Four Tips for Improving Writing Skills for Homeschool Students

Typical English courses include everything from basic grammar principles to 
learning how to write essays and papers as students advance through various 
grades. This is a critical skill that can help a student succeed in other 
classes as well as develop the necessary skills needed to excel in college 
and the workforce.

Four Tips for Improving Writing Skills for Homeschool Students

Today’s youth are experts at texting with shorthand and even are somewhat computer savvy as computer classes have become a traditional part of the school’s curriculum. However, the downside is that many kids are losing the ability to put together well-written paragraphs, understand the basic principles of English, and write coherent communications and papers. This is one skill that cannot be lost which is why it is a high priority for the best online homeschool programs available to families. The goal is to teach students at every grade level what they need to know and challenge them with assignments so they are prepared for the next grade’s work.

When looking for a quality homeschool program for elementary students it is important to carefully review the curriculum set in the core subjects such as English and math. The lower grades will utilize a print curriculum combined with a parent lesson planner to help parents teach kids the foundational concepts and help them understand how to grade the work. The school’s resources can also assist depending on the type of program the family selects with part-time teachers and additional grading. Some parents may find that this is a relatively easy subject to teach in the early years but can become more challenging as writing structure for essays and larger papers are introduced.

While the 4th-grade homeschool curriculum online (or for any of the grades) may be the best and your student does well with the material, it’s important not to rely on this alone. Online resources are a great way to make learning grammar fun and engaging for students especially if they struggle in this subject area more than others. Writing is a foundational skill that can affect (positively or negatively) other classes when it comes to writing out short answers, presentations, and completing papers for assignments. Homeschoolers have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and incorporate additional tools and resources into their daily schedule thereby making them stronger and more comfortable with this process. Parents should also take advantage of formal online tools and tips from other experienced homeschool families who have been through the same challenges and found solutions that work for them.

Another idea is to start kids writing at a young age by having them keep a journal, write about family events, or give them a picture and ask them to create a story. In the beginning, parents don’t have to worry about the critical skills but can focus on the kids being creative and getting used to putting their thoughts on paper and then slowly organize them as they write more and more. Start with half-page papers for younger students and then ask for longer content as they get older and develop their skills. Benefits also include helping kids enjoy writing because they aren’t doing it for a school project but writing about something they enjoy. Once they start completing assignments, their form will become better, and they won’t be so stressed about having to put sentences together and write long papers.

Starting with the 4th-grade homeschool curriculum online, ask your kids to start writing papers that are based on facts and research. This doesn’t mean it needs to be dry or boring but have them write about people or events they are interested in but require that they utilize formal resources such as reputable websites, dictionaries, and research libraries so they can get used to citing and quoting to support their statements. This is a requirement for middle and high school students so the earlier parents can expose this type of writing to their children, the better.

Lastly, one of the best ways to help kids learn how to write properly is to encourage them to read books of all genres for their age level. Kids absorb information even when they don’t realize it, so the more they read, the more their brain is absorbing what they are seeing, how sentences flow, and learning how to put ideas together. This can be a challenge as not all children enjoy sitting and reading so parents need to be diligent about finding their areas of interest and motivating them to read some every day.

Reading, writing, and math have been the cornerstones of education since it began and those will not change no matter how much technology or electronic devices are in place. It takes diligence and going above and beyond the school curriculum which can be the very best but these skills are too important to leave only to the educators. Take an interest and get involved starting when the kids are very young and even before they being their official learning journey. By doing so, you will set them up for success not just in these subjects but as thinking, analytical individuals who can articulate and express themselves in a variety of ways.


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