of a jacket. They match any outfit and lifestyle.

Cool features

What is the point of living in the futuristic world and never using its advantages for fun rather than other purposes? For example, gesture/smartwatch or touch-buttons control on the headphones look so incredibly futuristic and cool. Yet, these functions can hardly be called essential.

Benefits of Wireless Earphones: Are They Worth Student's Spending?

There is also an active noise cancellation mode which makes earphones function as
earmuffs. It allows reducing the intensity of external sounds without increasing the volume of the music playing.

Along with noise cancellation, transparency mode is available for Apple fans. This function
allows the user to hear what is happening around along with the music in Wireless Earphones and switch between modes.

Room for improvement

The main disadvantage of all wireless devices is their battery life. The charge can die at an inopportune moment. So one has to recharge the set or carry a power bank along at all times. More expensive models work without recharging for about 30 hours. In the
autonomous mode, they can do without recharging for a couple of days. This duration
depends on the type and functional characteristics of the device. The optimal charging time is 2-4 hours.

To buy or not to buy

Unlike the wired models, autonomous Bluetooth headsets have no restrictions on source
selection. Several units can connect to one smartphone at once.

It is worth choosing earbuds over traditional headphones based on all the merits described above. Of course, focusing on the exact intended purpose is essential. For sports, it is better to pick earbuds. For gaming, most companies suggest using a headset for the sake of participation effect. In any case, wireless earphones are worth every penny they cost for those who want to stay current and make the most of modern technologies.


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