Xfinity Home Security: Complete Review In 2022

Xfinity Home provides flexible choices to manage your home security, such as the multitude of intelligent home integration and home automation possibilities. You will get options such as self-monitoring and pro-monitoring at different levels with no contracts. It also enables more savings on your house security plans if you connect with the Internet, TV, streaming, and mobile and home smartphone services.

There are two types of home security plans 

  • Self Protection (self-monitoring)
  • Xfinity Home Security (pro-monitoring)

You don’t have to be involved in service term contracts with Xfinity, and you can also transform b/w Self and Pro-monitored security solutions quickly.

In the event of an alarm, Xfinity Home Security requires an internet connection to communicate with your home security devices and the company’s server. If you choose, you can switch to a different Internet service provider. Your touch display controller, which is the immediate equipment, has a cellular backup that enables connection to your home security system for up to 24-hours in the event of a power outage or poor Wi-Fi. Because Wi-Fi can be intermittent, not all home security businesses rely on it. If your internet connection isn’t safe, this may not be the home security provider for you.

Overall, if Xfinity will be your Internet and other associated services provider, Xfinity Home Security appears to be a good decision. The bundled deals will stretch your budget the furthest. If not, additional cost-effective options may be available, such as more equipment possibilities that do not require you to sign a long-term contract.


  • This product is fantastic for merging multiple intelligent home systems.
  • Self-monitoring costs $10 per month, while professional monitoring costs $30 per month.
  • No long-term commitments


  • Online equipment pricing is opaque, and there are few options for equipment.
  • Customer service is lacking.
  • In addition to monitoring fees, there are other initial equipment price add-ons.

In a Nutshell

Xfinity Home Security

Comcast, which owns Xfinity, is a global technology business that provides Internet, TV and streaming, mobile, home, and phone services.

According to the company’s background, Comcast was created in 1963 when entrepreneur Ralph J. Roberts bought American Cable Systems, a community-antenna TV system in Tupelo, Mississippi. The corporation was renamed Comcast Corporation and incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1969. In 1972, the company went public and became the first company to trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Comcast was the fifth-largest cable operator in the United States by 1988.

In 2011, Comcast and G-Electric completed their merger to establish NBCUniversal, LLC, with Comcast owning 51 percent of the company. Comcast announced the acquisition of GE’s 49 percent equity ownership interest two years later, and the firm celebrated its 50th anniversary.

“To deliver the best in the internet, entertainment, voice, mobile, and home management, all working together to give customers quick access to the things that mean most – anywhere, anytime,” Comcast says of Xfinity. Xfinity Home is an essential component of this technology system, and it works best when it’s powered by Xfinity internet and combined with other services from the same parent company.

The Small Print

Comcast Broadband Security, LLC, the parent company of Xfinity Home Security, provides a limited warranty.

This includes Comcast-branded security, monitoring, automation, and control devices and equipment connected to an Xfinity Home subscription at the same address. Security, controlling, automation, or management devices or equipment owned by the policy owner that has been certified by an Xfinity Home professional as defect-free (“Certified”) as part of an Xfinity Home system are also covered.

This limited warranty is valid for 30 days from the date they install the equipment, fulfill, or “certify,” It automatically renews each month for the life of the Xfinity Home subscription, which is 12 months.

A limited warranty protects the leased Xfinity Touchscreen until you cancel your Xfinity Home service or they terminate it. Thus this warranty does not apply to it. The limited warranty covers only Xfinity Home services’ original purchaser or subscriber.

If any equipment fails to work due to a fault or “Operational Failure,” Comcast can repair or replace it with equivalent equipment with comparable features and functionality, which could include new, refurbished, or remanufactured equipment. Comcast may require the defective equipment to return to receive replacement equipment, although they will cover the return shipping costs.

This limited warranty does not cover equipment acquired from a third party and is not “Certified” and incorporated into the home security system by an Xfinity technician.

Pricing for Plans

Xfinity Home Security

Self Protection is $10 per month and includes live and recorded video, real-time motion notifications, and video recording 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the Xfinity app, you can connect and check in on your cameras anywhere. Equipment is offered separately and is only compatible with Xfinity cameras; a touchscreen controller is not available xfinity login.

