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Meeting Minutes – April 2018

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Board Meeting Minutes for 4/18/18 meeting at Go! Ice Cream

In Attendance: Jeff Yoder, Emerson Delacroix, Elizabeth Warren (skype), Lindsey Schafer, Shelley Williams, Sue Coles.

Absences include: Karen Coleman, Laura Pasek from A2, TB.

Old Business & Tasks: Followed up on previous meetings tasks shown in blue.


  • All
  • Watch presentation at –  Shelly and Em started to watch. Removing from task list.
  • Eliz


      • Does CSAM-PO carry board/officer insurance?  What documents does it file with MI and Feds?  Any? Ask Debbie Burr. or Pam Gillespie: 734-277-0030   Is this still an issue? EW will still try to find out the answer to this question and convey it to the BOD.


  • Emerson


      • Complete membership report – done
      • Attend MAOTB Meeting – done!
      • Write blog post about about what Emerson likes about hEY and what it has added to their life not done, but started!
      • Put out request for Social Outreach Committee on software and fb –  done
      • Where do negative comments go in the software? – It seems either the provider or receiver can see either positive or negative comments left by clicking on the hours on the statement and view details.
      • Create 2018 Elections Ballot – I have in all the info I have.


  • Jeff


      • Upload Feb and Mar Meeting Minutes – not done
      • Renew state non-profit – done
      • Renew board insurance – done


  • Karen


      • None


  • Lindsey
  • Give Emerson a bio and picture for elections ballot – done
  • Shelley


      • Attend Barrier Busters Meeting –


  • Sue


    • Complete treasurer report – done 4/18/18



    1. Go over everyone’s tasks for last month
    2. Approve March minutes
      1. Approved
    3. Treasurer Report
      1. Total received since our last meeting 3.21.18: $23.97
      2. Total received in 2018: $95.88
      3. 0 persons in AR (from 5 member in Accounts Receivable last month)
    4. Outreach Report
      1. 197 members, which is 6 more since our last meeting. (191). We’ve exchanged 5,686 hours which is 149 more since our last meeting (5537 ).
      2. 5 person(s) applied this month. We have 3 applicants in pool.
      3. MAOTB Monthly Meeting Report: Emerson reached out to Detroit Pride to see if we/MAOTB could have a booth. Do we want one for Ypsi Pride? (Em can’t be at that table as they’ll be at another one.)
      4. Orientation was held 3.24.18, at Emerson & Lindsey’s. 7 number of attended. Two new members were oriented! Amy Shrodes attended to talk about Ypsi Gathering Space joining. Emerson reached out to board after orientation and all approve of them joining. They had a meeting Wed, 3/28


  • Another Orientation was held at YGS 4/7/18 where 7 also attended; 2 immediately applied. Emerson had their references completed in less than 24hrs and they were activated!
  • Pod Idea which led to a Workshop which was held 4/14/18 at the Eyrie where 12 attended. Pods are basically an Emerson word where a group of people go launch on someone’s house to complete a project in 1-2hrs. Pod could be a known entity, go-to people. Need more pod organizers. Em will ask Jo. Em likes the idea of people who don’t know each other coming together.


      1. Milton has started offering weekly Tai Chi classes on Thursdays @1 for hours. Em shared the event widely.
      2. Em and Alice Oakes are co-hosting a meal swap on 5/12 with 3 groups according to meal size so people can make and exchange meals that fit their household size.
      3. Em spoke with Jared Talaga about a seed starting and swap workshop. Scheduled for Sat 5/5 10:15a-12p
      4. Liz DMG offered to lead Willpower and Grace classes and Lindsey McKennett offered to host them. Should start around the beginning of May.
      5. What about joining in the 4th of July parade, hand out quarter-sheets with candy taped to them? Em will figure out fee to be part of it. Eliz fb msg’d the parade to learn more. They replied, that there is no fee.
      6. Em asked Janette if she’d like to host again and if one of her artists would like to do a workshop.


  • Newsletter idea came up both at MAOTB and the “How to Spend Your Hours” workshop. New member Jo Brown said she’s willing to try this. I sent her 4 examples of other tb’s newsletters.
  • Pinning a good ask idea came up at  the “How to Spend Your Hours” workshop to the top so people know how to request things in a specific, smaller way. Or how to engage others to accomplish the ask together. Basically examples of how to ask for things. Collect good examples and post to public page and not private group. Could be an offer/request. (Good for ppl that want to join, but haven’t.)


    1. Linked our public page to other tb’s in MAOTB.
  1. New Topic: Email received about a fundraising opportunity – do we want to do this?For the months of March, April & May, Hour Exchange Of Ypsilanti can host fundraisers at Ollie Food and Spirits, Macheko Grill, and Silvio’s Organic Ristorante e Pizzeria, and they will donate 15 – 20% of sales back to Hour Exchange Of Ypsilanti. Simply choose a date and schedule your fundraiser in 5 minutes. You can choose up to 3 dates for the upcoming months.”
    1. Em will email back a yes, and figure out some dates.
  2. Carry-over Topic: 5th Anniversary Party – it’s next month…
    1. Em created the ballot and it’s nearly ready. Then we need to send and share it! Jeff will send.
    2. Call some restaurants and ask for donations to food.
    3. Ypsi Thrift donate some door prizes. Or $ off coupon.
    4. Em sent out personal invites to all the fb members and those who like the public page, but aren’t members yet. It was about 165 people
    5. Em created the asks on the fb event for various items and several slots have been filled. Still need main dishes, bread and salads, help with set-up and tear-down. Sue will bring in one of everything, except salad. Jeff will bring spaghetti.
    6. Em shared the invite on the software, and in the A2TB page.
  3. New Topic: NPNA Yard Sale is Jun 2nd. Shaun offered his yard if we want to host a sale to make $ for hEY. Thoughts? It’s $10 to register. We can also play an ad on the map for $30 if we want to promote hEY. This event usually has over a couple hundred folx from around the area.
    1. We all want to do it.
    2. Pay to the fund which will help negative balance. And or donate $.
    3. Get hours for taking stuff away at the end 3-4:30pm.
  4. Donations directly to those who request them! Could make a donation account too and folks can draw from it instead…
  5. Shelley’s email:
    A. Concern about having multi family members on the BOD.  
  1. Next Meeting: 5/23/18 at 6:30 at Go! IceCream.  


Tasks to do in the next month:


  • All:



  • Emerson


      • Complete membership report
      • Attend MAOTB Meeting
      • Write blog post about about what Emerson likes about hEY and what it has added to their life


  • Jeff


      • Upload Feb, Mar, & Apr Meeting Minutes


  • Karen


      • None


  • Lindsey
  • Sue


    • Complete treasurer report
    • Update the budget


Parking Lotted or Floating Items:

    1. Carry-over Topic: Retreat
      1. Maybe wait until after Anne joins in Feb/Mar.
    2. Carry-over Topic: Auction
    3. New Topic: Getting new orgs, churches, etc
      1. ?
    4. New Topic: Classes?
      1. Pontiac Sun Timebank has been hosting monthly classes on different topics like cooking/healthy eating, sewing, holistic health etc. Is this smthg we want to do or do we feel like a2-Ypsi Reskilling is already doing this? And Milton offered gardening classes.
    5. Carry-over Topic: Crowdfunding


  • Carry-over Topic: Washtenaw County Alliance of Timebanks
  • Someone connect/attend Barrier Busters Meetings



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