7 Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

With the evolution of digital devices, we have seen a transformation in many aspects of life.
From managing day-to-day tasks to schedule, and entertainment to book reading, we are all
dependent on digital devices. Above all, we cannot forget the blessing of the internet that has
made it possible.
The majority of internet service providers like Cox, Mediacom, and Spectrum have given a wide
range of packages and deals to consumers at an affordable price. Undeniably, the best of all is
Spectrum deals that offer plenty of perks from high-speed internet to cable TV and telephone
If you are fond of reading books on your digital device, you can simply install an eBook reader.
There are plenty of apps found on the Google Play Store that offer a wide range of books from free
to paid. Today, we are going to handpick some of the best ebook readers you can consider
installing on your device. Without further ado, let’s get started.


You might have come across an Amazon kindle device while shopping on Amazon. But don’t
worry, you don’t need to have a Kindle device to enjoy reading books. The app offers you a
huge collection of eBooks that includes fiction, biography, business, and money and name any
genre you are interested in.
The app has a friendly user interface that allows you to scroll and read without any glitches.
Whether you are searching for music, comics, books, or documents, get everything in KReader.
The app also offers customization to help you set your favorite theme, change the background
color, and turn night mode for less exposure to light at night. You can also bookmark your
favorite pages, create notes and drawings, and scroll through notes at the desired speed.

Cool Reader

Cool Reader is another best Android app for reading eBooks. The app offers plenty of text
formatting and font sizes to let you enjoy the reading experience. Cool Reader is one of the
most unique eBook reader apps that offers text to speech without charging a dime. Moreover,
you can also turn on night mode, adjust backlights, and change the background to adjust to your
current reading environment.
All of these customizations help you experience less strain and more pleasure without hurting
your eyes. Cool Reader also gives an overview of what percentage of books have you read and
info about page count. The app supports file formats like txt, ePub, HTML, FB2, and RTF.

Moon+ Reader

If you are looking for a realistic book reading app, Moon+ Reader is one to install on your
phone. Enjoy reading a book with Moon+ Reader with full control over display settings. Never let
your eyes strain and continue reading books for hours. The app also allows you to view your
reading progress.
Don’t get overwhelmed while reading a chapter by tracking progress. Moon+ Reader is
available for free on Google Play Store. However, the pro version offers you more features including the number of books in your collection, reading hours, and pages turned. The app is a
must-have for every book lover.

Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader tops the list of our best eBook reader apps for Android. The app is available on
both Android and iOS devices. Featuring some of the features needed by readers, the app
provides a dictionary to look for the meaning of words. Also, you can bookmark some of the
important chapters of the book.
The settings given in the app are customizable to offer comfort while reading for long hours.
Moreover, the day and night mode enables you to read in low light settings. Bluefire Reader
also offers a synchronizing option to help you read across multiple devices without losing track.
Bluefire app also helps you access key metrics and in-app browsing features for convenience
and ease.


If you are an avid book reader, Wattpad is surely worth considering. The app features a friendly
user interface to help you scroll through setting and collection without any hassle. No matter,
what book you want to read, you can search for it through book code or internal browser. The
font size can be adjusted according to your desire.
One of the best features of Wattpad is that you can download books in bits and pieces if you are
running out of space. the app also allows you to connect with readers and writers to comment
on their stories and share original stories.


If you are searching for a light android app to read books, AlReader is one of the best apps for
book lovers. The AIReader takes less space on your phone storage without compromising on
the features.
AIReader has a clean and friendly user interface and lets you customize changes according to
your needs. For instance, it allows you to set margins, change font style, adjust the spacing, and
switch to light and dark modes. The app also features text to speech feature that isn’t available
in most of the book reader apps.
Whether you are traveling on a bus or waiting for your friend in a café, the app allows you to
keep reading without getting bored. If you have an older version of the Android phone that can’t
hold of heavy apps, then AIReader isn’t going to disappoint you at all.


You would fall in love with FullReader after opening it for the first time. Without letting you guess
what to do next, the app guides you step by step on how to use the app. The user interface is
clean and minimalistic. The homepage features three categories including explorer, recent, and
You can add your favorite books to the library by clicking the plus icon floating at the bottom of
the screen. The app supports some of the popular formats to open your favorite book.
Moreover, turning the pages is super easy with volume buttons, which is a unique feature.

The app delivers the best reading experience by offering users the to customize font and background settings.
Hope you liked our list of best eBook reader apps for Android to keep you busy and engaged in reading.


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