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Meeting Minutes – August 2017

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Meeting Minutes for 8/16/17 meeting at Sue’s at 6:30pm

In Attendance:, Karen Coleman, Jeff Yoder, Sue Coles, Elizabeth Warren, Shelley Williams, Emerson Delacroix

Absences include: Julianne Bonta

Old Business & Tasks: Followed up on previous meetings tasks shown in blue.


  • ALL


      • Fill in 10 or so boxes of the Outreach Contacts documents what what services the organization provides and what folks could earn hours doing. Emerson & Eliz did in June. Jeff has done. Sue won’t because she made the list. Karen said she doesn’t have the tech capability to do so.
      • Ask for auction donations from members and/or community organizations
        • Karen got donations
          • 500 business cards from Standard Printing,
          • bulbs from Downtown Home and Garden
          • Tractor Supply Company in Saline will give $25 gift cert for discounted item.  They require a copy of the flyer and a copy of our tax info.
          • Cogdon’s Ace said they would come up with something
        • Elizabeth’s donations
          • Will contact Mix
          • Wendy Glanville – prints or food prep
        • Emerson
          • Kay Vallian – Photos of auction items as well as Two Photoshoots to be auctioned (1 hour and 15 min)
        • Jeff will ask Cultivate
          • Will donate tech support
          • Will donate farm stuff
        • Shelley is working
          • With Ypsi Thrift Shop
          • asking about garden plots
          • Creating a “grab bag” – collect little things from multiple members to make a “basket” that people would bid on
        • Encourage the donor to have an explicit description as to what the offer entails
        • Encourage donor to spread the word


  • Elizabeth


      • F/U on vm left with Barrier Busters about Jeff presenting All hooked up.


  • Jeff


      • Another tips post: If you are offering services that ordinarily charge for, we suggest that you limit the timeframes in which you will be available for this service for timebank hours.  Note the various options.
      • Sum up a time bank elevator speech in preparation for outreach
        • “hOur Exchange Ypsilanti is a time bank designed to grow and maintain the Ypsi community. Members share services in exchange for hours which can be used for future exchanges. Do more of what you love and have other members do for you the things they love. Develop a skillset or share your time with an elder. Learn how valuable you are to your neighbors and how valuable your neighbors are to you. Save time and money by using the time bank to receive services such as lawn care, handyman services, computer help, health and wellness, companionship, and house cleaning/organization. Apply today!”
      • Go over transferring money from paypal to checking with Sue
      • Write blog post about tips for exchanging – find the information on GDrive
        • Began
      • Ask little lake about auction software we used. – Asked, awaiting answer
      • Begin online auction setup
      • Jeff to ask Cultivate – DONE, they said no
      • Taxes for 2014 and 2015 – send Statement of activity (SOA) in yearly transactions. – Jeff sent SOA to accountant and accountant will work on the 2014 and 2015 taxes returns
    • Sue
      • Why do some PayPal payments have a fee taken and other don’t? Paypal allows different ways to contribute. If Paypal charges a cc we are charged the fee. Contributor chooses.
      • Sue will print organization letters for the ones that have content  now that spreadsheet fields have been filled out by the board.  Sue still needs to print letters to bring to next meeting
      • Ask a member with the offer listed for marketing help or in their bio
      • Will send one collections email per member at renewal time Sue has “forgiven” the members who have already received the emails. Sue still has a list of members renewing who need an email.


  • Karen



  • Julianne


      • Send Outreach letters –
      • Ask friend about auctions –


  • Emerson


    • Post on FB and software for marketing help for fundraiser DONE 8/2
    • Finish FB member, page clean-out – DONE, details in Outreach Report below.




  • Go over everyone’s tasks for last month
  • Approve July minutes


      1. approved


  • Treasurer Report:  


