33 Best Websites for Students resources

As a new student, you’ll want to learn a lot of new knowledge quickly or risk being dumb, impoverished, and a little bewildered about independent student life.

This is where the internet comes in, a world of student resources brimming with information about anything, where you can learn things your parents never taught you (or that you weren’t interested in learning at the time), like how to budget your money, set up an overdraft with your bank, and iron your clothes without leaving an iron-shaped pattern. In a nutshell, all of the student resources you could want are available online.

The following is a classified list of useful Best student websites and online resources that will assist in making student life a little simpler from day one best educational sites for students.

General Websites for Students online resources

1. Sleepyti.me

This website recommends the optimum times to go to bed if you need to be up at a specific time — a handy tool in student life. Sleepyti.me, which considers typical sleep cycles, might assist you if you suffer from morning grogginess.

2. KeepMeOut.com

If you have trouble staying away from social media when you should be studying, try KeepMeOut to block specific distracting Best Students resources websites.

3. LifeHacker

LifeHacker’s world is to assist its users in navigating modern life. ‘Productivity,’ ‘Money,’ and ‘DIY’ are among the most popular tags.

4. MentalFloss

Although it is just one of many time-wasting student websites, MentalFloss is suitable for learning intriguing information from across the world, covering areas such as cuisine, culture, and science. Although its primary purpose may be to help in procrastination, you should still learn something from it.

5. UnplugTheTV

This student resource website provides an alternative to TV (and, sadly, studying) by hosting randomized films on intriguing scientific topics.

Students’ educational websites

6. Edx

Edx is one of the world’s most popular MOOC platforms Students resources website. MOOCs (massive open online courses) are available to anybody who wants to learn for free. Udacity.com, AcademicEarth.org, and… are other leading MOOC providers.

7. Coursera

Coursera offers a diverse selection of academic learning opportunities, allowing you to enhance your studies with new information.

Best cooking websites for students

8. StudentRecipes.com

StudentRecipes.com is one of the best cooking websites for students resources. StudentRecipes.com does precisely what it says on the tin, with recipes for 4,000 quick and easy student dinners.

9. Recipepuppy.com

RecipePuppy lets you search for recipes depending on the components you already have on hand. Students who are sluggish celebrate.

10. Instructables

If you enjoy building and repairing things, this is one of the most beneficial online student resources. You may learn how to create spaghetti ice cream or repair a damaged bookcase.

Students’ Health websites

11. The Ultimate Health Food Guide

This book will be a lifesaver throughout your student life for times when you’re feeling drained, anxious, or unwell. Whatever your disease, visit this resource to find what foods to consume to boost your immunity and energy.

12. WebMD

WebMD’s symptom checker allows you to check your current health state. Although this resource is fantastic for hypochondriacs, it does not substitute the expertise of a real doctor – if you’re genuinely concerned, get offline and visit your university’s health facility.

13. NHS

The National Health Service website in the United Kingdom provides information about various ailments, disorders, diseases, and treatments. The website also provides extensive information on sexual health.

14. DontPassItOn

DontPassItOn sends free chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing kits to UK residents aged 16 to 24.

15. ASHA

Sexual health advice and resources for individuals in the United States.

Websites for shopping and selling for students

16. Amazon

Amazon sells anything and everything, including books, e-books, and textbooks for your program. However, its detractors claim that it is harmful to independent bookshops, so you may want to consider purchasing locally rather than online.

17. Gumtree

Gumtree is a websites for students resources that lists jobs, used items, houses, and services for people all around the United Kingdom. If you’re a new student in the UK, it might be an excellent place to find part-time work, search for housing, sell things you no longer need, or even trade products or talents.

18. Craigslist

Craigslist, the worldwide equivalent of Gumtree, is popular in the United States and has various city/area sections so that you may find postings near you.

19. eBay

Well-known consumer-to-consumer students resources website. You may buy, sell, or auction off practically anything on eBay, including apparel, electrical equipment, and antiquities. It might be handy if your student budget needs a boost or if you want to find some deals.

20. The Book Pond

The Book Pond provides you to sell your used academic textbooks or buy new ones from other students who are willing to pass them on.

21. Freecycle

This Freecycle online students resources website lets you give away unwanted things or get your hands on what others give away. This is handy for furniture and other knickknacks.

Websites that help students save money

22. MoneySavingExpert

MoneySavingExpert offers advice on everything from inexpensive airfares to the best bank interest rates, allowing you to stretch your student budget even further.

23. Mint

Mint is a free app that may help you organize your money and track your spending.

24. Groupon

Groupon provides daily savings on spa days, fine dining, and city trips, among other things. It’s not exactly the place to go for the necessities of student life, but it can be an excellent way to reward oneself after a problematic test time.

25. UniDays

UniDays is one of several student discount websites that includes hundreds of student discounts and deals worldwide. It’s free to join, and there’s also an app.

26. WiseBread

WiseBread is committed to helping you live well on a limited budget, whether you’re a student or simply wanting to get more bang for your buck. It provides advice on topics ranging from debt management to producing your fruits and veggies.

27. MyVoucherCodes

MyVoucherCodes provides coupons and discounts for many retail businesses and restaurants in the United Kingdom. If you live in the United States, RetailMeNot is the place to go.

Other valuable resources for students

Poetry from

28. Genius

Lit Genius, an extension of Rap Genius, is a community of experts that analyze poetry and literature, both classic and contemporary. It’s a fantastic resource for English literature students in particular.

29. TED

TED organizes thought-provoking presentations presented at events worldwide on the primary subjects of technology, entertainment, and design, spanning almost every facet of human existence.

All of the videos of these speeches may be found on the TED students resources website. They’re another good way to procrastinate, but you could also find some inspiration for your following essay.

30. Wikipedia

Although your professors will urge you not to utilize Wikipedia in projects, the collaboratively maintained encyclopedia project can be a handy tool for conducting preliminary research for your assignment or project.

31. Bartleby

Bartleby provides free classic literature, poetry, nonfiction, and reference works.

32. Gutenberg

Similarly, Project Gutenberg offers free online access to the literature whose copyright has lapsed; it has scanned over 56,000 manuscripts thus far.

Finally, don’t overlook to check out all of the student resources, including a blogging community, student forums, university rankings, country guides, course guides, and advice on all aspects of student life – from scholarships and best applications to studying abroad career planning.

You may sign up for free to receive frequent updates, your content feed, and access to our comprehensive student guides. What other student websites have you found to be helpful? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.


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