Best Spotify Alternatives

Spotify is one of the first popular music genre streaming services that’s employed by many users across the world. Lately, Spotify has been expanding its services to new countries and regions as an effort to expand its user base.

The best Spotify Alternatives to stream music then this text might assist you if you take favor utilizing Spotify and do scouting for some of. So these are the best Spotify Alternatives apps and services that are worth finding out to concentrate on music.

Here are The Best Spotify Alternatives

1. Apple Music

Best Spotify Alternatives

The list is Apple Music the first best Spotify Alternative on. Spotify presently features a humungous selection of quite 35 million songs while Apple Music boasts a way larger selection of 45 million tracks.

In addition to Apple devices, Apple Music is often accessed on any Android smartphone and Windows computers via iTunes.

Similar to Spotify, you’ll download your playlists for offline listening. Furthermore, Apple Music also allows users to follow playlists created by other users.

Subscription pricing for Apple Music is almost like that of Spotify. As for downsides, Apple Music doesn’t have a dark mode and therefore the application can’t stream podcasts.

Download Apple Music

2. Amazon Prime Music

Best Spotify Alternatives

The best Spotify Alternative on the next list is Amazon Prime Music. almost like Spotify and Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music also has an in-depth collection of tracks from different genres.

Amazon Prime Music is often used on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10 devices. Moreover, this music-streaming service also functions on web browsers.

Amazon Prime Music comes bundled with Amazon Prime subscription which also includes Amazon Prime Video. The music streaming service is fairly cheap as compared to Apple Music and Spotify.

As for downsides, Amazon Prime Music lacks a well-developed UI, and therefore the quality of songs is relatively poor.

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3. YouTube Music

Best Spotify Alternatives

YouTube Music is another reliable Alternative to Spotify. Lately, YouTube has been improvising the YouTube Music service and it’s presently available in seventeen countries.

In addition to major music labels, many individual creators upload high-quality music to YouTube which may be enjoyed via the YouTube Music application.

YouTube Music relies on Google’s well-developed AI for suggesting new tracks, albums, and playlists to users.

You can get the YouTube Music monthly subscription for around $9.99 which provides ad-free music including the power to show off the phone’s screen while taking note of music.

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4. Pandora

Best Spotify Alternatives

The other best Alternative to Spotify on the list is Pandora. This popular music-streaming service allows users to settle on their favorite genres or artists and later supported users’ activity, Pandora suggests best playlists.

Pandora is liberal to use but the $5 monthly subscription offers song-skipping ability and removes annoying ads.

It is worth noting that, Pandora is merely available within us, Australia, and New Zealand.

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5. Deezer

Best Spotify Alternatives

Deezer is another reliable Alternative to Spotify. almost like Pandora, this French-based music streaming service allows users to settle on their favorite genres or artists, and later the service suggests playlists supported the user’s preference.

Deezer boasts an in-depth collection of 40 million licensed tracks including 30,000 radio channels.

You can get the Deezer monthly subscription for around $9.99 which provides ad-free music and therefore the ability to download music for offline listening.

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6. Soundcloud

Best Spotify Alternatives

Soundcloud is that the other best Spotify Alternative. This popular music genre streaming service boasts an in-depth collection of quite 150 million songs.

Soundcloud is that the only platform where you’ll hear remixes, beats, remakes, and EDM’s created by indie creators and upcoming music artists.

Unlike other Spotify Alternatives, Soundcloud is liberal to use and a majority of creators on Soundcloud allow free downloads.

Lastly, SoundCloud features a clean and intuitive UI and it offers reliable streaming speed.

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7. Saavn Music And Radio

Saavn may be a perfect Spotify alternative for those curious about Indian music. almost like Spotify, Saavn offers a developed UI.

Using Saavn Radio you’ll stream endless music for any mood, song, or artist. Saavn is one of many few Spotify Alternatives that provide 320kbps high-quality audio downloads.

As compared to Spotify Saavn Pro has lower subscription charges. Overall, Saavn may be a perfect Alternative to Spotify for streaming Indian content.

Download Saavn

8. Ganna Music

Best Spotify Alternatives

Ganna Music is another great alternative to Spotify. additionally, to 30 million Bollywood & English tracks, Ganna Music also doubles up as a full-fledged FM Radio.

Ganna is one of many music-streaming services that also offer lyrics for each song.

Upgrading to Ganna Music Plus, you’ll download unlimited songs for offline listening and sync downloads on five devices. almost like Spotify, Ganna also features a dark theme and it’s music library updated daily.

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9. Wynk Music

Best Spotify Alternatives

Wynk Music is another capable Spotify Alternative that simply gets the work done. Using Wynk Music you’ll browse thousands of curated playlists, and you even follow your favorite artists and playlists.

Similar to Ganna Music you’ve got to pay to download songs, but streaming songs on Wynk is free.

Unlike other Spotify Alternatives, Wynk Music allows users to cast music on devices like Chromecast and fire tv stick. Lastly, Wynk Music also functions at low internet speeds.

Download Wynk Music

10. Rock My Run

Best Spotify Alternatives

Rock My Run the latest best Spotify Alternative at this list. because the name of this music streaming suggests it’s an ideal app for fitness freaks.

Rock My Run features a clean UI and decent music organization tools. you’ll enjoy music from genres like Pop, Rock, Hip-hop/Rap, country, Classical, and far more.

Using the appliance users can download songs from vast public domains. Additionally, Rock My Run is liberal to use.

Download Rock My Run


So these were a number of the best Alternatives to Spotify that are worth finding out. Do share your recommendations for the Best Spotify Alternatives within the comments section below.


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