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Meeting Minutes from 11/16/2013

November 16, 2013 by Board Meeting No Comments

Non-Profit Paperwork – For a Michigan Non-Profit Corporation

Liz: Articles of incorporation.

  • Number of directors 7 or 9
    • Group chose 7 for now
  • Incorporators: Jeff, Liz, Heather, Monica
  • Read through of Articles of Incorporations with group
  • We’ll will apply for 501c4 status with the IRS eventually



  • Custom Orientations
  • No custom time orientations until we have more people to give orientations
  • Orientation Locations
  • Cafe Ollie and the Library on Michigan Ave for now because they have private wireless. We will have to use locations that use signals other than Wireless Ypsi.
  • Heather will take over the weekday orientation slot alternating with Julianne
  • Heather: Wednesdays at the Library from 6pm – 8pm =starts this week


    • Julianne: Wednesdays at Cafe Ollie 6pm – 8pm



  • Group needs to iron out bylaws at some point
  • Jeff suggest getting bylaws from another MI timebank to look over


Possible Board Members

  • 3. Michelle Shankwiler
  • 1. Karen Coleman
  • 2. Zeal Chen


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