      1. Received so far this year total $545.47 from 20 people
      2. 17 members in Accounts Receivable


  • Outreach Report


      1. 173 members, which is 1 more since our last meeting. (172). We’ve exchanged 5055 which is 53 more since our last meeting (5002).
      2. ONLY 2 applicants in pool
      3. Em fb messaged the remaining ~100 people who were on the fb page but not members and asked them to join in 3 days or I was removing them until they had time to join us. This completes this task and now only members are in the FB page as along with a few randos like MAOTB folks.
      4. Next month Em would like to harass all the folks who don’t have a bio written in and help them do that. Crooked Alliance of TB awards 0.5hr to folks to do this.
    1. Carry-over Topic: Fall Auction
      1. October 21st 2017
        1. Cultivate – Jeff to ask.  They won’t
        2. Riverside Arts Center Too expensive
        3. Ladies Literary Guild – arrange parking Too expensive
        4. Growing Hope – Indoor market – Elizabeth to ask.  Charges $420 or hours.
        5. Ypsi Ale House – Emerson to ask Not interested, Patricia suggested Bona Sera Underground, which has $300 family rate.
        6. Ypsi Freighthouse – Em looked it up. It’s $190 on a Sat for the whole space. Smaller options for $90 are available on non-Saturdays.
        7. Parkridge Community Center – Em emailed Amanda. Didn’t hear back.
        8. EMU has lots of spaces – Em emailed their events coordinator to inquire. Didn’t hear back.
        9. Board voted over email to secure the Senior Center for the fee of $50. Shelly, have you done this?  Emerson will pay and sign contract with the Senior Center
        10. Shelley asked what our goal is. We responded $1000
        11. Snacks for Auction from Volunteers:  fruit, cookies, tea, coffee,
          1. Shelley will bring ground coffee and cream
          2. No Alcohol
      2. Kay V. will take pictures for online auction
      3. Advertising? Marketing?
          1. Ask a member?
            1. Once we have the date confirmed, Emerson will put an event on fb and Jeff will put it on the calendar
            2. Karen looked online and found there are services who can run an online auction
            3. Karen also reminded us that the kids at 4H auctions advertise for the auction
            4. Shelley mentioned to ask a marketing professor at Eastern if they knew an interested student. Jeff is emailing EMU marketing professor during meeting.
            5. Can we get a blurb in the Echo (EMU paper) or the Voice (UMich)?
      4. More Items?
        1. Kay V. will offer a 15-min and one hour photo shoots


  • Carry-over Topic: New Marketing Materials


      1. Em would like to see the slideshow updated. Happy to meet with someone in the next month to add screenshots of how to use the software and updated language.
        1. Could we make the orientation better?  
          1. Add step by step instructions on how to use the software.
          2. Film someone actually using the software.  Show how to find a member, how to record an exchange, how to check your hours, etc.
          3. Film our actual members or show pictures of our actual members doing exchanges
      2. See if EMU marketing department would take us on as a final project to rework all of our marketing materials
      3. Maybe hEY can get an intern like Michigan Alliance of Timeshares (MAOTB) has


  • Tabled items


    1. Someone should attend the monthly meetings at the MAOTB
      1. Could call in instead of going in person
    2. Carry-over Topic: 5th Anniversary Party – arrange for the Sr. Ctr soon.  Think about 6/9/18. Discuss
  1. New Topic: ELIZ would like to bring some ideas from the Crooked River Alliance of Timebanks
  1. Thought hours would txf from CRAT to hEY. Jeff left them.
  2.        It’s OK if folks go negative b/c showing activity is better. Showing it’s active
  1. Carry-over Topic: Website could be multilingual – spanish to start
      1. Em talked to Bryan about this and he’s interested! But would like someone to read over his translations to review.
      2. Bryan also mentioned translating our brochure
  1. Next meeting on 9/20 at 6:30 at Sue’s?  Eliz via phone or skype (Elizmommy)
  2. Emerson read Patricia Berry’s response.  It was agreed that we want it as a blog post.


Tasks to do in the next month:

  • Jeff
    • Put Fall Fundraiser event on the hEY gCalendar
    • Edit picnic flyer to make it for fall fundraiser.  Print on regular paper and give some to Karen and post locally.
  • Sue
    • Print outreach letters.  Need envelopes and stamps
  • Eliz
    • Ask Mix for donation for auction
  • Emerson
    • Harass all the folks who don’t have a bio written in and help them do that
    • Emerson secure the date for Sr. Center
    • Emerson will post an event page to fb and the software
    • Ask Patricia if we can use her statement as a blog post.  Then send it to Jeff to post.
    • Write a random blog post
  • Julianne
    • Send Outreach letters
    • Ask friend about auctions
  • Karen
  • Shelley
  • All –
    • Ask for auction donations from members and/or community organizations
      1. Encourage the donor to have an explicit description as to what the offer entails
      2. Encourage donor to spread the word
      3. Ask for the donor’s estimated value for the donation
      4. Note contact on the 2017 Fall Fundraiser spreadsheet
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