Best proxy sites services in 2021

Best proxy services in 2021: free, paid, and business proxy servers and proxy site list.

The best proxy sites service providers provide an easy option to protect your online privacy. A proxy server effectively acts as a gateway between you and the internet, so when you use one, the details of the websites you visit and other online history are saved to that server rather than your computer.

This proxy websites allows for some anonymity while surfing, with the caveat that proxy servers frequently save at least some information.
This means that a thorough examination of the server records may allow you to be personally identified.

Still, this is unlikely to be an problem for most people, and proxy servers otherwise provide a useful if primary way to avoid the extensive advertiser tracking and routine privacy intrusions that are now commonplace online.

It’s worth noting that many proxy server providers also offer paid VPN services, as VPN (Virtual Private Network) can provide more security and privacy than a proxy service alone. In that case, it’s worth thinking about getting a free VPN or paying for one of the best premium services instead.

If you’re unsure whether a proxy server is preferable, read our guide Proxy servers vs VPN:

Why VPNs are Better.

Meanwhile, proxy site vpn we’ll highlight the best proxy sites services proxy list, both free and paid, unblock proxy site which will overlap with some VPN services.

Best Paid website proxy services proxy list

1. Bright Data

Best proxy sites services in 2021


  • That are expensive but feature-rich
  • All countries and cities are covered.
  • Over 72 million IP addresses
  • Reasons to purchase +Large pool+Mobile IPs+Extensive targeting options
  • Avoidance Reasons -Complicated pricing mechanism

The first thing that stands out about free web proxy server Bright Data (formerly Luminati) is its massive proxy pool of over 72 million IP addresses. The service provides proxies of various kinds.

In extension to rotating residential IPs, the service provides static ones, a group of 6 to 100 residential addresses for your private use that have not earlier been used with your target domain.

Bright Data also sells mobile IPs that are more expensive than standard residential ones but are more resilient and will work on difficult-to-please targets.

If you have particular targeting needs, Bright Data’s support for ASN (Autonomous System Number) in addition to the standard targeting options such as country, state, and the city will come in handy.

You can use its proxies by installing the Proxy Manager, a free, open-source tool that can be installed on top of macOS, Windows, and Linux.
The Proxy Manager can assist you in defining IP rotation rules, blocking IPs that produce poor results, optimising bandwidth usage by routing some requests through your regular non-proxied connection, and much more.

Bright Data’s american video proxy residential proxies support all major protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, and even SOCKS5.
The service also has a robust support infrastructure with numerous avenues of assistance, such as video tutorials and webinars.

All of the features and skills, however, come at a cost.
While the service advertises the first-rate for all proxies, specifying additional targeting levels affects the proxy’s final cost.

The indian proxy service also offers a variety of payment plans to accommodate different users. Bright Data offers a pay-as-you-go plan in addition to the standard monthly subscriptions.

The plans are more expensive on average than many of its competitors, but they will appear reasonable to large scale proxy users and those with particular requirements.

2. RSocks

Best proxy sites services in 2021

RSocks All kinds of proxies in quickly consumable plans


  • Coverage: Over 3 million IP addresses are available.
  • +Unlimited bandwidth+Single-day packages+Mobile IPs are all reasons to buy.
  • Avoidance Reasons -Limited geotargeting Advertisement

RSocks Best proxy sites services proxy online provides residential, data centre, and even mobile IP addresses. You can share its list of over to 3 million proxies with different users or obtain some for your use only.

One of the service’s best features is that it does not limit the amount of bandwidth available on any of its plans.
You can continue to use the proxies as long as the plan is valid.
On many of the plans, RSocks also allows users to run up to 500 concurrent threads.
To top it all off, the proxy service provider supports all popular protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5.

RSocks Best proxy sites services also has plans specifically for mobile IPs.
These mobile proxies can be purchased from ten different countries, and you can even specify a specific city and also a provider for some of them.The service automatically updates its list of proxies, and the duration varies depending on the plan. Few proxies are rotated every 5 minutes, others hourly, and some every 2 hours.
The number of new proxies added after each update also varies by plan.
The crucial point to see is that you cannot manually rotate the proxies from within the dashboard.

One of the RSocks’ distinguishing features is pausing proxies when not in use to extend their expiry.
However, the number of such pauses is limited, so you must use them sparingly.

While there are no browser add-ons available, RSocks has a cross-platform proxy checker tool that will allow you to sort through the list of shared proxies.
The tool can assist you in locating the most valuable proxies that will work best for you based on parameters such as their location, speed, and presence in popular spam databases.

In addition, unlike most of its competitors, RSocks offers a variety of pricing plans for its various proxies.

This is because, rather than creating plans based on limitations such as bandwidth or the number of IPs, RSocks has made separate plans based on individual parameters.

3. Storm Proxies

Best proxy sites services in 2021

Individual scrapers and sneaker copping are ideal.


  • Coverage includes the United States and the European Union.
  • Approximately 70,000 IP addresses
  • Reasons to buy +Relatively inexpensive+No bandwidth restrictions
  • Reasons to avoid away.
  • -Limited proxy pool-Limited geotargeting-No SOCKS5

Rotating residential proxies, private dedicated proxies with data centre IPs, and backconnect rotating proxies with a mix of data centre and residential IPs are all available from the service provider.

