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Meeting Minutes – February 2017

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Meeting Minutes for 2/15/17 meeting at Elizabeth’s

In Attendance: Julianne Bonta, Karen Coleman, Elizabeth Warren, Jeff Yoder

Absences include: Sue Coles, 2 Board Vacancies


  1. Approve 1/18/2017 meeting minutes.

Tasks to be completed and by whom from 1/18/17 meeting.

  • Elizabeth
    • Research board policies and whether or not to have them
  • Jeff
    • Coordinate a/v assets of hEY YouTube Orientation. Scriptwriter? Director? Videographer?  – Members can be invited to add a short video and gather material for future advertising materials
      • DONE.  Quit FB personally.  Put out the word on the software to try to get people to contribute videos or pics and to start recruiting someone to coordinate all the images.
    • Schedule office hours each week.
      • Hold until after New Year.  Continue to delay for now. Waiting for his schedule to shake out before establishing new office hours
    • Update brochure
      • DONE for now.  Removed the required membership fee/contribution and made it optional.  Karen suggested “offer” vs “pay”.  Various such words suggested.
      • Use same language as in anniversary message.  Is in the software on the website.  Language is:

From all of us at the hOur Exchange Ypsilanti (hEY), congratulations on your Anniversary!

Community focused and talented people like you make it possible for our community to thrive and grow.  Having many ways to spend your time and talents we are grateful that you chose to spend so much of both making our community a success.  Thank you!

Though the Timebank is a volunteer run organization, we do have infrastructure costs associated with our software and activities coordinating membership.  We hope you will consider donating to our work to keep the lights on and our exchanges thriving.  $25 a year can make a big difference, but whatever you can afford is greatly appreciated.  Please contact us for more information if you would like to earn back hours helping hEY as an organizer, fundraiser, or member mentor.


      • Write blog post about what to do when you’re dissatisfied. – Want clarification
      • Make default log-in to the website.  Not sure what that means.
      • Audit access to the stuff – DONE
      • Educate BOD re: where our stuff is – DONE
        • Jeff’s propaganda (timebank philosophy) is on the blog on the website
        • All meeting minutes, marketing materials, legal docs, contact info, budgets and treasurer reports, policies, etc. are on the google drive
        • Old docs from working group FB will be moved to Archive (Julianne)
      • Sign board member insurance docs – DONE
    • Julianne
      • Update handbook with new donation changes –  Language is above.
      • Finish updating other documentation, materials, application, annual donation by auditing our documentation and where materials are located. – Converting FB Working group files. Folder hierarchy in Drive completed.


  • Trouble w/ transferring from FB.  Doing it by copy/paste to Word.  Not done.


  • Karen
    • Finish draft email about connecting to organizations
      • She has tried this on several nonprofits/business to see how it flies.  Rejected so far.  Will keep working on it.
    • Spoke to Monica King and got her permission to remove Monica “from all things timebank-related.”  After discussion, we believe that this means just from the leadership.  She remains a member.  Julianne will clarify w/ Monica when she contacts her to discuss closing the Working Grp FB page.
  • Sue
    • Financial statement for the insurance policy application
      • We are not sure whether this has been
    • Update spreadsheet with financial transactions
    • Submit proposal for format; include e-statements
    • Work with Elizabeth on the 501c4 application and then the tax return:

            The beginnings of the 501c4 and insurance applications are in the “Legal” folder     

                         on Google drive – CORRECT THIS: 501C4 IS DONE.  TAXES REMAIN.


Carry Over Topics:


  • Discuss if we need more verbiage regarding board membership
  • Tabled – see Eliz’s undone task/research


  1. Complaint DPT. =Kathrine suggested

She has observed: called a member to get a massage the member said “I’d prefer to be paid for this” not the only time that this has happened. Some folks may just be using the time back to advertise their personal business for money and not for time. This member did mention that she got a lot of requests for time exchanges and not enough payed service



    1. Outreach Report – Jeff
      1. As of today we have — 131 current members
      2. As of today we have — 4,571 hours exchanged total over whole life span
        1. Suggestion to create a report comparing last year to this year. (Karen)  Jeff likes this idea and will look into past minutes
      3. Last year – 2/2016:


  • As of today we have 99 members
  • As of today we have 3,314 hours exchanged


  1. Treasury ReportSue (not by Sue, but…)
    1. Per Sue’s email, only one small check went out this month
    2. We now have the Board insurance bill due: $913.  Due by 2/22/17.
      1. Jeff will talk to Sue about paying it.  He has access to the money.
    3. CU $485, Paypal $2606.91 as of January.  Might be able to EFT by Paypal.  



