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Meeting Minutes from 2/13/2013

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Meeting Notes 2-23-13

10:00am – We all introduced ourselves


10:20ish – We discussed what to do at the meeting and our current status.

– We have 40 people waiting to sign up as members

– We need two more member-leaders in order to get started


10:30 – We discussed What our core values should be.

– We decided that we should discuss values often (every meeting or two)








Justice (security, fairness)






resource-based economy

care of people, care of earthshare surplus, “Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.”

capacity building for volunteer/charity orgs

volunteer/motivation management


10:45 – We discussed the next steps we need to take to get things started.


Register current facebook followers ~ need orientation volunteers.

Set up our org as a “club,” and open a bank account AND Paypal

Meeting Notes 2-23-13

Heather Wysor agreed to be our treasurer for now; and to research these via

the credit union.

Research Portland Exchange ~ familiarize ourselves with webpages, handbook, and

software demo’s to see what we think of it and explore.

Next Meeting at Wysor’s ~ 9 am, 2 wks. (Sat, 3/9) 1041 E Forest

Ave,Ypsilanti,MI-48198 see:


Retain our members

Consciously build great public image via

– Set up/Write marketing tools



11:00 – Future Meetings Brainstorm



1041 E Forest Ave,Ypsilanti,MI-48198 see:



Future Meetings – discussions and ideas?


Set time for meeting to fix laptop so that a volunteer could register new members and

orient them at Monica’s house – meeting w/ Jef Yoder~~Benjamin Miller also ofered

that s/o could keep regular hours monthly or weekly at the Library using a computer to

register/orient new members – designated volunteer simply needs to see him and

work out schedule to reserve computer time.

Meeting Notes 2-23-13


Set time for meeting to review Member Handbook – proposals for making it more user



Fundraising and membership drive event

Poster and sign designing session

Physical currency discussion (design?)

Talk to college dept. heads about getting help from students to market, design, and

help with legal/economic tasks.

Website design/discussion (I bet we all have a lot of ideas here!)

– How to improve upon the Portland website

Talk about/Research/Discover/Establish- Motivation and Inclusion Management


By No Bo February 26, 2013

(copied from hEY Working Group FB Files, 9-21-2013 – JBonta)


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