Storm Proxies’ best feature is that all of its proxies come with unlimited bandwidth.
Instead, its private dedicated proxies have account limits based on the number of IPs. Its backconnect rotating proxies have plans based on the number of simultaneous connections. Its rotating residential proxies have prices based on the number of ports.
Each port can support up to 50 concurrent connections.

4. Smartproxy

Best proxy sites services in 2021

Smartproxy Provides low-cost proxies for the majority of use cases.


  • Coverage: Over 195 locations are covered.
  • Over 40 million IP addresses
  • $63.75 for the first month
  • Micro US$75/month $170 for the first month SmartProxy.
  • SmartProxy: US$200/month for the first month, $340 for the second month
  • SmartProxy charges a monthly fee of USD 400.
  • Reasons to Purchase +Unlimited Threads+Browser Extensions+Mobile IPs Visit Site at Smartproxy | Proxy Network
  • Avoiding -Restricted geotargeting

Smartproxy proxy online provides both residential and data centre proxies.
Its supply of above 40 million rotating residential IP addresses is sourced from desktop and mobile devices and shared by all users.

While this can be disadvantageous because you may receive flagged IPs, the provider’s quick rotation policy ensures that its proxies do not become banned.
Smartproxy restricts plans based on bandwidth while allowing you to run an unlimited number of concurrent threads.

You can india web proxy choose the proxy you want to use from a list of backconnect gateway servers in your dashboard.
Smartproxy displays all of the different gateways for the countries and cities that it supports by default.
However, you can narrow down the proxies based on valuable parameters such as location and session type (rotating or sticky).
The dashboard will present some appropriate proxy gateway based on these, which you can use in your apps and tools.

Smartproxy Best proxy sites services  has extensions for both Chrome and Firefox if you plan to use the proxy to browse the web. You can use the extension to specify the location and type of proxy you want, as well as the authentication mechanism.

5. Oxylabs

Best proxy sites services in 2021

  • Oxylabs has its web scraper specs.
  • All countries and cities are covered.
  • Over 70 million IP addresses
  • Reasons to buy +Large proxy pool+Limited SOCKS5 support.
  • Reasons to avoid -There are no separate mobile IPs.

Oxylabs has a global network of up 70 million residential proxies that cover all countries and cities. You can target proxies based on the ASN in interest to the country and city (autonomous system amount). On the other hand, these residential IPs use backconnect gateway servers, and you will want to adjust this address to add parameters for targeting data manually.

Although Oxylabs requires that their private proxies include mobile IPs, the service provider does not allow you to select them specifically for your businesses. These residential proxies change IP addresses with each request to ensure that the target cannot block you.

The proxy service provider also provides static, non-rotating residential proxies obtained directly from ISPs. Oxylabs requires these to provide both data centre and residential proxies in terms of speed and flexibility. In addition, unlike the standard rotating ones, these static ones support the SOCKS5 protocol.

Its pool of over 2 million data centre IPs, which are not shared but are dedicated to you, also supports the SOCKS5 protocol. These also include a proxy rotator add-on, which rotates the data centre IPs automatically.

The online web proxy next-generation residential proxy, which uses machine learning and AI to more successfully mimic a regular user’s browsing behaviour and work around blocks and captchas, is oxylabs’ portfolio’s unique offering.

Best proxy server free 

1. VPNBook

Best proxy server free 

  • Quick and anonymous proxy service
  • Purchase reasons +
  • Performance that is extremely fast+
  • Ads and other annoyances are blocked+
  • A well-defined logging policy

VPNBook, in addition to its titular virtual private network, offers a free SSL-encrypted web proxy for anonymous browsing.
Choose from proxy servers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, or Canada, or let the proxy choose one for you.

It should be noted that VPNBook keeps weblogs, which it can use to report illegal activity. However, these are automatically deleted after a week.
It’s not good, but VPNBook’s speed, convenience, and transparent logging policy make it our pick for the best free web proxy.


  • Plus\sUS$4.99/mth\
  • is a website that you can visit.
  • Reasons to purchase +Fast proxy+Browser extensions.
  • Reasons to avoid -Pop-up advertisements Best proxy sites services itself as the fastest best free proxy server because it does not keep its logs to help speed up the service.

Whether or not that title is deserved, it’s still a good free proxy you should consider using. You can use it now directly through the website or use the Firefox or Chrome browser extensions to access the service.
Only proxies in Europe, specifically the Netherlands, Germany, and Finland, are available through the service.

3. KProxy

  • KProxy KProxy is a free and fast proxy service with a portable browser.
  • Purchase reasons +
  • It is extremely simple to set up+
  • It is included in a portable version of Firefox.
  • Reasons to avoid -Some usage restrictions.

KProxy Best proxy sites services provides a browser-based service, a Chrome or Firefox extension, and a portable version of Firefox with the extension already installed – a good touch that gives you to use the proxy on PCs at school, university, or work.

