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Meeting Minutes from 10/8/15

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Agenda for October 8th Meeting: At Adrianne Clarke’s. In attendance: Jeff Yoder, Adrianne Clarke, Liz Dahl MacGregor, Karen Coleman and Julianne Bonta.

  1. 501c4 update

Liz still needs to do.


  1. St. Joe

Jessica emailed an update on the St. Joe’s affair: Still no news. I have called and emailed Michael multiple times since last time I gave an update, so many that when I call his secretary she answers the phone by my name hah. I’ve even given my private phone number and email so he can reach out 24/7/anytime and still never heard anything. Scheduling a meeting with him is next to impossible. He constantly is traveling and she told me that they have tons of local organizations that are ahead of us, as at the end of each year St. Joe’s gives out millions of leftover dollars to local non-profs, so there is constantly a list of people in front of you. She has told me that he has personally told her that he will call me “today” (numerous days) and these todays never happen. Please do me a favor and vote on if I/we should keep at it or pull the plug because I am doing everything I can possibly think of with no results. On the plus, I now have some sort of relationship with his secretary, so I don’t mind continuing to bother her to try to get him to talk to me. Keep in mind that he is in favor of our org, it’s just him actually speaking with me to move this *hopefully* forward (not guaranteed) is proving almost impossible. I have been at this for several months now. – board wonders if the secretary knows someone else to talk to. Adrianne will ask Jessica.


Also, is The Farm at St. Joe’s a member? Farmer Dan used to run the farm, but he moved to Kalamazoo I believe and there is now a new farmer. I have not met her yet. Perhaps instead of focusing on Michael, if The Farm isn’t a member, I could switch gears and focus on introducing myself and the organization to the new farmer. I think we would have much more success. Plus, I know where she works every day :p The farm is only staffed officially by one person so they thrive on this could be something they would be very interested in. Farm is not a member. Adrianne asked Jessica to pursue relationship with new farm manager.


  1. Insurance

Jeff waiting on Liz. Liz did file annual statement.


  1. Annual Statement

Liz filed!


  1. What to do when we get a bad reference for a new applicant – discussion

Jeff will ask another time bank what they do with negative references.

Adrianne texted Bryan to let him know Patricia gave a bad reference for applicant.


References: Add a sentence to the application.

“A reference should be someone who knows you and will vouch for your character or reliability. It would be considerate to let the people you’re listing as references know they’ll be hearing from us.”


Possible responses: “We have concerns about something that came up in your application. You are not a good fit for the time bank right now.


We could state that we have to get two good references in order to accept the applicant.


  1. Our policies regarding asking and fundraising. We need to have someone handle tax receipts, someone writing thank you letters and mid-way between when we ask again we write to tell them how the money was used (i.e. Impact report)


  1. Outreach report

Patricia Berry will host next orientation at Bigby in October.

Liz MacGregor would like it posted somewhere that Jeff Yoder has a stack of brochures.

Adrianne Clarke made members inactive who had not replied to renewal requests since June. We are down to 10 people who need to pay.

As of today we have 11- members and 2,926 hours.


  1. Treasury report

$1874.23 in account not including the money collected from continuing members.

Upcoming expenses $40 for domain names.


  1. Policy on board member meeting attendance

Policy says 3 unexcused absences.


  1. Next agenda item – other time banks allow business. What policies could be in place for that?

Jeff will ask these time banks what their business policies are.

Next meeting is Nov 12th.


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