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Meeting Minutes – 7/14/2016

July 14, 2016 by Board Meeting No Comments

Expected in Attendance:, Karen Coleman, Jeff Yoder, Bethany Hayden, Sue Coles, Elizabeth Warren, Julianne Bonta

Expected Absences include: Emerson Delacroix (in NYC!)

Note comments from last meeting in italics.


Followed up on previous meetings tasks shown in blue.

  • Tasks to be completed and by whom from 6/9/16:
  • Sue
    • Go to the next MAoTB – Jeff to forward
    • Follow up with Liz about 501c4
    • File Tax Return
    • Get caught up with treasury tasks
  • Emerson
    • Reactivate emails sent to board Completed week following board meeting. Many are reactivated or joining!!!
    • Email person to make yard signs Sent a Facebook message to Adrienne Pass. She responded & passed this task off to Jeff, “Email me the details, sign specs, etc. at
    • Change wording of Continuing Member Email Automation
    • Doodle for Board Retreat Sent 6.20. Retreat scheduled
  • Jeff
    • Email Bryan with Application donation changes to include 2 hrs of service for the time bank – done
    • Update Orientation slideshow to ask that members take down their offers/request after they’ve been filled.
    • Send Bethany the brochure
    • Send Paypal credentials to Sue – done
    • Send board thoughts on language surrounding member donations – by the 21st. Board will have 1 week to reply with changes/suggestions – to have final changes approved
    • Forward copy of email to Bryan with the wording on our annual donation
  • Julianne
    • Update handbook with new donation changes – delay
    • Update other documentation, materials, application, annual donation – delay
    • Audit our documentation and where materials are located
    • Comb through our Facebook admins and reduce to board, founders, and our coordinators
  • Bethany
    • Do some businesses outreach work: make materials to send to businesses. Ypsi Ale House
    • Create tiers for businesses and submit ideas to board before the next meeting
    • Will wait for brochure from Jeff?
  • Karen
    • Deposit checks
    • Arrange schedule to make the board retreat
  • Elizabeth
    • Will help get Lis to finish the 501c4 paperwork
    • Assist with the Tax Return
  1. Approved 9 Jun 2016 board meeting minutes.
  2. Carry-over topic: Insurance – Liz needs to file 501(c)4.
  3. Carry-over topic: Board Retreat: Doodle results: Sun, 9/18, 9am-1pm
  4. New Topic: Facebook… how to filter non-members
    • Emerson’s thoughts – happy to delete people from the page if they haven’t become a member 60 days after joining the page.
    • members are required to use the software
    • facebook is not required
    • Joining the Facebook group could be limited to a smaller number of people – board members, and our specific volunteers, and our founding members
    • Julianne will thin the admins to board and founding members
  5. New Topic: Hours instead of cash donation:
    • Emerson’s thoughts – I have activated/reactivated 16 folks and all have been happy to pay the bank 2 hours by me deducting them from their account. I believe that they should pay sometime for being a member of a community organization. I don’t feel they need to do something for the organization directly since they are spending their hours the way they would cash.
  6. New Topic: How do we like to make changes or vote on issues – tabling the process discussion
    1. Consensus can be manipulative
    2. Voting can give each member their say
    3. We can give everyone their say before holding a vote
    4. Fist of five?
  7. Business Outreach Report – Bethany – tabled
    1. Doesn’t yet have the brochure
    2. Businesses can’t get services that they would normally pay money for
    3. Offer our members a discount or other service
    4. Our members can provide services
    5. Business may pay unlimited number of hours to our members
  8. Outreach Report – Emerson
    • As of today we have 115 members
      • 4 new members
      • 17 renewed with hours
    • As of today we have 3,752 hours exchanged
    • As of today we have 10 members who are currently outstanding.
  9. Next meeting at Sue’s at 6:30 on 8/11/16


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