Home Security/Plus with Professional Monitoring service choices begin at $30 per month and rise to roughly $40 to $50 per month, depending on your add-ons. Xfinity Wi-Fi provides security, which includes 24/7 monitoring and quick reaction times. This monitoring plan does not include equipment costs. Expert Xfinity technicians install the professionally monitored solution. The most popular packages are as follows:

  • $360 for the basic home system. You can pay $15 every month for the next 24 months. Three window/door sensors, one motion sensor, and one touch screen controller come in this design.
  • $480 for a whole-home system. You can pay $20 every month for the next 24 months. Five window/door sensors, one motion sensor, one touch screen controller, one cordless keypad, and one camera are included in this plan.
  • $600 for the Ultimate Home System. You can pay $25 every month for the next 24 months. This xfinity email plan includes ten window/door sensors, one motion sensor, one touch screen controller, one wireless keypad, and two cameras.


Professional installation is included and required with the Pro-monitoring plans. (With any other installation method, your equipment warranty will be voided.) Professional installation is not included in the Self Protection package.

Upgrades and Add-ons

Additional cameras are $120 apiece and can adjust to any plan with up to 24 months of monthly payment choices xfinity customer service.

Storage of video

24/7 video recording is possible with Xfinity Home cameras. With all of the Self Protection or Home Security Plus choices, you can review up to a week’s film worth.

Smart Home Integration and Smartphone Controls

The Xfinity app and the Xfinity Home app are two apps that you may use to monitor and operate your home security system anywhere xfinity mobile. According to the Xfinity website, you may enable real-time notifications for when doors or windows are opened or when motion is detected. You may also construct “scenes” for home automation to activate anything you need based on your schedules, such as for bedtimes, mornings, and other occasions. (Think: unlocking the door, raising the temperature, or turning on or off lights before entering and leaving.)

Xfinity offers a wide range of home-connected devices, xfinity phone number including lighting, locators, locks, and thermostats.


A brief explanation of the methods: Our editorial team uses third-party data on hundreds of home security providers to come up with this ranking, which comes by a range of metrics, including:

  • Contracts/Costs (20 percent )
  • BBB/Trustpilot/Customer Affairs Customer Reviews and Reputation (20 percent )
  • Equipment and Options (20 percent )
  • Customer Service (15 percent )
  • Smart Home Integration/Features (10 percent )
  • App Evaluations (10 percent )
  • Guarantee (5 percent )

Frequently Questions Asked (FAQs)

Is Xfinity a good security system for your home?

Xfinity Home is a fantastic home security system based on excellent customer evaluations and home protection services. They appear to lack equipment options and adjustments at the moment, but they do fulfill basic home security requirements (monitoring your home). They are particularly good at integrating and automating smart home devices xfinity stream.

What is the monthly expense of Xfinity?

  • Plans for self-monitoring start at $10 per month, plus the cost of cameras.
  • And Plans for professional monitoring start at $30 per month, plus the cost of cameras.

What is the duration of the Xfinity Security Contract?

With Xfinity Home security plans, there are no long-term contracts.

Conclusion: Is Xfinity Home Security the Right Choice for You?

Xfinity Home may be the appropriate home security company for you. If you enjoy having all of your home electronics in one place, especially when it comes to smart home integration. Incorporating home security into your plan will be simple. And potentially cost-effective if you’re an existing Xfinity customer with Xfinity internet.

It would help you if you enjoy home automation services like controlling your lights, locks, and thermostats. And more with your smartphone or via a scheduled routine. Even while the Self Protection plan is affordable, starting at $10 per month. And you are still responsible for most of the heavy lifting and monitoring. You must also acquire Xfinity cameras.

Agents monitor your home security for you, and the Pro-monitoring plans are only $20 to $40 more per month on average. Those choices provide the most security if you can’t always check your home video cameras. And want the peace of mind that a professional can sound the alarm and dispatch for help while dealing with a potential emergency.

If you aren’t currently an Xfinity client and want a no-contract home security service. More cost-effective solutions have less expensive and more configurable equipment options xfinity customer service number.


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