The service does have some limitations, such as the fact that you can only browse freely for 3 hours at a time or until you reach your 300MB data cap.
When you reach this limit, you may see a tab prompting you to purchase a premium account, but this isn’t required – you can reconnect for free after taking a 30-minute break.

Regarding KProxy’s privacy policy, the company states: “You also understand that, despite our best efforts, this service may not provide a 100 per cent guarantee of privacy and anonymity.”
KProxy reserves the right, by our privacy policy, to turn over the IP addresses of users who abuse our system to the appropriate legal authorities or to those against whom abuse has been perpetrated.”

4. Hidester

  • 1. a concealer
  • You can easily disguise your browsing sessions.
  • Purchase reasons +
  • Does not maintain logs+
  • Control over privacy is very useful.
  • Reasons to avoid -No Firefox extensions Advertisement

You can use this Hidester’s proxy service to browse the web anonymously if you want to avoid geo-blocks and being snooped on.

Hidester proxy server free does not need registration or the installation of any software.
Go to the website, either on your desktop or on your mobile device, and enter the URL you need to go in the space provided.
It routes your request through US-based servers by default, but you have the option to switch to European servers.

Hidester Best proxy sites services also provides several options to ensure your privacy further.
It will encrypt URLs and remove scripts by default.
It does give cookies by default, but you have the option to turn them, though doing so will ruin your browsing experience.

The service claims that it does not have any logs of your visits and that they have complete control over their servers, with no third-party IP proxy involvement.

5. Hide My Ass

  • Hide My Ass Provides a variety of methods for protecting your posterior online.
  • Purchase reasons +
  • Servers tailored to specific cities+
  • URLs can be encrypted.
  • Reasons to avoid -Confirms before loading website.

Hide My Ass provides a free web proxy service that is extremely useful when you want to browse privately but does not have the time or permission to download additional software or browser extensions.

There are some limitations – the premium software offers faster speeds, more secure encryption, and active malware protection – but it’s a good option for a quick bit of browsing.

Hide My Ass’s free proxy conceals your true identity and IP address.
One of some services that allow you to route your requests through specific cities rather than just countries. The free service supports servers in London, New York City, Seattle, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Prague.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is an intermediary connecting the user and the web that adds an extra layer of security and connectivity to any website.
Proxies have their own IP addresses, so they will only see this proxy IP address when visiting a website.

There are two types of proxies in terms of origin: data centre and residential:

A data centre proxy is a private proxy that is not affiliated with an ISP because it is provided by a secondary corporation and offers private IP authentication, high-level anonymity, and quick data request response times.
Data centre proxies are typically used for infrastructures such as servers and web hosting.

A residential proxy is an intermediary who uses an IP address associated with a physical location provided to a homeowner by an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
It is a very genuine IP address that can be used to mimic the behaviour of natural users.

What are proxies used?

As previously stated, proxies are widely used by both individuals and businesses.
Let us investigate the reasons for this.

For personal use

A Best proxy sites services proxy for a personal case will be assigned to a specific location. Certain access to geo-blocked content may be enabled as a result of this.
Customers, for example, can browse for and purchase flights from locations that offer the best deals.

Use in business

In most cases, Best proxy sites services businesses used proxies to gain a competitive advantage by gathering valuable information.
The proxy enables them to extract and process large amounts of publicly available data on competitor services, reviews, prices, products, or even market trends, which can help businesses make faster decisions about marketing, sales, and pricing strategies.

What is the distinction between paid proxies and free proxies?

It is difficult to find a free, long-lasting proxy because they quickly become outdated, and the providers usually turn to paid services or disappear over time.
Furthermore, using the best free proxies can pose a serious risk because you never know if your data is secure, and you may become a victim of identity theft.

Paid proxies are held accountable for their services, and contracts and agreements are in place to protect the user. Businesses have no option but to pay for a dedicated proxy service to avoid potential security issues.

If you select a reputable proxy provider, you should not have to worry about servers crashing or disappearing for no apparent reason, as many will provide dedicated account support.

A trustworthy proxy service provider will also use ethically sourced proxies.
Choosing a proxy provider is a difficult task because there are numerous criteria to consider, but we have highlighted a few key points:

Reliability: A reliable proxy provider must provide 24/7 customer support and account managers, as well as service trials and a money-back guarantee.

IP pool: Consider client feedback, as well as the size and location of the IP pool.
The size of the IP pool and the variety of locations is critical for those scraping big amounts of data from many countries.

Success rates and speed: A secure proxy network should have at least 90%, with the best providers guaranteeing 95% or higher.

Integration and support: proxy providers must ensure that their documentation is clear and easy to understand, including integration tutorials and detailed instructions.

Proxies in the Future

Businesses commonly use proxies for large-scale data collection and extraction, but this is not an easy process. It consists of numerous complex tasks, particularly as anti-data gathering measures become more sophisticated, making it harder to get publicly available information without being blocked. Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) innovations are gradually being applied to address this.

Finally, proxies are extremely valuable solutions for both individuals and businesses that require precise data-driven decisions. Proxies can help individuals access geo-blocked content, improve security, and optimise web activity.


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