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Meeting Minutes from 12/11/14

December 12, 2014 by Board Meeting No Comments


  • Jeff
  • Julianne
  • Jessica
  • Heather
  • Karen
  • Liz

      1. Recap
      2. Organization committee
        1. Is the organization in line with our values
        2. Do they promote or does their inclusion in the time bank promote community growth
        3. At least one board member – Jessica
        4. No conflict of interest
        5. Must be an odd number
        6. Time is billable
        7. Committee report to the board every month
      3. Business committee – Think long and hard about this
        1. Does the business meet our standards
        2. At least one board member – Jessica
        3. No conflict of interest
        4. Must be an odd number
        5. Time is billable
        6. Committee report to the board every month
      4. Non-board members to do administrative missions committee
        1. Policy
          1. Must be a member of the time bank
          2. Apply officially: website form?
          3. Two references
            1. Interview if no references
          4. Send message to the board that the person is approved or denied for the task
        2. At least one board member
        3. Must be an odd number – Jeff and Julianne on the committee
        4. Time is billable
        5. Process for volunteers!
        6. Committee report to the board every month
      5. Policy to access hEY info
        1. Merge this job with non-board member missions committee
      6. Website forms
        1. Missions – not jobs
      7. Improving application process
        1. Website workflow
          1. Watch Orientation
          2. Pay with PayPal
            1. Option to pay check
            2. Option to not pay the full charge
          3. Forward them to the real application on the software
        2. Jeff to create and send to board to break
      8. Insurance and information at orientation
        1. Liz can go through the orientation process and think about it from a legal standpoint
        2. We don’t currently have insurance
        3. Volunteer insurance was once mentioned by Monica
          1. Karen can ask Monica about it.
          2. Karen’s insurance will not cover it.
        4. We need liability insurance
        5. Director and officer insurance needed
      9. Meeting styles
        1. The casual feeling is good
        2. We can have some official process
          1. Motions and votes
      10. Another Board member
        1. Post to Facebook and the software – Jeff to do
      11. Taxes
        1. Self-declare as a 501c4
        2. Karen can ask her sister
      12. Bank account
        1. Heather will go to the bank to get Monica’s name off of the account as she has requested
        2. Liz suggested that we transfer the bank account to the corporation and cancel the DBA
      13. Next meeting
        1. Growing Hope Center – Heather will talk to someone next week at market
        2. Spark East in February
        3. January 8th is the target from 6pm – 7:30pm

Next Agenda:

      1. Getting Businesses to sponsor the time bank – Monica could be a good candidate for flyering
        1. Design or have designed a flyer
      2. Outreach committee
      3. Communication between board and non-board members
        1. Phone or in-person is preferable
          1. Follow up with an email
        2. Email is used when communications are not “tone” sensitive.
          1. Or between members who are hearing-impaired
      4. People who can’t pay $25
        1. Process for letting them in
          1. On government assistance?
      5. Insurance needed!
      6. Taxes
      7. Bank account
      8. Another board member


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