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Amateur and Professional FFE and SHF Breeding Competitions

The information you need as an FFEcompet member to log in to your account, register for the competition, and contact customer care are provided below.

Account creation, management, and research are now done at https://ffecompet.ffe.com.

Account access through the internet

Log in to your account and manage register horses.

This form allows you to authenticate yourself on the FFE’s services.

MEMBERS / CLUBS: Enter your club number (zip code Plus 2 digits) and password.

LICENSEES: Enter your license number (7 digits plus one letter) and password.

SHF PARTICIPANTS: Enter your EP or EM account number and password.

When you have done visiting authorized services, please log out and shut your browser for security reasons.

Open an FFE Compet account.

To compete in official Amateur and Pro tournaments, you must first open an FFEcompet account. Its establishment is automatic for FFE member clubs. All financial transactions relating to Amateur and Pro contests, as well as those of the SHF, are centralized in the committer account: horse commitments and any earnings.

To open an FFE Compet account, go to https://ffecompet.ffe.com/ and select “Accounts” and “Request to open an account.” Input your licence number and SIF code (found at the bottom of the practitioner’s licence). On the screen, a pre-filled form displays.

Print it and mail it to FFEcompet (9 Boulevard Macdonald, 75019 Paris), with a photocopy of the account holder’s identity document and bank information.

FFEcompet then sends the access codes through email within 24 hours after receiving the file. Enter my horses in the ffe competition.

Competitive Riders in the Amateur Division

Bring your horse’s Sire number to register, then connect to the FFE site with your licence and access credentials. Connect to FFE Compet after that.

FFE Compet login: https://ffecompet.ffe.com/

  • Click on my personal space.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Click the Save FFE button.
  • Fill the box with the horse’s sire number and click “Next step.”
  • Your horse’s file with all of its information is displays.

Fill in the size and answer yes to the question “Is it xxxx who is the or one of the owners in their name of this horse/Pony?”

Answering yes has no legal significance, but it will allow you to register your horse/pony in the FFE Compet database and enter amateur competitions with this horse.

Click the Save Horse button.

Click Register again to register another pony/horse.

Horses/Pony, on the left-hand menu. Register your horses/ponies in my favourite horses to make your obligations easier.

FFE Customer care and connection help that is second to none

Telephone reception and management of the Federation’s general e-mails are handled by a contact center, which answers the most common queries and routes calls to the appropriate departments.

  • 02 54 94 46 00 (9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on working days.)

This one-of-a-kind number connects you to all federal services in Lamotte and Boulogne.

Address and contact information

Equestrian Park – FFE – 41600 LAMOTTE

Equestrian Park 41600 LAMOTTE Lamotte location – Head office

Site in Boulogne – 81 Avenue E. Vaillant 92517

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