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Meeting Minutes – 6/9/2016

June 9, 2016 by Board Meeting No Comments

Meeting Minutes for June 9,  2016 meeting at Jeff’s

In Attendance: Emerson Delacroix, Karen Coleman, Jeff Yoder, Liz MacGregor, Bethany Hayden, Sue Coles

Absences include: Elizabeth Warren, Julianne Bonta

Note comments from last meeting in italics.


  1. Approved 10 Mar 2016 board meeting minutes.
  2. Approve Membership Application Changes made by Julianne
  1. Followed up on previous meetings tasks shown in blue.

Tasks to be completed and by whom from 3/10/16:

  • File Tax Return
    • Liz will take partial responsibility.
  • Julianne will look over Karen’s Membership Reduction Form.
  • Julianne will look over what Karen said about businesses joining.
  • Jeff will screen membership handbook.
  • Julianne and Jeff will meet for Jeff to hand off treasury stuff to Julianne by next meeting.
  • Julianne will do budget pending meeting Jeff
  • Liz will file 501C4
  1. Carry-over topic: Insurance – Liz needs to file 501(c)4.
  1. New Topic: Board Retreat
    1. Strategic planning session
      1. Create goals
      2. Decide the Direction of the Time Bank
    2. A few hours
    3. Sue offered to host
    4. After September
    5. Annual Calendar
      1. Anniversary Party
      2. Maintenance items
        1. Quarterly reports
      3. Elections
    6. Emerson to make a Doodle for availability
  2. New Topic: Scholarships
    1. Money/Hours – 2 hours
    2. Reactive old members – Emerson to look into getting a report
      1. Send a renewal email to the board for approusal
      2. Send Bryan an update on application scholarship changes trade for hours
  3. Nice to have general ads in the neighborhoods
    1. Emerson: ask the person who made the picnic ones.
  4. New Topic: Board Seats
    1. Treasurer: Sue Coles
    2. Secretary: Emerson
    3. President: Jeff
  1. Outreach Report –
    1. As of today we have 102 members
    2. As of today we have 3,678 hours exchanged
    3. As of today we have 11 members who are currently outstanding.
    4. As of today, 5 members renewed.
  1. Committees we have:
    1. Outreach
    2. Applicants
    3. Businesses
    4. Organizations
  2. New Topic: Jessica followed up with Businesses to be supporters of hEY
    1. Need a business outreach person: Bethany
  1. Treasury Report – >$2000.00

Tasks to be completed and by whom:

  • Sue to follow up with Liz about 501c4
  • Emerson
    • Reactivate emails sent to board
    • Email person to make yard signs
    • Change wording of Continuing Member Email Automation
    • Doodle for Board Retreat
  • Jeff
    • Email Bryan with Application donation changes to include 2 hrs of service for the time bank
    • Update Orientation slideshow to ask that members take down their offers/request after they’ve been filled.
    • Send Bethany the brochure
    • Send Paypal credentials to Sue
  • Julianne
    • Update handbook with new donation changes
  • Bethany
    • Do some businesses outreach work: make materials to send to businesses
      • Ypsi Ale House
  • Karen
    • Deposit checks
  • Sue
    • Go to the next MAoTB

Next meeting will be July 14, 2016 at Sue’s


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