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Meeting Minutes from 10/9/14

October 9, 2014 by Board Meeting No Comments

Agenda for 10/9/2014


  • Jeff Yoder
  • Jessica Piziali
  • Liz Dahl MacGregor
  • Karen Coleman
  • Meg Maurer
  • Monica King
  • Bryan Ferry
  • Linda Jones
  • Lang Tran


  • Liz to make bylaws presentable.
  • Monica to email Steve to then contact Jeff.
  • Liz to post ad to Facebook and website regarding application process.
  • Monica will complete Doodle tonight (10/9/2014).
  • Send post out requesting assistance with basic notices.
  • Lang volunteered to commit to running the All Things Ypsi website.
  • Jeff and Liz to email Linda Jones regarding All Things Ypsi website take over.
  • Lang to look over All Things Ypsi website by next meeting and email us.
  • Monica to post questions on website.


Agenda for November meeting:

-Vote on proposal for time bank running All Things Ypsi website.

-Further discuss donations to All Things Ypsi and the time bank.

-Termination policy discussion for businesses and individuals.

-Discussion about CORY


New membership application process

-Applicants respond better to sending reminders, rather than giving them a deadline where they have to reapply and re-submit application and materials.

-Monica to email Steve to then contact Jeff.


Continuing memberships (annual fees)

-Automatic email sent indicating that payment is due for yearly $25 for membership.


New organizations joining

-No current organization policy.

-Proposal for businesses to pay for sponsorship.

-Do we have two separate policies for profit and non-profit entities?

-Do we take money, if so how much?

-Do we care what their business is?

-Unfair competition for a for-profit business to have a volunteer do something they’d normally pay somebody to do.

-Termination: When would we consider removing a company from a time bank? What offenses?

-What can the business offer the bank outside of money? i.e. benefits for members?

-What to figure out for policy: How would organizations pay time to volunteers who belong to the time bank and how would we/they allocate membership?

-Offer options to businesses for membership?

-Could businesses pay membership fees for volunteers or buy memberships?

  • What’s a community organization?


Bylaws visit

-Bylaws completed within a month.


Website: All Things Ypsi

-Currently run by Linda Jones

-Slight fee increase to scroll pictures on main page; currently paid through October.

-Currently $3/month.

-DHL hosts the website.

-Weebly currently being paid for extra website benefits.

-Bank account currently with U of M Credit Union.

-Bigger vision to create “our block our village” to connect the community by neighborhood.

-Group in MI and OH that meet 3x a year at a co-op camp in Delton, MI called Circle Pines. Coops from Detroit, Grand Rapids, etc. Creating a co-op called Solardarity; putting up street lights that are solar street lights; also practicing urban farming.

-Lang volunteered to commit to running the All Things Ypsi website.

-Time bank to make decision at November meeting regarding taking All Things Ypsi.

-For hEY to take on website, project manager would be needed to monitor progress and tasks.



-Monica will complete Doodle tonight (10/9/2014).


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