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Meeting Minutes from 4/9/15

April 18, 2015 by Board Meeting No Comments

Present: Karen, Adrianne, Julianne, Jeff, Heather, Liz. Guest: Rebecca


  1. Recap of last meeting:
    1. Liz
      1. Blurb for board elections and give to Jeff next week
      2. Federal non-profit application
      3. ETIN application
    2. Jeff
      1. Apply for D&O liability insurance one we’ve applied for Federal non-profit
      2. Email Adrianne with details of the Jaycees meeting
      3. Jeff to apply and pay for Volunteer insurance
      4. Open a new bank account for hEY EMU Credit Union
      5. Implement new donation language
      6. Order Brochures
    3. Adrianne
      1. Wrote a suggested donation blurb to include
      2. Wrote to Growing Hope for a table at their Garden Fair
      3. Will write a blurb for the Normal Part Association newsletter and forward to the board email
      4. Work on getting a spot at the Senior Center for April
      5. Finish the list of current services offered in the Hour Exchange and give to Jessica before Growing Hope Garden Fair → Update was emailed.
  2. Jessica
    1. Will attend the Growing Hope Garden Fair and do all the prep work should we get a table.


  1. Stickers/publicity: We were sent stickers from hOurworld in Maine.
  2. 2015 Election comb-through (finalize a plan of action) – Liz
    1. Job description/announcement: Heather will have done by Saturday. If there
    2. Voting through Google forms: Enter email addresses and vote. Then we’ll check you off the list as having voted, then we’ll count your vote. Or you can download the form here and mail it to hEY office or bring it to the annual meeting. Mailed ballots must be received by April 20, 2015.
    3. Nominations must be received either via email or on paper by April 23, 2015. Nominations may include a brief statement of why you would like to be a director and your qualifications. You may (should?) also include a headshot to help people recognize you.
  3. Brochure approval – Jeff: Needs to change wording to include scholarship. Adrianne moved we approve. Karen 2nded. All in favor.
  4. Garden Fair Update – Jessica: It was good.
    1. Creating a sign for us to hang off of a table. We were one of a couple tables that did not have a hanging sign. I did have our logo sitting out in a frame on computer paper, but people had to actually come up to the table to see who we were. I tried to pull people in by talking to whomever passed by or stopped for a second and it was pretty obvious that nobody came over from across the room to check us out. I noticed people were doing that for orgs like Growing Hope who had a great tactile display and huge signs. Despite that, we had a great turn out, so think of what we could have if we did 🙂
    2. Creating a slogan to go with said sign or for general use. I thought this could be helpful in advertising. Something that just summarizes what we are about to give people an idea. I thought maybe we could open it to members and then have a vote at our anniversary party or something. This came from when I was asked to write on this smaller white board the name of our organization and our slogan or something that represented who we are for a photo.
    3. An event bin. Since it sounds like future local events will be in our forecast, it may be a good idea to create a bin with everything we want to display on our table ready to go. This would allow the volunteer to just pick it up and we would have a thought out display ready to go. Maybe we could reach out to an event coordinator or designer in our organization for suggestions :). I think we could use our community to come up with a really great display, plus it could be used as a physical example of what the time bank does. Perhaps we have an artist that creates signs or does screen printing for instance (I did meet someone whose bf screen-prints, actually). A lot of people asked for examples of an interaction, if we can create a physical manifestation, we will have a thought out and interactive example.More likely to stay in someones memory and they’d be able to see an example of how it could benefit them.


  1. Organization hour usage – Jeff

Organizations are not required to earn hours, but they may. Organizations may award hours for unpaid work to those who work to support or promote hEY.


  1. Members logging hours against the Time Bank itself in service of the Time Bank – Jeff/Karen

Policy: Any member doing work that promotes or supports hEY, such as orientations, marketing, and committee or board work, may be paid for the time spent by hOur Exchange Admin. (Moved by Adrianne, seconded by Juliane. Unanimously approved.)


  1. Info from Rebekah of Cultivate Tap & Coffeehouse, which will be partly volunteer based (three staff people, and volunteer will work a great deal of the community work.
  2. Update on the hEY picnic – Adrianne

She’ll email the list of what she still needs.

Julianne will bring a couple cartons of pink lemonade.


  1. Whatever I’ve missed:

I called farmer Dan who runs the St. Joes hospital farm at my work. We are going to meet up soon once he emails me with matching schedules…He will be taking me on a tour (exciting!) and also discuss teaming up/collaborating/etc. in some capacity with hEY! He seemed excited about it and seems to love what we stand for :).


I am also going to be contacting my work’s Regional VP Chief Mission Officer at St. Joes (St Joes hospital is a non profit and gives millions they have left over at the end of the year to local organizations with similar/aligned mission statements/priorities.). One of theirs is justice, another is community..I think we have a good chance!! I talked to him briefly at my orientation and he asked for me to reach out, so he liked what he heard. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, set a good intention, ask the universe, whichever aligns with your beliefs/spirituality/wishes for luck for us!


  1. Next month’s meeting will be May 14, at 6:15 p.m.


  1. Tasks:
    1. Jeff will:

Update list of services offered.

Get a quote from Standard Printing for a banner/table tent.

    1. Julianne: Will contact Rebecca (& cc Liz) to see if she’s still willing to work on policy drafts.

Comb through all notes that can be found from the working group meetings to see what proposed policies the board needs to review.

    1. Outreach committee: We need information put together on the benefits of timebanking, both for individuals and for organizations.
    2. Create board notebooks.


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