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Meeting Minutes from 2/12/15

February 15, 2015 by Board Meeting No Comments

Board members present:

  • Jeff Y
  • Heather W
  • Karen C
  • Julianne B
  • Jessica P

      1. Birthday Party
        1. Postpone until June
        2. Adrianne: call senior center about June
      2. Board members
        1. Adrianne Clarke – Board Member!
          1. Jeff: give access tonight to all the things and email Adrianne all the things
        2. Jeff: Rachel Krause
      3. Continuing member director
        1. Shane Davis – can do it
        2. Jeff: will contact Shane and orient him
      4. Facebook dilemma: not all people on the group are members but are trading
        1. Jeff: Description of the organization on the side
        2. Jeff: Change the name of group to append the name “- message board”
      5. Non-Profit paperwork
        1. Liz is still on this
      6. Fiscal year for hEY
        1. Karen suggested that we do January to December if possible.
      7. Insurance – ALL SECONDARY
        1. General Liability Insurance for the time bank – won’t know $$ until we are a federal non-profit
        2. Board member director insurance – won’t know $$ until we are a federal non-profit
        3. Member Insurance – CIMA – $140 annual fee
          1. Accidental medical – $6.95 per person per month
            1. Pull the maximum number of people volunteering per day
          2. Excess Automotive insurance – $100 annual min
          3. Volunteer Liability – $100 annual min
        4. Karen: will investigate if a State non-profit can apply
      8. Taxes
        1. Liz is still on this
      9. Organizations joining
        1. Library
        2. Jaycees
      10. Spreading the word for hEY
        1. Monthly printout of services offered to post in public places
          1. Adrianne: make the list of current services offered AFTER ACCESS
          2. Highlight most recently added services
      11. DBA is now cancelled
        1. Heather cancelled the doing-business-as paperwork
      12. Bank Account
        1. Jeff: Monica and Jen have to go in personally to cancel
      13. Outreach Committee
        1. Adrianne hosts bi-monthly potlucks
        2. Adrianne: ask the Senior Center post our list of services
        3. Adrianne: create letterhead
        4. Jeff: send Adrianne the list of logos
        5. Have to search for specific sets of skills
      14. hEY Email address
        1. Change it to a more formal address once we get.
        3. Hey.time?
      15. Next Meeting
        1. 3/5/15 – 6:15pm-7:45pm at Heather’s

Next Agenda

    1. Insurance revisit
    2. Non-profit status
    3. Banking?
    4. Taxes
    5. Facebook group stuff
    6. New continuing member coordinator update
    7. Board member



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