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Meeting Minutes from 6/18/15

June 18, 2015 by Board Meeting No Comments

Attendees: Adrianne, Julianne, Karen, and Jeff

  1. Recap last meeting

Liz: Finish 501(c)(4) application.

Heather: Close WFCU account. Open new account at EMU Credit union. – She did not go yet


Keep rocking out on party planning

Email people who signed up at the Garden Fair. – Started on this


Become signer on new account at EMU Credit Union. – Didn’t do.

Run election at annual meeting. – I did that

Julianna — Policies – Rough Draft completed and ready for review

  • Folks should review it
  1. Recap the picnic –
  • It was great!
  1. Committee to approve organizations, Define organizational policies. – iron this out –
  • While we wait we can have a simple majority from the board to accept or deny any organization or business application.
  • Jeff and Jessica will come up with a general guideline using Julianne’s rough draft on policy.
  • 14 days of no answer from the board/committee the organization will be accepted by default.
  1. Address what needs to be approved by the board and what can be delegated to a committee or member administrator.
Decision Board? Committee Member
Applicant Joining Yes Yes
Spending Money Yes
Scholarship or Reduced Membership Yes Yes
hEY Structural Yes
Organization Joining Yes Yes
Elections Yes Yes
Business Sponsorship Yes Yes
Outreach (flyering, orientation, event) Yes Yes Yes
Deactivating Membership Yes Yes
Adding Events on hEY Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Asking for money Yes Yes


  1. Adding Events to the hEY Calendar
    1. Any member may request access to post an event and will be granted it.
    2. Calendar is over seen by several people and events can be removed should they be inappropriate.
  2. Continuing Members
    1. What makes our members renew their dues?
      1. Post the question in both Facebook and Software
      2. Ask another time bank how they encourage their members to pay their annual dues
      3. Members could be asked to pay in hours instead of money
  3. Tasks:
    1. Jeff:
      1. Put the Decision chart somewhere for future reference
    2. Adrianne
      1. Continue the Growing Gardens
      2. Continuing Member Coordinator duties
      3. Post question to what motivates people to renew their membership


Next Agenda for 7/9/15 board meeting

  1. Continuing membership dues
  2. Bank account transfer
  3. Federal 501c(4) Application
  4. Insurance
  5. St. Joe’s update
  6. Officer Elections
    1. President
    2. Treasurer
    3. Secretary


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