What is Cerebral Palsy and Why Do You Need the Assistance of a Lawyer?

Movement and muscular tone or posture can be affected by cerebral palsy. Prenatal brain injury accounts for about 80% of all cerebral palsy cases.

Even though there is currently no cure, medications have shown promise in enhancing patient function. However, some lawyers can help you out with moving forward and showing the correct direction in such medical cases. You can find many resources on the internet, such as the JJS Justice cerebral palsy webpage, that will help you get some clarity in your case.

Some children may show signs as early as the preschool years. Exaggerated reflexes, flaccidity or spasticity of the limbs and trunk, abnormal posture, involuntary movements, wobbly gait, and other movement impairments are all common symptoms of CP. Eye muscle issue, in which the eyes do not focus on the same object, is a common symptom of cerebral palsy, as is difficulty eating. As a result of muscular stiffness, people may also experience a diminished range of motion in a number of their body’s joints.

Both the etiology and functional impact of cerebral palsy are very contextual. Cerebral palsy affects people in different ways, with some being able to walk with no help at all. Some people have intellectual difficulties, but that’s not always the case. Other possible symptoms include epilepsy and visual or auditory impairments. A person with cerebral palsy will always struggle with its effects.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

The root of cerebral palsy is often a mystery. CP is caused by abnormal brain development or damage to the growing brain. This injury is to the motor cortex, responsible for regulating movement, coordination, and posture. While most cases of this kind of brain injury occur in utero, it can manifest sometime during or shortly after birth, in the infant’s first few years.

Types in Cerebral Palsy

Depending on what parts of the brain got impaired, CP can cause one of four distinct motor impairments:

  1. Spasticity
  2. Dyskinesia
  3. Ataxia
  4. Hypotonia

It is not uncommon for people to have more than one condition, and it is also possible for their symptoms to evolve as they learn and practice new skills, including walking and maintaining their balance. People often underestimate how the law can help us in such cases. There are plenty of resources available on the internet. Still, it is always recommended to get expert guidance and assistance for your case similar to the one available on the JJS Justice cerebral palsy webpage. The website is built in a way that helps anyone navigate through their problems and find the fastest route to a solution with the help of renowned lawyers who specialize in medical malpractice cases like cerebral palsy.

Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

You might be surprised that a birth injury is a common cause of CP. This is a form of brain damage during birth, which can have serious long-term consequences for the child. While the nature and severity and the circumstances behind a child’s birth injury can vary widely, it is essential to remember that both can be overcome with perseverance and love. An experienced attorney familiar with the CP and the legal system will not only be able to guide you through the challenges you face but will also assist you with the legalities.

The Medical Review of Cerebral Palsy in a Child

Despite their seeming lack of specificity, some medical norms doctors must follow. A child with blue skin may have suffered from severe oxygen deprivation (asphyxia) due to the wrong medication given to the mother during pregnancy. These details are gathered at the first interview for a Medical Legal Review, and they can serve as red flags for preventable cases of cerebral palsy.

A Lawyer Might Help You Seek Lifetime Benefit

CP is a potential outcome of a birth injury that occurs when the medical team does not meet the standard of care. A cerebral palsy case attorney will review a parent’s options after completing a Medical Legal Review. A skilled birth injury attorney will not initiate legal action unless a solid case is established. Lifetime benefits are accessible to families whose children have been diagnosed with this health condition due to an avoidable brain injury. These benefits pay for decades of medical care, rehabilitation, etc. 


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