FIU at Miami Beach Pride Parade

FIU students at Miami Beach pride parade. Image by Abdul Djabbour (PantherNOW).

By Abdul Djabbour // Staff Writer

Miami Beach Pride is back to honor all members of the LGBTQ+ community and establish a safe space for community members to express themselves in whatever way they feel most at ease.

The 14th Annual South Florida’s Largest Pride Festival, an all-inclusive family event that brings together members of the LGBTQ+ community, took place Sunday, April 10.

Miami Beach Pride Parade is an extraordinary multi-day event that showcased a beach party from 5th to 15th Street along Ocean Drive in Miami beach. The festival and parade hosted over 100 vendors and supporting businesses. The event brought in exciting celebrities like Enrique Santos, a musical performance from Grammy-winning DJ Tracy Young, snacks, food, and a play area for families and little ones.

“Pride, it’s a space of energetic and emotional interactions, being understood by so many people in one place gives you all the love and support needed to keep on going,” said Juan Sifontes.

People at the Miami beach pride parade. Image by Abdul Djabbour (PantherNOW).

The event also included meet and greet pop-up booths with LGBTQ+ South Florida non-profits, family-friendly play spaces, and focus strategy LGBTQ+ activations such as a transgender safe-tent, networking/DJ space, a safe space for youth, a sleazy senior’s lounge, and new for 2022, a pop-up Relaxing Gazebo.

The Miami Beach Pride event has become a tradition for members of the LGBTQ+ community. People from everywhere in the United States and of all ages come to Miami to celebrate this event and show their pride.

“Coming to pride is a great opportunity to mix and mingle with other LGBTQ+ individuals,” said Debora Rodriguez, senior at FIU.

Members of supporting companies such as Delta Airlines, T-Mobile and Starbucks, as well as politicians such as Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, attended the Miami Beach Pride Parade.

FIU brought in over 40 students to support this massive event. Students were seen dressed in different colors to form an LGBTQ+ flag, dancing, singing and enjoying themselves.

“Pride Student Union wants to make sure all students feel welcome and safe on campus. We are here, We are Queer and we are here to stay! We aim to emphasize love and help spark joy, leadership, and family at FIU,” said president of Pride Student Union (PSU), Jean-Baptiste.

Pride Student Union E-board members. Image by Abdul Djabbour (PantherNOW).

“I am proud to be working in an organization that they have built up to be as impactful and as important as PSU,” said Mariana Robledo, junior.

The great week of Miami Beach Pride parade events began on April 4 and ended on April 10. It was a wonderful week for those who attended, full of love and support for the community and with unparalleled experiences.