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Meeting Minutes from 9/7/2013

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Working Group Meeting Notes

September 7, 2013

Secretary/Note-taking role: Nathanael has volunteered to take notes during meetings and post them on Facebook (for accessibility) and on G Drive (for archival purposes). Notes will help facilitate group discussion, clarification, and review during meetings.


Application Process: Heather, Julianne, and Nathanael will meet to go through application processing together. Heather will instruct Julianne and Nathanael and the process. Julianne has volunteered to create written guide on the process. They will meet Friday, September 16 at 11am at Heather’s to do this.


Risk management: Liz brought up the issue of designating persons who are authorized to do data entry. Perhaps we can do training and have a process of official authorization.


Liability insurance: Heather brought up concern about liability insurance being costly, but there was assurance that the cost of liability insurance would be much less than her original estimate and based on the number of active members, rather than those who are simply signed up.


Non-profit status: The group decided to apply as a MIchigan non-profit. Liz will be the point person for doing this.


Liability waiver: Julianne is going to work on a draft of liability waiver in collaboration with Liz. Juilianne will post the draft so the group can provide possible input.


Orientation/Application processing:

  • Heather described the application process to the group.
  • Jeff has put together a spreadsheet to keep track of applicants who are still being processed (whose accounts have yet to be activated).
  • We will need to develop a standard set of email templates to send to applicants during various points of the application process. The application process is different for different people and we need to tailor templates to these different scenarios (for example: some people do orientation before references are sent in, other times it’s the other way around).
  • The question arose about developing a standard operating procedure for use of the Google voice account. Julianne suggested that the use of good, clear written materials will minimize the need for people to call the Google voice account.
  • Heather and Jeff have been doing orientations, each once per week
    • Jeff on Sundays 10-12 @ B-24, soon to be at Cafe Ollie
    • Heather on Wednesdays 7-9 at the library, soon to be on Thursday 7-9


Negative hours: A concern was brought up about the abuse of negative hours. There’s a limited number people can get (Heather believes it’s 15?)


Michigan Alliance of Time Banks: Contact Monica if you are interested in learning more about the Alliance and its resources. Here’s their website:


Membership processing capacity: What is an optimal membership size for our administrative capacity. How can we be mindful of not getting too big too fast? There is the feeling around the group that, even though the formation process has been slow going, it’s been a good pace and to keep up the good work!


Taxes: If we be become a Michigan non-profit, we may have a tax liability (though we aren’t 100% sure of this). We would need to get an accountant to look into these things.


Task Review/Future Tasks:

    • Kathy wrote an article on the different forms of capital. Jeff will post this on the website.
    • Julianne posted meeting times on Facebook.
    • Jeff created applicant spreadsheet.
    • Monica contacted people who weren’t active.


  • Heather, Julianne and Nathanael will meet on Friday at 11am to go over application processing.
  • They will write down relevant administrative tasks so we can create a procedures guide, allowing us to recruit people to fill these tasks
  • Noah suggested creating a Google doc of task lists, on which people can record when they’ve done a task
  • LIz will be the point person for getting Michigan non-profit status
  • Julianne and Liz will collaborate on drafting a liability waiver.
  • Julianne will gather and synthesize information to create written materials.



Next meeting: Saturday, September 21 at 6pm



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