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Meeting Minutes from 1/8/15

January 11, 2015 by Board Meeting No Comments

Meeting started at 6:18 p.m.


  • Karen will talk to Monica about her past insurance discoveries. We need to know about volunteer insurance.
  • Heather will deposit check(s) and update the information on the account.
  • Jeff will contact former admins who are no longer administering about de-activating their admin rights.
  • Jeff will post for a board member.
  • Jeff will post all the announcements from this meeting.
  • Liz will talk to Sheila about tax exempt application, goods for time (tax implications of barter)


  • Meeting Organization:
    • Members are expected to have reviewed the last meeting’s minutes or notes when they come to the board meeting.
    • If you have something due for discussion at the meeting, you need to submit it by the Thursday before the Tuesday meeting.
  • Getting Businesses to sponsor the time bank – Monica could be a good candidate for flyering
    • Sponsorships: We want to have guidelines and some sort of program (something simple like the bike sticker program).
    • Design or have designed a flyer — after policy/program set up
  • Outreach committee: Do you like the timebank? Want to earn some hours spreading the word? Or come up with ways to motivate members to get their friends signed up? Well, we want you to earn hours and motivate everyone to get signed up. Please email
  • People who can’t pay $25
    • Process for letting them in: Jeff will draft the message and share it with the board for approval.
      • On government assistance? Nope.
      • If you can’t afford to pay $25 each year for your timebank membership, let’s talk about it. Tell us why you need a reduced fee. Email  or write to…
  • Insurance needed!
    • Karen will talk to Monica about what she learned looking into it.
  • Taxes:
    • Liz will call Karen’s sister and talk about our situation.


  • Bank account: Heather will update bank information and
    • Jeff update: 2014 treasurer’s report (as of year end) Income from dues $1242.66 (after PayPal fees). Expenses were $345.26 (mostly marketing materials: brochures). Current total assets: $1,031.31.
  • Another board member: We need one more board member to fill out our seven member
  • Trading Goods for time: The issue is hEY’s responsibilites
    • General guidelines?
  • hEY birthday party in April? Liz posted to FB. Jeff will put that on the website and the database.
  • Organizations that get comp’d memberships for their members’ first year in the bank: Plan to update have those policies in place


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