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Meeting Minutes from 7/10/2014

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Discussion on organizations and businesses joining the bank

Businesses who join

  • Our offer to a business
    • Word of mouth to our members for the business
    • Employees who do community service on behalf of the business may earn hours
      • Employees must already be an active member before the date of community service
      • An approved hEY representative must present the Time Bank to the employees should the business decide to offer membership to its employees
      • Paper applications will be available immediately
  • Their offer to the hEY
    • Any type of discount they offer we’d advertise to our members
    • Discount could be to hEY


  • Our offer to the organization
    • more volunteers to help them!
    • Word of mouth promoting to our members for their events
    • They can run a negative balance
  • Their offer to hEY
    • Promote their volunteers to join the bank
      • Volunteers may acquire hours from the date that they are informed that the organization is a member of hEY and the fill out an application
      • Have a stack of paper applications
        • With a chart on the bottom for entering hours
    • Promote local/long term employees to join hEY
    • They could let hEY use their space if needed
    • Pay an annual fee of $25
    • Pay a lot more if they are a “supporter”
      • Get their name on our fliers as a supporter
  • Limitations
    • For-profit organizations can’t join
    • non-local
      • 25 mile radius for now
    • Size of organization in employees (10, 5?)
    • Must provide proof of non-profit status


Brochures claim that when multiple people help you don’t spend additional hours. Testing has shown us that this is not true.

  • Karen thinks that if 10 people help, she should pay for all 10


Paper applications

  • Top portion to be completed immediately
  • References can be postponed until contact is made by an approved hEY application processor


Next meeting is scheduled for August 14th

  • Karen will not be able to attend


Applicant Pool

  • Deadline in the new member auto email that goes out 30 days from today’s date
  • Send a notice to current pool that there is now a time limit and give them 30 days from the date of the final reach out attempt
  • Notice at 10 days
  • Notice of removal of application at 29 days “your application will be removed tomorrow”
  • Applicants will be encouraged to re-apply should they so choose and encourage them to have their references ready if they do re-apply


Possible organizations to approach

  • Ypsilanti City
    • First to approach
    • City treasurer
    • Email or talk with Pete Murdock who the right person to ask is.
  • WCC
  • Eastern
  • St. Joe
  • What they are supporting
    • The local community, economy, and therefore themselves
    • A local non-profit
  • What they get
    • Community support
    • Increased business
  • What they give
    • Money
    • Orientation space/allowance at their venue


Jessica Piziali voted in as the 7th board member

  • She can help with grants and is thrilled about the bank



  • Edited 5.7. Added the word “active” before “members names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses where applicable, and membership status”


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