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Meeting Minutes – July 2017

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Meeting Minutes for 7/19/17 meeting at Sue’s at 6:30pm

In Attendance:, Karen Coleman, Jeff Yoder, Sue Coles, Julianne Bonta, Elizabeth Warren, Shelley Williams, Emerson Delacroix (via phone)

Absences include:

Old Business & Tasks: Followed up on previous meetings tasks shown in blue.


  • ALL


      • Look over and comment on Sue’s budget Emerson and Eliz did.
      • Fill in 10 or so boxes of the Outreach Contacts documents what what services the organization provides and what folks could earn hours doing. Emerson did. Eliz did.
      • Send Jeff our elevator speech Emerson, Karen, Shelley, and Eliz did.


  • Elizabeth


      • Ask Barrier Busters about Jeff presenting  Eliz left a VM for Moonson Eninsche, Human Services Policy Specialist  (734)-544-3006 –


  • Jeff


      • Write blog post with link to announcements:  Tips for successful exchanging.
      • Another tips post: If you are offering services that ordinarily charge for, we suggest that you limit the timeframes in which you will be available for this service for timebank hours.  Note the various options.
      • Sum up a time bank elevator speech in preparation for outreach
      • Email Shelley about temp board position Done! Welcome Shelley!
      • Ask school about auction
    • Sue
      • Meet with Emerson to take over the Accounts Receivable task We met!


  • Karen



  • Julianne


      • Send Outreach letters – Not Done
      • Ask friend about auctions – Not Done


  • Emerson


    • Set up Sue as an admin in the software, explain Accts Receivable tasks. DONE!
    • Get a list of the folks who’ve exchanged the most and email them for tips on successful exchanging. Emailed Lisa, Liz DMG, Bethany, Shelley, Bryan, Randi, Lisa B, Jesse M, Abby S, Zeal, June, Jessica W, Julianne, Alexis, Georgina, Jen W, Caroline, Eliz and Nicole B. on 6/22
      • Sent f/u email on 7/7 as we had only heard back from Lisa B. and Shelley.
      • F/u email resulted in hearing back from Patricia, Alexis, and Nicole.
    • Ask membership to see if someone wants to help organize an auction DONE! Posted on software and FB page.
    • Also ask if folks want to donate/seek auction donations DONE! Posted on software and FB page. (More details listed below in agenda) (Em thinks this needs to be a spreadsheet but isn’t sure where to store it within gDrive. So here’s what they’ve collected from humans so far.)
      • Claudia Settle – oil painting
      • Danielle Ross- 15 min photo session
      • Jen Whaley – One hour chicken consultation
      • Nathanael Romeo – half hour guitar lesson
      • Sue Coles –  Hair cut and/or color application with blowdry and style
      • Jesse Miller – half hour music lesson (piano, guitar)
      • Debra Golden – Painting
    • Find out how much the Senior Center costs to rent: $50 per hour, two-hour minimum. Deposit required.




  • Welcome Shelley!
  • Go over everyone’s tasks for last month
  • Approve June minutes


      1. approved
    1. Carry-over Topic: Fall Auction Picnic
      1. Choose Date and location!
        1. October 21st 2017
        2. Cultivate – Jeff to ask.  They won’t
        3. Riverside Arts Center
        4. Ladies Literary Guild – arrange parking
        5. Growing Hope – Indoor market – Elizabeth to ask.  
        6. Ypsi Ale House – Emerson to ask
      2. Who will do online auction set up? And what does that entail? – Jeff
        1. At least taking pictures
        2. And setting up the item to bid on
        3. How many items do we want?
          1. By September meeting we have 35 minimum items
        4. Auction will be combo – online for a few days ending a few hours before the event and then on paper at the event with bids starting at where online auction left off.
        5. Advertising? Marketing?
          1. Ask a member?
      3. Items? (Em thinks this needs to be a spreadsheet but isn’t sure where to store it. So here’s what they’ve collected from humans so far.)
        1. Note the items listed above from last month’s tasks
        2. Shelley asked if there’s a minimum donation?
        3. Em also reached out to Dhany & Kay about 15min photo shoots too They asked Lisa for a half hour beehive consultation or vinegar. Asked my their dresser about  a haircut or discounted color.
        4. Is there anything we’re trying to get rid of that could be donated?
      4. Who will store the items until the auction? – Jeff’s basement
    2. Carry-over Topic: 5th Anniversary Party – arrange for the Sr. Ctr soon.  Think about 6/9/18. Discuss
      1. Emerson feels like they did nearly all the planning and is a little burnt out. (Admittedly planning this and then a wedding 2 weeks later is likely the culprit of said burnout.) Need help getting more help from membership and planning.
      2. Ask Cultivate – Jeff after we learn about fall fest
    3. Carry-over Topic: Taxes
      1. Need to do 2014 and 2015
    4. Treasurer Report:  
      1. Received so far this year total $495.47 from 18 people
      2. 18 members in Accounts Receivable
      3. Sue wants to know how often to email members to ask for a contribution? (Em suggested 3 times.)


