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Meeting Minutes from 1/14/16

January 10, 2016 by Board Meeting No Comments

Meeting Minutes for January 14, 2016 meeting at Emerson’s

In Attendance: Emerson Delacroix, Karen Coleman, Jeff Yoder

Absences include: Julianne Bonta, Liz Dahl MacGregor

Note comments from last meeting in italics.


  1. Approved Dec 10, 2015 meeting minutes.
  2. Followed up on previous meetings tasks shown in blue.

Tasks to be completed and by whom from 12/10/15:

  • Emerson will research an application rejection form letter by the next meeting.
    • Started one but needs to complete
  • Emerson will create agenda template that includes membership and treasury report, approval of last month’s meeting minutes. This is located in the hEY gmail drive.
  • Emerson will email the two scholarship applicants. Emme emailed them both and neither responded as of 1/14/16. Should they contact them again?
  • Jeff bring brochures to next meeting. Done!
  • Jeff will do/give report from what he learned from other tb’s about negative references
    • No responses from the admin to admin section of Time and Talents
    • Emerson to compete form rejection letter
  • Liz will get brochures from Jeff’s next Tuesday
  • Liz and Jeff will meet for Jeff to hand off treasury stuff to Liz by next meeting.
    • Jeff and Liz in February
  • Liz will do budget
    • Pending meeting Jeff
  • Liz will file 501C4
  • Julianne will pick up checks from Jeff and deposit them in the bank, in the next week. Julianne left 2 email messages with Jeff and dropped off 25$ in cash at Jeff’s home (12/17/15) to be deposited. Jeff replied (copying Heather) that Heather and he would have to add my name to the bank. This has not been done as of this date. (JB 2-3-2016)
  • Julianne will add a sentence to the application.
    • “A reference should be someone who knows you and will vouch for your character or reliability. It would be considerate to let the people you’re listing as references know they’ll be hearing from us.”
      • This is not done as of today
    • “We have to get two good references in order to accept the applicant.”
      • This is not done as of today
    • “If at any time you or the board sees that you no longer adhere to our values your membership can be withdrawn.”
      • This is not done as of today
    • “Have you ever been involved in a time bank before? If no, why not?”
      • This is not done as of today
  • Karen will come up with ideas on how business can join hEY.
    • Will bring the completed ideas to the next meeting


  • Carry-over topic: Insurance – Liz needs to file 501(c)4. In order to do this she needs to wrap head around budget. Needs to get treasury stuff from Jeff.
  • Carry-over topic: For-profit Businesses Joining hEY – discussion item move to Jan. Karen will come up with ideas. Ensure businesses aren’t using hEY to avoid paying taxes, or fair wage (can’t pay hours instead of wages, but could pay as a bonus). Can’t pay hours and money for the same task. Can’t receive hours and count hours as volunteer hours.


    1. New Topic: How are scholarships distributed? Are they limited to what’s been donated or can we waive the fee at anytime?
      1. No scholarship unless we have the funds
        1. Funds will be transferred from “Scholarship” to “Dues”
      2. Ask first what they can pay before offering a scholarship.
      3. Karen will put together some form of application for scholarship
    2. New Topic:  Need to develop way that policies are recorded and communicated to the membership.
      1. When policies are changed the membership will be notified within two weeks of policy finalization via a newsletter
      2. Current member handbook should be screened and a section added regarding new changes if there isn’t a section where they fit already. – Jeff will screen it.


  • Outreach Report – Emerson contacted two that requested and neither responded.
  • As of today we have 104 members
  • As of today we have 3240 hours exchanged which is 142 more than last month!!
  • As of today we have 10 members who are currently outstanding.
  • The New Member Orientation and Tea Time followed by the first (of hopefully many) Stuff Swap for Hours was a huge success! We have three new members and 50 hours were exchanged!


      1. Went over


  • Treasury Report – Closed 2015 $1972.17. Made $1190 on membership dues last year. We have $48.97 available for scholarship. Karen was given $210 to deposit from membership fees.
  • New Topic: Board members needed 2 seats


      1. Bethany Haden
      2. Amy Breeza
      3. Caroline Carter
    1. New Topic: new members who have not been activated but have earned hours at an event
      1. Pending member’s earned hours will be honored if their account is made active within 30 days
      2. Note/email will be sent to hEY Gmail with pending member name and number of earned hours and from whom they earned them


  • Heather Wysor has stepped down for now
  • New Topic: What to do with taxes this year?


    1. Karen will ask her tax preparer about this.


Tasks to be completed and by whom:

  • Emerson – look into household payment
    • The software can handle this but you will need to set it up.
    • Create Membership Levels that represent the various household sizes 2,3,4, 5 people.
    • Assign the appropriate level to each household.
    • Make sure each member has been assigned the household attribute and that it contains the member ID of the person responsible for paying.
    • (System Attributes: Household Bill To Member ID =)
    • Make sure that person also has the attribute with their own ID.
    • The system will notify just that person annually.
    • When you Mouse Over the Membership Level dropdown, you can see the household members listed.
  • Emerson will look into securing the Senior Center 5/28/16
  • Jeff
    • Meet with Liz about treasury responsibilities
    • Go over member handbook
  • Liz
    • See last month’s tasks
    • Meet with Jeff
  • Karen
    • Complete business joining ideas
    • Complete scholarship application
    • Ask about taxes



  • hEY 3rd Anniversary Party


Next meeting will be Feb. 11, 2016 at Emerson’s



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