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Meeting Minutes from 11/13/14

November 15, 2014 by Board Meeting No Comments

Meeting minutes for 11/13/14


  • Jeff Yoder
  • Julianne Bonta
  • Heather Wysor
  • Karen Coleman

  1. Timed meeting: suspended due to poor attendance
  2. Business vs Organizations
    1. Business
      1. Requirements
        • Ypsilanti address
        • No exchanges
        • $ Donation to the timebank
          • Tiered advertisement package
        • * Member discount (optional)
      2. Benefit to the Business
        1. Direct advertising to our member base
      3. Restrictions
        1. Approval process though a committee
        2. No more than one week to decide
    2.  Organizations
      1. Requirements
        • Ypsilanti address or is within 10 miles of Ypsilanti
        • Community organizations get in for free
        • Non-profits get in free
      2. Benefit to the Organizatoin
        1. Volunteer labor
        2. Unlimited negative balance of hours
          1. Organization will be subject to review every 6 months to ensure appropriate use of the time bank
      3.  Restrictions
        1. Approval process through a committee
        2. No more than one week to decide
  3. Recruiting
    1. Skills needed
      • Mechanic
      • Carpenter
      • Dentist
      • Doctor
      • Therapist
    2. Ask our member base to spread the word
      1. Software and Facebook messages sent to members for help
  4. Tasks for non-board members
    1. Guidelines
    2. Committee approval process for each task and person
    3. Needed tasks
      1. Recruiter
        • Business
        • Organization
        • Member skills
      2. Ongoing membership
  5. Next meeting set for December 11th 2014 at the same location
  6. Access to hEY information – Policy
    1. Software
    2. Google Docs
      • Inactive members were removed and will be notified if they still want to have access.
      • Non-board members only get view access.
      • Founding members can get view access.
    3. Facebook group admins
  7. Backing up information on Google Docs
  8. Post meeting agenda on Google Docs & on the Calendar
  9. Next Agenda will include
    1. Committee for approving businesses and organizations
    2. Policy to access hEY information
    3. Committee for approving non-board members to do administrative tasks
    4. Continued discussion of meeting styles: Timed meeting trial


Jeff, president and co-founder of hOur Exchange Ypsilanti, strives to bring community together through shared experience. He loves the city of Ypsilanti and wants to see it thrive.

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