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Meeting Minutes from 2/9/2013

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Meeting Notes Feb 9

Please feel free to add to or edit these notes.

People present: Nathanael, Chelle, Heather, Ben, Jenn, Jeff, Monica, and Diesel

Updates: Since the last meeting, Jef looked at timebanking software, both on the user

and administrative side.

Facebook use: We’ve decided to form three diferent Facebook groups/pages

a) Working group/steering committee page: for communication purposes for Hour

Exchange Working group organizing to get hour exchange of the ground

b) Group page for timebank users: this is for anyone who registers to use timebanking

software as a means for communications between time bank participants

c) Fan page: this is for promotional purposes. This is a page that anyone can access

and “like”. Our goal is to set up this page down the road as the exchange gets of the


Goals before next meeting: We each sign up for hour exchange website, and promote

amongst friends, so we can get a good group of 15-20 to get things up and running.

This will be a means of us to begin doing exchanges so we can get a feel of things

before the hour exchange goes fully live. We discussed the possibility of earning hour

credits for work done for steering committee. We will revisit this possibility as we move


Next meeting: Cafe Ollie 10am, Saturday, February 23 (two weeks from now)

Spaces for ofce hours, member orientations, etc.: We threw around the idea of

acquiring a space at the food co-op upstairs, though we’re not sure whether that is

feasible. We also discussed renting rooms at the library and using library computers or

wi-fi for ofce hours and new member orientation/tutorials

Bartering: how would bartering and goods exchanges fit in with the time bank? how do

people acquire/pay for goods and materials when credited labor requires materials?

Are there regulations that would pertain to the exchange of goods? What sorts of

disclaimers, waivers, liability, and legal issues would be involved in the exchange of

goods? Where does trust play in? If time banking is simply a means of logging in hours,

the exchange of goods would be outside of the formal exchange of hours.

Fundraising: What are means of raising money for administrative, promotional and

other costs? What are some things that we need to consider along the road?

■ membership dues

Meeting Notes Feb 9

■ fundraising events

■ grants

■ afliating ourselves with deep pockets and preestablished groups with operating


■ having a budget

■ getting bank account for exchange

■ nonprofit status

Ypsi and beyond: To what extent do we want to involve people outside of Ypsi? If we’re

Ypsi-centric, then would we involve, say, people from Ann Arbor?

Author: Nathanel Paul Romero

(JBonta – copied from hEY Working Group FB Page 9-21-2013


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