How to Get Amazon Prime Student Discount?

How to Get Amazon Prime Student Discount?

Amazon Prime student discount will assist users in getting premium services for reasonable prices. Amazon is the largest retail store on the internet. They have taken the world by a storm through their services. The ecosystem has immense potential. Amazon is forever expanding the options they give to their customers. Prime membership is a need for people who love to shop online. The Amazon Prime experience is to provide you more satisfaction. Students require amazon for various benefits, entertainment, and books.

The thoughtful student discount program helps you enjoy a six-month free trial. There are other additional features as well. We will include every detail about the discount in this write-up. Learn to know more.

How to get Amazon Prime Student Discount?

The method of signing up for the student discount is almost simple. Anyone who is registered in a college right now can enjoy this discount. You will end up paying very little for a long time. The student discount will mostly help you in decreasing the overall price of shopping. It is great to have in an economy that is declining. Multiple students are encountering problems with managing their finances. The student discount will assist make the situation a little more enjoyable. Here are the steps you want to follow to sign up for the Prime deals. 

How to Get Amazon Prime Student Discount?

  • Users want to start the Amazon website on their computer browsers. You can visit the site from a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. It works amazingly on all platforms. Users can alternatively click on the next link – It will get you to the official Prime student subscription page. 

How to Get Amazon Prime Student Discount?

  • Click on the start trial button and the home page. You will see it on the top right corner of the site. Students can get free 2 day deliveries on all their college essentials. The six-month free trial brings you the help of a partnership deal.
  • Once you start the trial, you will be required to sign in to the Amazon website. Enter this email address and password that connects your account to the platform.
  • Next, Users who do not have an Amazon account require to create a new one. It is important to register an account to avail of the benefits of the Amazon Prime student discount. You want to enter minor details like email, name, phone number and create a password. Once you have checked your new account, the method can continue.

  • You want to make sure that you have university details available to you. Amazon requires to check that you are studying in a college. They will collect some minor private information. The automatic confirmation method usually takes some minutes.

How to Get Amazon Prime Student Discount?

  • Making online payments is important for users who need to sign up for the discount. The plan will activate after six months. However, you want to provide payment details upfront. Enter the payment details so you can begin the free trial. It will work out very well for students in the long run. 

Voila! You have successfully signed up for this Amazon prime student discount by applying these steps. Now you can be enjoying all the premium benefits that come with their service. We suggest every young student try this deal. Amazon prime Six months of free services can help you save plenty of money. 

About the Amazon Prime Student Discount:

How to Get Amazon Prime Student Discount?Amazon does a billion-dollar company that has a vast user base. Students and young adults reach a significant proportion of their online consumers. The Prime student discount is a plan to give back to their consumers. Now you can use their premium services for free by this service. You perform not have to pay single money till the six-month trial is not over. They have partnered up with this telecom giant Sprint to make this a fact. Sprint is a leading service provider whole across the USA. The coronavirus pandemic has made the conditions challenging for everyone. We suggest that you try out the student discount to get some benefits. 

Who is possible for the discount?

The student discount is now available only in the USA region. Related programs are running all around the world. Amazon has started a youth program in India, which is its 2nd-largest marketplace. Anyone that is an active student in a registered US university can reap the benefits. Amazon will confirm your enrollment and give you the benefits immediately. Users want to have a dot EDU email account as well. It is a basic prerequisite before you sign up. 

Benefits of Amazon Prime Student Discount:

Amazon aims to offer the students significant benefits during this pandemic situation. The crippling economy is no help, yet this deal adds a silver lining. Here are some of the benefits of enjoying student discounts. 


The Amazon prime services are now available for this $6.49 to students. Normally, the price is somewhere around $15 per month. The cost is significantly smaller, with a discount. Students also get six months free from this subscription. It is one of the best deals you can get online. Overall you are continuing to save tons of money on online buying. 

Fast and Free Delivery:

No one likes to spend extra charges for shipping. Amazon tries to make sure you can protect up a little more. The free trial will support you save tons of delivery charges. Now you can get every one of your goods delivered through this platform. We suggest that you try the services for the fast delivery of essentials. They are known to give extra care to student supplies.

Prime Music at Discount:

Amazon prime music is a huge library of famous songs. Student discount users can get this subscription for fewer than $1 per month. It is a reasonable deal for all the bass heads on campus. Experience high-quality music through Amazon with your bundled plan. 

Exclusive student deals:

You get the first notification of the latest deals on electronics, snacks, apparel, textbooks, healthcare, and accessories. 

The student lifestyle needs you to invest in many products. These student deals are the best addition to the mix. 

Prime entertainment:

Students more get access to premium entertainment on this platform. You can use Prime Video and Prime reading services with this subscription. Prime Video has a huge library of quality content. The most favorite show on the platform is Tom Clancy’s, Jack Ryan. Prime reading provides you access to a lot of books for absolutely free. 

These are all excellent features to have with one all-inclusive deal. You get to enjoy these services for free during the first six month period. 


The Amazon prime student discount is a unique initiative on the online business. In this post, we expected to clear all of your doubts regarding the subscription. Use shopping online at affordable prices.


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