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Meeting Minutes from 3/5/15

March 30, 2015 by Board Meeting No Comments
  • Attendees
  • Jeff
  • Karen
  • Adrianne
  • Jessica
  • Liz

  1. Insurance revisit
    1. Karen:
      1. Volunteer Insurance
        1. Apr, may, june 1st joining gets the June payment done for 2015 AND for 2016
        2. need the $140 fee paid
        3. 10 people covered would cost $151 until July first then $244
        4. Volunteer employee dishonesty coverage – $203 per year minimum to cover 10 people at any given time
      2. Director and officer liability coverage
        1. $500 – $800 per year
      3. Jeff to fill out the forms can’t apply for D&O until we apply for non-profit status for the Feds
      4. Vote on getting both forms of coverage
        1. All present say yes
  2. Non-profit status – ~$300
    1. Liz will file with the Feds
    2. Liz will get an ETIN
    3. Jeff to get three years financials (2015 will be projected)
  3. Banking?
    1. Liz: we open a new hEY account and empty monies into it – will have to wait for ETIN
      1. They will need copy of by-laws (need an Index), copy of articles of incorporation, ETIN
      2. Vote
        1. All present say yes
  4. Taxes
    1. Liz: wait to file Taxes until we have our Federal non-profit application in
      1. Vote
        1. All present say yes
  5. Facebook group stuff update
    1. Jeff: Did the updates
  6. New continuing member coordinator update
    1. Member donations request change into a suggested donation language. Adrianne to send message to Jeff about it.
  7. Growing Hope Garden Fair
    1. Adrianne will ask GH if we can get a table at the fair.
    2. Jessica will sit at the table and Liz may join her for half of it.
      1. Jessica will do the work to get it all set up.
  8. Brochures
    1. Jeff to update and send to Standard Printing
  9. List of Services Offered
    1. Adrianne got a list and will make it pretty for Jessica and others as needed.
  10. Normal Park Neighborhood Association
    1. Adrianne will put a blurb in the newsletter that comes out for April
  11. Orientation Committee update for the Anniversary party
    1. June 20th Saturday before Father’s day – Unless we can find a date in April which Adrianne will investigate
    2. will be held at Gavin’s House because all of the Venues are booked already.
    3. Adrianne will attempt to get a spot at the Senior Center in Normal Park for April.
  12. Board member – Rachel K.
  13. Elections in 2015
    1. Liz: we need to hold elections for this year. We should have 3 board positions up for election
    2. Election will be final on the date of the Anniversary party
    3. Liz will make a blurb for members letting them know that they can run for a board position and will get it to Jeff by next week.
  14. Tasks:
    1. Liz
      1. Blurb for board elections and give to Jeff next week
      2. Federal non-profit application
      3. ETIN application
    2. Jeff
      1. Apply for D&O liability insurance one we’ve applied for Federal non-profit
      2. Email Adrianne with details of the Jaycees meeting
      3. Jeff to apply and pay for Volunteer insurance
      4. Open a new bank account for hEY EMU Credit Union
      5. Implement new donation language
      6. Order Brochures
    3. Adrianne
      1. Wrote a suggested donation blurb to include
      2. Wrote to Growing Hope for a table at their Garden Fair
      3. Will write a blurb for the Normal Part Association newsletter and forward to the board email
      4. Work on getting a spot at the Senior Center for April
      5. Finish the list of current services offered in the Hour Exchange and give to Jessica before Growing Hope Garden Fair
    4. Jessica
      1. Will attend the Growing Hope Garden Fair and do all the prep work should we get a table.


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