SPC helps students chill with ice cream to learn about campus life

Slowendji Duroseau watches as the SPC’s slogan, “A New Season, A New SPC,” is displayed in the Graham Center | Mhyanif Lozada, PantherNOWSlowendji Duroseau watches as the SPC’s slogan, “A New Season, A New SPC,” is displayed in the Graham Center | Mhyanif Lozada, PantherNOW

Mhyanif Lozada | Contributing Writer

Though student life may be a rocky road, the Student Programming Council ensures that campus life is a well-paved path to success.

SPC is responsible for organizing events at all of FIU’s campuses, varying from comedy shows and movies to concerts and pool parties. 

During the Rocky Road event on Aug 24, students were encouraged to sign up to be a member of the council. After signing up, they received complimentary ChillN nitrogen ice cream, available in vanilla, chocolate, and cookies and cream.

Mixing the music at the event was Whiskey Chick, a DJ and entrepreneur, who chose cool house and electronic beats, along with lively pop hits.

DJ Jessica “The Whiskey Chick” posing behind her setup | Mhyanif Lozada, PantherNOW 

Senior public relations major Hope Butts, president of the SPC, oversaw the event with fellow board members. She has been a part of the council since Spring 2020, having joined near the start of the pandemic. 

“It’s been a really unique experience, being in the club pre-COVID, during COVID, and post-COVID, fully seeing how SPC grew,” Butts said. “It’s a fun experience, and I recommend it to anyone.”

Graduate student Slowendji Duroseau, an early childhood education major, joined the board this semester. She said that through her experience as the council’s grad assistant, she has seen how the SPC engages members in its community, especially through collaboration with other organizations on campus. Through this, students learn to network, and create diverse events.

SPC’s Rocky Road in motion, with president Hope Butts supervising students’ registration, and the ChillN team preparing to give out ice cream | Mhyanif Lozada, PantherNOW

At its core, the Student Programming Council offers students the opportunity to learn about event planning, coordination, and communication.

Starting this academic year, SPC is led by one board for all campuses. Butts says that, because of this, students can expect bigger events from the council.

This includes an upcoming open mic night in collaboration with FIU’s Black Student Union. Auditions start Sept 2, and students can learn more about the event at BSU’s Instagram.

“We’re planning big things that are impactful to a large range of students,” Butts said. “That’s our goal for the whole semester, and for the future.”