  • Board Education:
  • Topic: “Non-profit board operations”


      1. Elizabeth to take this on for April meeting


New Topics:

  1. Discuss creating a policy regarding professional services and hEY
    1. EW Proposal
      1. For this evening we brainstorm ideas and then one of us can gather education on the subject from other Time Banks and then craft a policy at another date.
      2. EW volunteered to draft a policy/gather information as needed
        1. Information for Kim Hodge of MATB sent to EW
      3. 2/15/17: no new research and no new ideas from mbrs
  2. March for peace on the 21st was great!!
    1. Passed out several brochures and made great connections!
    2. 12 new applicants.
  3. Insurance Payment
    1. Jeff has an invoice to be paid.  See above.  Elizabeth will ask the co if PayPal is an option.
    2. Call paypal – 1888-221-1161
      1. EFT payments?
      2. Debit Card?
      3. Check of some sort?
  4. Get a PayPal account card.  Jeff will research.  Won’t be quick
  5. Find more BOD members – Jeff has posted on FB and website announcements
    1. No responses of any sort so far
  6. Write blog post about what to do when you’re dissatisfied. – Wants clarification
    1. Please reach out to the member you have had a bad exchange with
    2. You may edit your transaction to note you were not satisfied.
    3. If you have any suggestions from your experience about how exchanges can be made better please let us know!
  7. Think about fund-raising.  Must have $1000 by the end of the year to pay for board insurance ($913 for 2017).
    1. About 3 full paid membership donations per month
    2. Perhaps after tax season Sue can propose a budget? – put on next agenda
    3. Events: raffle? Silent auction?  Annual Mtg time?
  8. Facebook group – should we keep or not?
    1. Only ½ of users are members
    2. If an offer goes up on FB, it might not go up on the website
    3. What effect does FB have on hEY?
      1. Julianne: FB is easier.  Not everybody accesses both.  Recording hours is only on website.  Issue is making the offers available to everyone.  More people use FB?
      2. Good PR
    4. Jeff will research further.


Motion to adjourn


Tasks to be completed and by whom:

  • Elizabeth
    • Research board policies and whether or not to have them
      • 3/13: PC w/ Kim Hodges.  Described the situation that spurred our concerns.  She promised to email me some documents that may help, but they have not confronted this before.  She did strongly recommend that we participate regularly in monthly statewide meetings: Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks Learning Circle meetings

Generally on the 1st Saturday of each month, 11am-1pm. These potluck meetings are for TimeBank coordinators and those interested in learning about TimeBanking. Please join us and bring a dish to share.  Location: Peace Lutheran Church, 17029 W. 13 Mile Road in Southfield (between Southfield and Greenfield Roads)  2017 Meetings: January 7, February 4, March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3, August 5 (pool party in Royal Oak), September 9, October 7, November 4, December 2

    • Call Insurance co. to see if PayPal is an option.  PAID
  • Jeff
    • Further  update the brochure
    • Write blog post with link to announcements:  Tips for successful exchanging.

If you are offering services that that ordinarily charge for, we suggest that you limit the timeframes in which you will be available for this service for timebank hours.  Note the various options.

  • Research PayPal card
  • Pay the insurance bill
  • Contact Steven Beckett of Hour World to see how they deal w// FB


    • Julianne


  • Complete conversion of working group files and place into appropriate folders on Drive.
  • Figure out what Jeff’s task of Make default log-in to the website. means


  • Karen
    • Continue to work on email that can go to organizations
  • Sue
    • Attend next meeting, or at least April.


Next meeting will be 3/15/17 at Elizabeth’s house


Jeff, president and co-founder of hOur Exchange Ypsilanti, strives to bring community together through shared experience. He loves the city of Ypsilanti and wants to see it thrive.

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