There are 3 ways how to send Robux to a friend

Here are three ways to send Robux to a friend. Do you want to know how to give someone Robux? Giving Robux as a gift is one way to make your Roblox buddies feel special. Sending it to another player, on the other hand, is more complex than you may expect. Roblox does not enable you to send someone Robux that is already in your balance. However, there are many solutions available to help you do this job. They take time and effort. Therefore, we would share a tip on sending Robux to a friend to simplify your life.

What Is Robux?

Robux is Roblox‘s in-game money. The activities you may perform in Roblox are dictated by Robux, much as money makes the world go round. It lets you purchase avatar improvements, unique skills inside experiences, and even construct your items and games. With it, you may gain out on many things in the game that you would like to experience.

So, how do you get Robux? how to get free robux? It is available for buy robux with real money beginning at $0.99 for 80 Robux. They also have a robux to usd Premium Membership that will restore your Robux balance every month for $4.99 for 450 Robux. This membership also gives you access to other choices for expanding your creativity, such as building your world and designing items.

Alternatively, you can redeem a Roblox Gift Card and then convert it to robux gift card.

Is It Possible to Send Robux to a Friend?

Before we proceed, let us confront the elephant in the room. Is there a way to send Robux to a friend? No, according to the technical response. Players cannot send Robux to one another on Roblox. Instead, the game encourages you to purchase game passes similar to a donation t-shirt to assist a friend in need of Robux.

You may have guessed why this technique was devised—earnings, to be exact. Roblox receives a 30% commission for each game pass purchased from a friend. If you buy a t-shirt for 20 Robux, only 14 will go to the creator, and the rest will go to Roblox. Apart from earnings, the corporation claims that it is their method of keeping the Robux economy balanced. On the other hand, it’s an excellent method for players to lose enormous quantities of Robux.

How to Send Robux to a Friend?

Regardless of the drawbacks, you may still wish to give someone Robux from time to time. Below, we’ve included two major techniques for sending Robux to a friend.

1. Give Robux to Someone through Game Pass or Donation T-Shirt

As previously stated, it isn’t easy to gift Robux to a friend without purchasing items produced by them. There are numerous sorts of game passes that your friend may sell, but the most prevalent are charity t-shirts. If you wish to gift Robux to other players by buying their items, follow these steps free robux codes.

Step 1: Request that your friend make a contribution t-shirt or any other items for sale. To achieve this, they must have a current Roblox Premium membership (previously Builders Club).

Step 2: Once your friend has listed their item for sale, go to your account’s Avatar Shop/ Catalog and explore for the item’s name.

Step 3: Select the item and examine its information. Click on the green purchase button after you’re certain it belongs to the friend you’re sending Robux to.

Step 4 will lead you to a confirmation screen. To proceed, click the Buy Now button. You will be prompted to purchase Robux if you need more finances.


to send Robux to a friend

By buying game passes, you may send Robux to a friend. It will take at least three days for your friend to get his Robux following the purchase. Depending on the size of the purchase, the pending time may take longer in certain cases.

2. Send Robux to a Friend Using Group Funds

Another option if you want to give Robux to someone is to use group money. This approach is significantly more tedious and costly, yet it is still a good way to gift Robux. Follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1:

  • Log in to your Roblox account.
  • Go to groups.
  • Enter the name of a group that you own.

If you don’t already have a group, you must create one and invite your friend to join. It will, however, cost 100 Robux.

Step 2: In the newly established group, go to Store and add an item for sale by choosing Start or Manage group items.

Step 3: On the next screen, you will be encouraged to upload an existing shirt design. Otherwise, you may create a new design using the given template. Uploading the shirt will add an extra 10 Robux.

Robux Step 4: Once you’ve finished uploading the shirt, connect the gear icon next to it and select Configure. A name and description for your T-shirt may be set under General.

Step 5: While on the Configure Shirt screen, change the General sidebar on the left screen to Sales. Make sure the switcher next to Item for Sale is turned on so that people may purchase the shirt.

Step 6: On the same screen, set the Robux amount you want to sell your shirt for and then click Save. You will get 70% of the amount for each item sold, while Roblox will receive 30%.

Step 7: Wait for someone in the group to purchase the shirt. Otherwise, remove the shirt from your inventory and repurchase it as soon as possible to add Group Funds. Take note that the funds will be given to your group a few days after the purchase.

Step 8: When the fund is no longer pending, return to your group, click the three-dot icon next to your group’s name, and then select Configure Group. Select Payout, then One-Time Payout under Revenue. You may add numerous payment recipients, and the Robux will be distributed evenly among them.

to send Robux to a friend


Bonus: Send Your Friend a Robux Gift Card

If you want to give a friend Robux more conveniently, a gift card is an alternative. Roblox does not directly sell Robux gift cards, although it does sell gift cards ranging from $10 to $200. They may add microsoft rewards robux credits to their account that they can use to spend on Robux by sending your friend a gift card.

Below is how to get how to get robux Gift Card for your friend.


Step 1: Open your browser and go to, then select Shop Gift Cards.

2 Step : Roblox will prompt you with the question, “Who is the gift card for?” Choose A Friend and enter your name and your friend’s name in the appropriate fields.

Step 2: Select whether you want to send a physical or digital card, as well as the money you want to use.

Step 3: Choose the amount and number of gift cards to send.

Step 4: You may personalize your gift card by adding a message. After that, enter the email address of the friend to whom you are sending the gift card. You may also set the delivery date.

Step 5: Place the gift card in your shopping basket and go to the checkout.


These are the several ways to send Robux to a friend on Roblox. Because there is no straightforward method of sharing in-game money with someone, it isn’t easy. As a result, when your friend receives Robux from you, they will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts since they are aware of how tedious it is to send it robux codes.

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