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Meeting Minutes from 4/6/2013

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hOur Exchange Ypsi notes from 4/6/13

1st business: Submitted and approved items for Agenda

I. Website update with Jeff

A. Got free local web hosting with HVCN, that ben recommended

but owner will on vacation til 15th, so can’t publish until then

B. Domain:, $7 a year

C. Slogan: building community 1 hour at a time (borrowed from Portland)

D. Developing content on Google Docs, will drag images and words from there

E. Setting up Google Apps for nonprofit

1. Jef wil start doc & share with group

2. Noah developed outline, Jen has written content for membership

So most of site already done!

3. Contact us info

4. About us, Ben will do

5. Home, Call to Action, Jen will do

6. Portal to login, Jef will do

7. (Optional: blog)

8. Look at Portland and NYC timebank pages for inspiration: events, orientations

II. Paypal update with Heather

A. We can start collecting dues: $25, Jef and Ben are out first Charter memebers

B. Paypal account is set, but dormant, ready to accept money

C. Waiting for tax id to arrive via mail so can set up ypsi area credit union

Monica’s & Jef’s names on account

Heather, as Treasurer, can still be authorized on account

D. Heather. Monica, & Jef will go to bank Tuesday AM to set up account

E. Gmail linked to paypal set up:

F. Paypal button will be set up, drag html code

III. Phone & Email

A. When Jef sets up Google App, we can have a Google Voice account

1. Can be forwarded to member on call

2. Time bank voicemail

3. Messages & texts will show up on hEY emails

B. hey-ypsi?

IV. Logo update with Noah

A. Light interest expressed online, 5-6 interested artists

B. May 1st deadline for logo contest

C. Ask AMPY mods to pin logo contest to top of page

1. Heather will pin to top of Transition

2. Ask Jesse if he can pin to AMPY main page

D. Passed around great outline, tri-fold brochure, and logo contest fliers

V. Brochure update with Noah

A. NYC gov page has great web page about their timebank, great faqs page, check it out

B. Heather will print out flier for Logo contest for WCC Earth Day booth – 50 copies

C. Draft for great poster

D. For Video Noah and Ken are making, need 16 quotes about timebanks

E. For final copies, will use local printer: Standard Printing

VI. Membership update with Heather, Jen & Diana

A. Decided that orientation are best face-to-face for now, even if it’s just a 1:1 meeting

B. Background criminal checks will not be required, but we will write it as a suggestion to

members who ar looking for help with vulnerable members of our community

C. Heather has started taking dues, $25

D. Looking for ways to translate materials exchanged to hours

i. CSAs, garden produce and eggs, acupuncture needles moxa, art work

VII.Insurance update with Monica

Looking at liability insurance

Will run $190 / year, we can wait


We’re still looking for space for an ofce

Possibilities: Freight house?


Jeff, president and co-founder of hOur Exchange Ypsilanti, strives to bring community together through shared experience. He loves the city of Ypsilanti and wants to see it thrive.

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