11 Best Free GIF Maker In 2022

You can use free GIF Maker to produce an animated GIF from photographs or videos, which you can then send to everyone you know. Some of our preferred Best free GIF makers are downloaded, while others are web-based. However, they are all completely free and can generate an animated GIF within minutes free gif maker.

Best Free GIF Makers

Looking for the best free gif makers? let’s dive in!

1. Make A GIF


Best Free GIF Maker Make A GIF

Make A GIF enables you to generate a GIF from numerous photos, a video on your computer, a YouTube or Facebook video, or your webcam gif maker.

It is pretty simple to alter the sequence of the photos when creating a happy birthday GIF from images because you can drag and drop them. You can also define a custom animation speed and resize all photos simultaneously my beloved gif maker.

It’s also simple to create a GIF from a video because you only need to determine when the GIF should begin and how many seconds should be used in the heart locket gif maker video.

Included is a tool for adding text on top of your good morning gif. However, you cannot preview it before creating the GIF or adjust the location of the text on the GIF.

Once the GIF is made, you can copy its URL to locate it online and save it to your PC. You can choose whether to make your GIF public, unlisted, or private. You can also directly link to the GIF file gif maker online.

2. ezgif.com


Best Free GIF Maker ezgif.com

Best Free GIF Maker ezgif.com is an additional online GIF maker. All the tools are on separate pages, which makes it a little awkward to use hentai gif, but it’s not difficult to use gif maker from video merry christmas gif.

You can crop the photographs, resize the entire GIF, optimise the frames, reverse the photos, flip or rotate the GIF to a specific angle, change the speed, separate the GIF into its original images, and add text. You can also apply a grayscale, sepia, or monochrome effect to the entire GIF.

3. ImgFlip



ImgFlip gif maker app displays a preview of your GIF while you create it, which is quite helpful. You can generate a GIF from photos, a video URL, another GIF URL, or an uploaded video.

Images-based GIFs can have animation delay, photo order, width, height, and quality-adjusted. In addition, there is a text tool, a crop option, and the ability to rotate and reverse the GIF and adjust its play count and backdrop colour.

After creating a GIF, you can download it, share it on a few social networking sites, or make it private so it is not displayed online.

All GIFs created using Imgflip feature a watermark. Additionally, some specific parameters for producing a GIF from a movie are only accessible with ImgFlip Pro.

4. Picasion



Best Free GIF Makers Picasion enables the creation of GIFs from photographs uploaded from a PC or imported from Flickr happy thanksgiving gif.

Unfortunately, when uploading photographs from your computer, you cannot select multiple files at once; instead, you must select each file individually. Additionally, there are limited modifying capabilities. Thus, it is impossible to add text to the GIF or rotate or organize the photos Youtube gif maker.

The width of a GIF can be up to 450 pixels, and the animation speed can be changed from a quick speed to as slow as 10 seconds.

Optionally, you can select to add the GIF in Picasion’s online gallery before making it. Once the GIF has been created, you can download it, copy a direct link to where it is hosted online, send it to a friend through email, or share it on social media. After creating a GIF on this porn gif website, you can utilize a separate tool to add glitter gif maker free.


Best Free GIF Makers GIFPAL is one of the incredible online GIF makers. Your GIF is automatically played while you make modifications, allowing you to see exactly how it will look when completed. It is pretty simple love gif to rearrange images, and you can even disable the watermark.

Optionally, you can reverse the frames to run the GIF in reverse, change the image quality, overlay a filter, and tweak the animation pace before completion happy new year 2022 gif. You can post images from a webcam or your computer to GIFPAL animated Gif maker.




Best Free GIF Makers GIMP is an image editing application that needs to be downloaded to be used. It’s terrific for creating GIFs because you can tweak your photographs to perfection before creating an animated thank you GIF.

Choose File > Open as Layers and then choose all of the images you wish to utilise for the GIF. At this point, you can change your photographs or continue creating the GIF with them as they are.

Next, navigate Filters > Animation > Playback to observe the GIF’s appearance. You can resize the entire canvas or picture using the Image menu if necessary.

To make a GIF in GIMP, navigate to File > Export As and select GIF image as the file type. Before photos are exported, you can disable the continuous loop and adjust the delay between frames online gif maker.

7. Imgur


Best Free GIF Makers Imgur provides the simplest way to create a GIF from a video and immediately upload it to the Imgur gallery, one of the most famous picture hosting and sharing sites meme gif maker.

Paste the link to the video i love you gif you would like to convert to a GIF, select a start and finish point, and add text if desired. Imgur allows happy new year GIF up to 15 seconds in length.

After creating a anime gif, you will be directed to a page where you can download it, share it with others, or erase it from Imgur video to gif maker.

Imgur allows you to edit the GIF again. Standard tools such as rotate, cut, and resize are supported, but you can also add text and effects, brighten the GIF, and overlay stickers, among many more gif maker from youtube.

8. GiftedMotion



GiftedMotion is another program you must download to your computer to use. However, it differs from GIMP because it does not require installation and is not at all difficult to use.

After importing the desired photographs, you can modify their order and frame delay. Using drag-and-drop, you can also resize the entire GIF and position the images precisely as you need video to gif.

The images cannot be adjusted to a precise pixel size, unlike most of the other GIF creators on this list naruto gif. To save photographs as an animated GIF file, select the record option.

9. GIFMaker.me



GIFMakers: I can convert up to 300 PNG, GIF, or JPG files into GIFs. As you create the GIF, a real-time preview is displayed so you can see happy anniversary gif precisely what it will look like mp4 to gif.

To modifying the speed of the animation and the size of the GIF’s canvas, you can also define the number of times the GIF will loop before it ends (or choose an endless loop) and add a video’s audio to the GIF.

10. Giphy



The GIF maker on Giphy allows you to upload photographs, existing GIFs, and videos to create a new GIF file. Videos can be imported from your computer or websites like Vimeo and YouTube. You can drag the image duration button back and forth to make the frames shorter or longer, ranging from 0.1 seconds to 3.7 seconds.

The last step before making a good night GIF is to decorate it. There are caption, sticker, filter, and freehand drawing possibilities. When ready, you must post the GIF to Giphy with either public or private visibility. You may then share the link, save it to your computer, or embed it on your website.

11. Toolson.net’s Gif Maker


Toolson.net’s Gif Maker

As with most of the other GIF generators on this list birthday gif, Toolson.net’s Gif Maker is an online congratulations GIF builder that allows you to upload several images from your computer and rearrange them as you see fit.

Toolson.net Gif Maker can add an effect to the entire GIF, such as animated hearts, a border, or black and white, in addition to the typical settings of changing the GIF’s size and frame interval.

You can also disable image cycling, preventing the GIF from animating once the final image has been displayed until you reopen it. After completion, you may save the document to your computer and distribute it via email and social media sites.


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