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Meeting Minutes from 5/5/2013

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Minutes from 5/5 Meeting

All working group members ~ Please feel free to add/correct minutes IN AN

ADDENDUM BELOW NOTES as this is all my addled brain recalls ~ thank you!

Present: Jen Whaley, Amy Grettum, Heather Wysor, Liz Dahl McGregor, Jef Yoder

Our new meeting time will be every other week Saturday from 4 pm to 6 pm. This

was after considering everyone’s input this week in trying to find a time. No more

enormous changes at the last minute so that people can be planful particularly those

that need to put in for time of. (Noah for example was missed and had been greatly

available ~ has need to plan ahead for shift requests)

Expectation: if you can’t make the meeting and have responsibilities to report and

follow up on, it is your job to connect w/ someone before the meeting and brief them

so that they can do your report – posting your notes here would be advised also.

Expectation: As fb is onerous and people shouldn’t have to be cking non-stop ~ all

members of the working group are to ck group notes/posts and issues added at

least weekly on Thursdays to familiarize themselves with posted issues and give

needed input. So, if you have an issue and want it addressed you need to post before

this time should you want comments/help.

Membership/Orientation: Jen will schedule a meeting for the working group to meet

and be prepared with a presentation/orientation and sign up protocol to do with the

full working group at the next meeting as a beta test to get feedback. Then trainings

of new orientation staf begins Letters on the system have been updated and

corrected so that they are readable and make sense. All good to go – so that these will

go out automatically. References will likely need phone call follow ups in a timely

manner. Some may be handled via the automatic email if the reference is listed via

email. Staf person on shift will need to assess this and do phone follow ups if needed.

—- projected launch date of Sunday June 23rd 3-6 pm potluck/launch party.

Senior Center/Rutherford Park ~ with hopefully music (Benjamin Miller was suggested

as planner for this piece to enlist local music – ie Brown eyed Molly, Shannon

Linsea ….? etc)

Jef will create a google calendar that staf can add info to, and that can go on our

exchange website showing times of orientations and “hours” for staf to be available at

either the Library, B-24’s, Growing Hope to meet and discuss the time bank with

potential members and do orientation/sign up assistance.

Minutes from 5/5 Meeting

Hours/shifts will be posted for at least bimonthly times with working group members

assignments/shifts designated. Staf will have commitments and shifts for this,

handling both emails and taking google calls re: the time bank (24 hr return contact

expectation) and assignments will be posted on the calendar. (please get familiar with

how to do this job! ~ perhaps Jef could also do a brief training on this at the next

meeting, or ofer one at another time to anyone who needs assistance).

Again, anyone having a “shift” is responsible to cover or get a sub for any time you

cannot cover, from amongst those who are able to take calls/ck email)


Staf member orientation 2 wks, Beta group (10 from waiting/future members list)

Orientation 3 wks, Launch 6/23.

Waiting members: 1) will select beta test group for early admission 2) will be invited

to suggest services/key people that would be good to have on board with the time


Much later: Working group to create links with key organizations & recruit needed

organizations and key service areas. – first two Growing Hope and the Food Co-op.

Group to plan and develop ideas re: what we want and need from key organizations in

terms of contributions and in-kind contributions and what we have to ofer them, how

to approach etc. Be thinking of other local non-profits and orgs that would be good

to have on board and as sponsors, as well as relationships with them and key people to

approach – ie who has natural contacts.

Logo/Brochure: Everyone liked logo, but we’re awaiting 1 more week allowed for Jef

Clark’s admission. Colors and font on first logo may need to be tweaked – Jen to

submit some other fonts she thinks work better.

** Someone ofered to call the Senior Cit Center and see about reserving the date —

who?? Jen or Heather – but I forget which!! Should be done asap or we will lose the



Addendum per Jen:

Working group members may now begin earning hours for working and attending

meetings for HEY. Hours should be “charged” to Hour Exchange Admin account under

the header “Local Exchange Support” Additionally, we agreed that each member may

enter up to 10 retroactive hours for time already spent. This is on an honor system

Minutes from 5/5 Meeting

relative to other working group members. (we can all agree that Monica has put the

most time in and is entitled to the full 10 hours – it is up to each of us to estimate

where we fall on this spectrum)

(JBonta – copied from hEY Working Group FB files 9-21-2013)


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