  • Outreach Report


      1. 172 members, which is 10 more since our last meeting!!! (162). We’ve exchanged 5009 which is ?? more since our last meeting (4936).
      2. ONLY 2 applicants in pool!!! (Down from 38 in March!)
      3. Orientation and Clothes Swap on 6/22 was a success. Got a couple folks connects, lots of items donated to Ypsi Thrift and oriented a couple folks.
      4. Em spoke with Judy Weinburger about being the “Early Exchanger” and she’s excited to get folks connected! Em has been texting her when new folks are activated so she can reach out to them.
      5. Website could be multilingual – spanish to start
        1. Em talked to Bryan about this and he’s interested! But would like someone to read over his translations to review.
        2. Bryan also mentioned translating our brochure
      6. Em fb messaged about 100 people who were on the fb page but not members and asked them to join in 3 days or I was removing them until they had time to join us. We got 4 applicants because of that and all 4 were approved within 24hrs! Also was able to remove lots of random folks from the page. There are more to contact and Em will do in the next month.


  • FOR NEXT MEETING Carry-over Topic: New Marketing Materials


      1. Emerson reached out to Jesse Miller about doing the video. He doesn’t have time right. Ow.
      2. Caroline Carter previously expressed interest in writing a script. Does someone want to follow up with her?
      3. Em would like to see the slideshow updated. Happy to meet with someone in the next month to add screenshots of how to use the software and updated language.


  • Tabled items


    1. Someone should attend the monthly meetings at the MAOTB
      1. Could call in instead of going in person
  1. ELIZ would like to bring some ideas from the Crooked River Alliance of Timebanks
  2. Go Fund Me w/ copy of insurance bill and description of other expenses
  3. Items for “donation” of hours.  Hmmm.
  4. Next meeting on 8/17 at 6:30 at Sue’s?


Tasks to do in the next month:

  1. Jeff
    1. Go over transferring money from paypal to checking with Sue
    2. Write blog post about tips for exchanging – find the information on GDrive
    3. Ask little lake about auction software we used.
    4. Begin online auction setup
    5. Jeff to ask Cultivate
    6. Taxes for 2014 and 2015 – send Statement of activity (SOA) in yearly transactions. – DONE
  2. Sue
    1. How often should I email members asking for a contribution?  Why do some PayPal payments have a fee taken and other don’t?
    2. Sue will print organization letters for the ones that have content
    3. Ask a member with the offer listed for marketing help or in their bio
    4. Will send one collections email
  3. Eliz
    1. Jeff will let Eliz know if Cultivate is a no and ask Growing Hope about space
      1. Sent email 7/27/17 to Amanda.
      2. Left VM 8/1/17
  4. Emerson
    1. Eliz will let Emerson know if Growing Hope is a no and will then ask Alehouse
    2. Post on FB and software for marketing help for fundraiser
  5. Julianne
    1. Send Outreach letters
    2. Ask friend about auctions
  6. Karen
  7. Shelley
  8. All –
    1. Ask for auction donations from members and/or community organizations
      1. Encourage the donor to have an explicit description as to what the offer entails
      2. Encourage donor to spread the word
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