Who is Bakhar Nabieva? Bio etc in 2022

Bakhar Nabieva‘s distinctive figure gained immediate success after she began posting workout images on Instagram. Her rear is rock-hard, her body is shredded, and her pupils are pitch black.

Bakhar, on the other hand, has been working on her legs since high school, when her classmates teased her for having tiny legs. Several years later, she has become one of the few fitness models on Instagram, and most of her followers are impressed by her workout routine. Bakhar Nabieva is a bodybuilder, model, social media influencer, and model from Azerbaijani.

On Instagram, she is recognized for her vast quads, hamstrings, and fitness videos, earning her the moniker Miss Iron Bum. On Instagram, the bodybuilder has almost three million followers. Even though her videos and superb body form have made her renowned, most of her personal life remains hidden.

Early years

Bakhar Nabieva was born in Mingachevir, Azerbaijan, on April 8, 1994 (age 28, 2022). Her family relocated to Ukraine when she was five years old and resided in Dnipro. She went to Dnipro schools and played basketball and volleyball as a youngster. Her classmates teased her because she was small and had skinny legs.

Bakhar attended Alfred Nobel University in Ukraine after high school and finished with a degree in economics. She then recalls seeing Brazilian fitness models on a TV show, which altered her life. Her drive came from the models, bakhar nabieva nude and she decided to join a gym and begin working out.

Professional life

Bakhar started working out in 2012. She first wanted to explore how her body would react to strength training. She then joined many bodybuilding competitions but quickly realized that it was not her goal. As a fitness model, the personality entered the modeling industry. She liked the job since it required her to go to the gym and concentrate on her legs, which were her most appealing feature.

Bakhar posted her first Instagram post on March 29, 2015. People loved in love with her ripped legs and began following her, and she now has over 3.7 million followers as of 2022. After posting images, workout routines, and videos on Instagram, she earned Miss Iron Bum’s moniker.

Bakhar, on the other hand, leveraged her Instagram stardom to launch additional social media platforms such as TikTok (168.4k followers), OnlyFans (160.1k likes), Twitch (5,900 followers), Discord, and YouTube. Bakhar Nabieva has over 30,000 followers and two million video views on YouTube. She also works as a fitness trainer and Dragon Pharma brand ambassador.

What is Bakhar Nabieva’s workout routine?

Bakhar Nabieva's workout routine
Bakhar Nabieva’s workout routine

Her workout routine involves targeted upper and lower body conditioning. However, she concentrates on her lower body, resulting in shredded legs. Bakhar should ideally only work out five days a week. She works on her back on Mondays, upper body and chest on Tuesdays, legs or glutes on Wednesdays, shoulder, and biceps on Thursdays, and back and chest on Fridays.

The bodybuilder also relaxes on Saturdays and works out her legs on Sundays. She performs barbell squats, single leg presses, narrow stance leg presses, straight bar walking lunges, and leg extensions on Mondays.

Her Tuesday routine includes upper-body exercises. Dumbbell bench press, front cable raise, weighted hyperextension, and wide grip cable row are her workouts. Each workout includes at least four sets of ten to fifteen repetitions.

What foods does Bakhar Nabieva consume?

Oatmeal with peanut butter and isoform pancakes are among her off-season eating options. Her second meal consisted of mashed potatoes, redfish, and rice. Bakhar’s third meal is pizza or any other cheat meal, her fourth meal is a cocktail made of boiling chicken combined with water, and her fifth meal is steak and potatoes.

What supplements does Bakhar Nabieva take?

She takes Isophorm every morning to satisfy her protein requirements. Then, for pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout supplements, she utilizes Venom, Dr. Feaar, and Isophorm, in that order bakhar nabieva onlyfans. 


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