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Meeting Minutes 3/10/16

March 10, 2016 by Board Meeting No Comments

Meeting Minutes for March 10,  2016 meeting at Emerson’s

In Attendance: Emerson Delacroix, Karen Coleman, Jeff Yoder,  

Absences include: Liz MacGregor, Julianne Bonta

Note comments from last meeting in italics.


  1. Approved 11 Feb 2016 board meeting minutes.
  2. Approve Membership Application Changes made by Julianne
  3. Followed up on previous meetings tasks shown in blue.

Tasks to be completed and by whom from 2/11/16:

  • Emerson will create list of items needed to hEY Anniversary party.
    • See later agenda item.
  • Karen will to deposit $25 in the bank from last orientation.
  • Karen will find out why other time banks don’t exchange physical items.
  • Jeff will figure out how to disseminate changes to membership. Website? Fb?
    • Both website (blog post) and FB (post that we have an update)
  • Jeff will do/give report from what he learned from other tb’s about negative references
    • No responses from the admin to admin section of Time and Talents
  • Julianne will add a sentence to the application.
    • “A reference should be someone who knows you and will vouch for your character or reliability. It would be considerate to let the people you’re listing as references know they’ll be hearing from us.”
      • Completed as of 2-11-16 (JB)
    • “We have to get two good references in order to accept the applicant.”
      • Completed as of 2-11-16 (JB)
    • “If at any time you or the board sees that you no longer adhere to our values your membership can be withdrawn.”
      • Completed as of 2-11-16 (JB)
    • “Have you ever been involved in a time bank before? If no, why not?”
      • Completed as of 2-11-16 (JB)
  • Julianne will look over Karen’s Membership Reduction Form.
  • Julianne will look over what Karen said about businesses joining.Jeff will screen membership handbook.
  • Julianne and Jeff will meet for Jeff to hand off treasury stuff to Julianne by next meeting.
  • Julianne will do budget pending meeting Jeff
  • Liz will file 501C4


  • Carry-over topic: Insurance – Liz needs to file 501(c)4.
  • hEY 3rd Anniversary Party Prep! (+ elections)


      1. Who will make ballots? Which board members need to be listed?
      2. musicians, face painting, Shane’s circus games


  • Growing Hope Growing Gardens Fair.


      1. Julianne need anything?


  • New Topic: Elections (some of which is in #5)


      1. need to decide who is running
      2. need to get the message out to our members


  • New Topic:
  • Outreach Report –
  • As of today we have 98 members
  • As of today we have 3,367 hours exchanged which is  more than last month!
  • As of today we have 6 members who are currently outstanding.
  • The New Member Orientation and Tea Time at Cultivate on Feb 27th was quite successful. Four new members filled out applications and about 15 were in attendance. Bryan, Patricia and I decided a sign-in sheet is needed at the next one as these are quite popular and Patricia and I are having a hard time remembering who all are  in attendance.
  • The next New Member Orientation & Stuff Swap will be Feb 20th @the Basherts.
  • Treasury Report –



Tasks to be completed and by whom:

  • Emerson
  • Jeff
    • old items
  • Julianne
  • Liz
    • old items
  • Karen


Next meeting will be Apr 14, 2016 at Jeff’s new house! (Emerson will be in Dallas)



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