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Meeting Minutes – February 2018

February 16, 2018 by Board Meeting No Comments

Board Meeting Minutes for 2/11/18 meeting at Go! Ice Cream at 6:30pm

In Attendance: Jeff Yoder, Emerson Delacroix, Sue Coles, Lindsey Schafer. Also in attendance were Ellis Jackson and Malaika Worsham

Absences include: Karen Coleman, Shelley Williams, Elizabeth Warren

Old Business & Tasks: Followed up on previous meetings tasks shown in blue.


  • All
  • Eliz


      • Does CSAM-PO carry board/officer insurance?  What documents does it file with MI and Feds?  Any? Ask Debbie Burr. or Pam Gillespie: 734-277-0030


  • Emerson


      • Complete membership report done
      • Attend MAOTB Meeting – Lots to report from this!
      • Write blog post about about what Emerson likes about hEY and what it has added to their life not done
      • Add to hEY FB pages Added Feb & Mar dates
      • Add FFY event to hEY FB Pages Added March infoshop date and Pride in June.


  • Jeff


      • Update hEY Website: edit Board Members.  done
      • Meeting Minutes (recent 3 months) done!!
      • Add and event to gCalendar (see mins) done
      • Add FFY event to gCalendar done
      • Speak at YDL done


  • Karen


      • None


  • Shelley


      • Attend Barrier Busters Meeting – ?


  • Sue


    • Complete treasurer report done



  1. Go over everyone’s tasks for last month
  2. Approve January minutes
    1. Approved
  3. Treasurer Report
    1. Total received in 2017 $954.61 from 35 people. $47.94 in Jan 2018 from 2 people.
    2. 4 persons in AR (from 0 member in Accounts Receivable last month)
  4. Outreach Report
    1. 188 members, which is 6 more since our last meeting. (182). We’ve exchanged 5382 which is 38 more since our last meeting (5344).
    2. 6 person applied this month. We have 3 applicants in pool.
    3. MAOTB Monthly Meeting Report: Em attended and Lindsey eavesdropped
      1. Ask if we can have a MAOTB table at Detroit Pride
  5. New Topic: Renew Non-Profit Status vs. Community Orgs
    1. Ferndale TB is a community org
    2. Eliz will look into what legally is required of a comm. Orgs.
    3. Could also save $1k in board member insurance
    4. Could also save on member liability insurance.
    5. Maybe could provide volunteer insurance.
  6. New Topic: Getting new orgs, churches, etc
    1. ?
  7. New Topic: Cooking Class
    1. ?
  8. Carry-over Topic: Crowdfunding
  9. New topic for next time: Washtenaw County Alliance of Timebanks?
  10. Next Meeting: 3/21/18 at 6:30 at Go! IceCream.  


Tasks to do in the next month:


  • All:



  • Eliz



  • Emerson


      • Complete membership report
      • Attend MAOTB Meeting
      • Create Social Outreach Committee Past


  • Jeff



  • Karen


      • None


  • Shelley


      • Attend Barrier Busters Meeting


  • Sue


    • Complete treasurer report


Parking Lotted or Floating Items:

  1. Carry-over Topic: Retreat
    1. Maybe wait until after Anne joins in Feb/Mar.
  2. Carry-over Topic: Auction
  3. Carry-over Topic: 5th Anniversary Party


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