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Meeting Minutes – June 2017

June 21, 2017 by Board Meeting No Comments

Meeting Minutes for 6/21/17 meeting at Sue’s

In Attendance:, Karen Coleman, Emerson Delacroix, Jeff Yoder, Sue Coles, Julianne Bonta,

Absences include: Elizabeth Warren

Old Business:

  • Elizabeth
    • Ask Barrier Busters about Jeff presenting
  • Jeff
    • Write blog post with link to announcements:  Tips for successful exchanging.
    • If you are offering services that ordinarily charge for, we suggest that you limit the timeframes in which you will be available for this service for timebank hours.  Note the various options.
    • Sum up a time bank elevator speech in preparation for outreach
  • Sue
    • Work up budget for board review. Projected income, Projected costs: insurance, printing (brochures, yard signs, ), tax accountant, event food, etc.  Shown on a monthly basis. Annual Budget is in the Treasurer folder on the drive.
    • Make financial information available for the tax accountant  Jeff to approach his accountant.  Sue says she will provide any info they need.
  • Karen
  • Julianne
  • Emerson



  1. Approve April minutes
    1. approved
  2. 2017 Election results
    1. Emerson, Karen
    2. Shelley nomination
      1. Temporary board member until the next election – voting for this last election was sped up and as a result bylaws were not followed adequately
  3. Think about fund-raising.  Must have $1000 by the end of the year to pay for board insurance ($913 for 2017).
    1. This will become more clear once we have a budget
    2. An auction with donations is a good way to raise money and should be included in the 2018 picnic
      1. Propose to have a harvest party and auction
        1. Organization of this to be tabled for now and included in the 2018 picnic
    3. Fall auction harvest picnic
      1. Online auction or paper auction or both?
      2. Ask membership if they have auction experience
      3. Julianne wants to have paper only during the event
      4. Karen – have the online auction close at the start of the event and paper to close during the event.
  4. Outreach to local organizations
    1. Sue emailed letters but maybe Karen or others could give me the text for the two blanks: 1. what the other organization promotes and 2. examples of ways their members may earn hours.  Then I can fill in the letters and print/mail.  Also whose name should be on the letters?
      1. Julianne can look at what each organization
      2. Those who are inclined may fill out the “outreach contacts” spreadsheet with this information (see green columns):
  5. Next year’s picnic – arrange for the Sr. Ctr soon.  And start planning for the Auction.  Think about 6/2/18.
    1. Will discuss next meeting
  6. Taxes
    1. We can do this together 990-N
    2. IRS username: hourexchangeypsilanti
    3. 2016 990-N e-postcard has been filed
  7. Treasurer Report:  Received so far this year total $349.59 from 12 people
  8. Outreach update
    1. 162 members, 4936 hours
  9. Streamlining the application process
    1. Emerson has taken over some of the work from Brian who was falling behind
    2. 14 applicants are in the pool as of 6/21/2017
    3. Orientation and free clothes swap is now being hosted by Emerson 6/22 at Emerson’s home
  10. Tabled items
    1. Someone should attend the monthly meetings at the MAOTB
      1. Could call in instead of going in person
    2. Facebook group – Emerson has been managing this
    3. Website could be multilingual – spanish to start
  1. Next meeting on 6/21/2017 at 6:30



  1. Jeff
    1. Communicate with Shelley to say that we are delighted to have her on as a temporary board member and let her know when the next meeting is to be held
  2. Sue
    1. Meet with Emerson to take over the accounts receivable task
  3. Eliz
  4. Emerson
    1. Get a list of the folks who’ve exchanged the most and email them for tips on successful exchanging.
    2. Meet with Sue to hand off the accounts receivable task
    3. Ask membership to see if someone wants to help organize an auction
    4. Also ask if folks want to donate/seek donations
    5. Find out how much the Senior Center costs to rent
  5. Julianne
    1. Ask friend about auctions
  6. All –
    1. email what we say when we tell someone about the time bank
    2. Go thought the organization outreach spreadsheet and add thoughts about how each organization has similar values as hEY and how each can participate in


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