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Meeting Minutes from 12/10/15

December 10, 2015 by Board Meeting No Comments

Meeting Minutes for December 10, 2015 meeting at Emerson’s

In Attendance: Liz Dahl MacGregor, Julianne Bonta, Emerson Delacroix, Karen Coleman

Absences include: Jeff Yoder, Heather Wysor

Note the Nov. 12, 2015 meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.




  • Approved Oct. 8, 2015 meeting minutes.
  • New Topic – Discussed need to communicate personal boundaries so we don’t overcommit as well as when we won’t be present at a meeting. Take personal responsibility for these.
  • New Topic – Jessica Piziali resigned via email which was read during the meeting. Emerson asked 3 people if they would like to be a member
  • Followed up on previous meetings tasks.
  • Insurance – Liz needs to file 501(c)4. In order to do this she needs to wrap head around budget. Needs to get treasury stuff from Jeff.
  • For-profit Businesses Joining hEY – discussion item move to Jan. Karen will come up with ideas. Ensure businesses aren’t using hEY to avoid paying taxes, or fair wage (can’t pay hours instead of wages, but could pay as a bonus). Can’t pay hours and money for the same task. Can’t receive hours and count hours as volunteer hours.
  • How to tell someone their application is rejected. From 10.8.15 meeting we said, ““We have concerns about something that came up in your application. You are not a good fit for the time bank right now.” This should be a form letter.
  • Formal Process of asking someone to leave hEY


      1. Step 1. Written notification to the board that there is a problem with a member. This needs to include how they have tried to resolve the conflict.
        1. Problem defined as any conflict that has remained unresolved after members have attempted to resolve it between themselves.
      2. Step 2. Board reviews the written notification at its next regularly scheduled meeting, unless there’s an emergency at which case the board may meet sooner.
      3. Step 3. Both members (the complainer and subject of the complaint) are giving time to respond to the board.
      4. Step 4. Board determines how to proceed which may include contacting either or both members.
      5. Step 5. If the board determines one member has violated the hEY Handbook then that party will be removed from membership immediately. Dues will be prorated and returned, less the $1 for bookkeeping. Board will make the member inactive.
      6. Step 6. Board will inform impacted members of the outcome.
      7. Step 7. Removed member may choose to re-apply to hEY after after one calendar year from dismissal.


  • Scholarship Application Process


      1. Step 1. They need to ask.
      2. Step 2. If they receive government assistance.


  • Outreach Report – Board discussed and came up with additional funds. Two members have requested scholarship. Emerson will ask if they can contribute anything before a full scholarship is given.
  • As of today we have 102 members
  • As of today we have 3098 hours exchanged
  • As of today we have 10 members who are currently outstanding.
  • Treasury Report – Amount unknown due to Jeff’s absence.



Tasks to be completed and by whom:

  • Emerson will research an application rejection form letter by the next meeting.
  • Emerson will create agenda template that includes membership and treasury report, approval of last month’s meeting minutes.
  • Emerson will email the two scholarship applicants.
  • Jeff bring brochures to next meeting
  • Jeff will do/give report from what he learned from other tb’s about negative references
  • Liz will get brochures from Jeff’s next Tuesday
  • Liz and Jeff will meet for Jeff to hand off treasury stuff to Liz by next meeting.
  • Liz will do budget
  • Liz will file 501C4
  • Julianne will pick up checks from Jeff and deposit them in the bank, in the next week.
  • Julianne will add a sentence to the application.
    • “A reference should be someone who knows you and will vouch for your character or reliability. It would be considerate to let the people you’re listing as references know they’ll be hearing from us.”
    • “We have to get two good references in order to accept the applicant.”
    • “If at some time you no longer adhere to our values you may withdraw your membership.”
    • “If the board
    • “Have you ever been involved in a time bank before? If no, why not?”
  • Karen will come up with ideas on how business.



  • How are scholarships distributed? Are they limited to what’s been donated or can we waive the fee at anytime?
  • Need to develop way that policies are recorded and communicated to the membership.


Next meeting will be Jan. 14, 2016 at


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