FIU Libraries ‘Language Day’ celebrates diverse community, cultures

Alexander Luzula | Staff Writer

FIU Libraries, in conjunction with the MANGO Languages program and the Office of Global Learning Initiatives, hosted FIU’s seventh annual Language Day in and around the Green Library On Thursday, November 17th.

The event  featured a wide variety of events meant to encourage student engagement and connection while promoting several of the global cultures present at the university. FIU’s Language Day event was held as part of International Education Week (November 14th-18th), an annual week held to celebrate international education and cultural exchange programs in FIU.

The GL Breezeway played host to a variety of classes and clubs, including the German, Italian, Chinese and French clubs, while the library’s first floor TV Lounge was repurposed for a karaoke event, where students could sing karaoke in any language they knew. 

The second floor of the library held a variety of classes, including pasta making, learning how to make French madeleine cookies and a lecture on the history of International Mother Language Day by Dr. Nasar Ahmed of FIU’s Department of Epidemiology.

Michelle Zaldivar, senior program Coordinator at the Office of Global Learning Initiatives and host of the karaoke event, said that Language Day was important to highlight the diversity and international range the FIU community possesses.

“I think it’s a place to meet people from different places and get some exposure to different cultures, understanding and languages, and really be able to help the community,” said Zaldivar.

Ana Prado, assistant director of the Global Learning office, stated that in addition to broadening horizons and encouraging student diversity, the various activities were simply a good way to make friends.

“College is hard and making friends is hard,” said Prado. “And so when you find someone who [likes the same things you do], best friends are made here.”

“Everybody should attend FIU Language Day next year because it’s the best event on campus,” said FIU librarian and Language Day coordinator Sarah Hammill. “You make new connections, you meet new people, you get to sing in your favorite language, there’s clubs, there’s pop up speakers, free food, free swag and much much more.”