Why is Learning Decimals and Fractions so Important?

Why is Learning Decimals and Fractions so Important?

Fractions and decimals both have the similar purpose of representing parts of a whole, i.e.; they are two ways of expressing non-whole values. Students till grade 4th study fractions and decimals as separate topics, and once comfortable with both of these, they begin to apprehend the knowledge and connection between them. The concept of decimals and fractions is vastly applied in our everyday lives, from sharing pizzas to calculating bills. Gaining fraction and decimal arithmetic skills are essential for later mathematics achievement and for succeeding in various professions. Unfortunately, these capabilities pose significant difficulties for many children and adults and students’ proficiency.

Learning fractions and decimals is not only about math; it is a valuable life skill applied in most of our money-related calculations in everyday life. Decimals and fractions’ learning forms the basis for most essential careers like banking, finances, statistics, stocks, etc. For such reasons, every student should possess an in-depth understanding of working comfortably with fractional and decimal values.

Children who have advanced knowledge of working with fractions or decimals can quickly figure out solutions to the most complicated situations with ease, like managing their time and schedules, estimating the right proportion of ingredients to bake cookies, and so on. There are many ways you can help your child see and learn the importance of decimals and fractions in their daily lives.

The concept of decimals and fractions usually feels confusing for kids due to their learning complexities. With educational resources like math puzzles and games, learning decimals and fractions can be fun for kids. It also enables kids to visualize these values in their life thus helping them in understanding its applications. Solving these math puzzles and games based on decimals and fractions also helps promote a child’s interest in math by making it exciting and fun for them. You can easily find some of these interactive resources at Cuemath.com. Cuemath is one of the reliable math learning platforms offering math resources for kids to learn math better.

Understanding The Relationship Between Fractions And Decimals.

Understanding the relationship between fractions and decimals is important. It enables students to realize that they both are parts of the same number system. The objective is to deliver the knowledge of expressing values in these two ways. It facilitates the students to see both fractions and decimals on the same number line and identify both of these formats with ease. By learning this important skill, students can gain an in-depth understanding of relating these values.

Studying the relationship between fractions and decimals is a step-by-step process that involves visualizing fractional values as decimals and vice-versa. When students gain this basic understanding, they quickly master this skill with ease—analyzing fractions and decimals as two different concepts allow students to build the basic foundation for relating these two forms of expressing number values.

To visualize the connection between fractions and decimals, the students must see these formats as two ways of expressing values in the same number system. Further, they will also recognize that these two systems of expressing values are not different concepts. Then they will be able to comprehend and arrange these values on the same number line without any complexity.


Learning decimals and fractions is an important math concept that might seem daunting to many students. This type of fear usually results from the lack of interest and complexity of the topic. Teaching this concept through real-life applications like sharing and other interactive illustrations can help students grasp and retain this knowledge better.


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