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Meeting Minutes – March 2017

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Meeting Minutes for 3/15/17 meeting at Elizabeth’s

In Attendance:, Karen Coleman, Elizabeth Warren, Jeff Yoder, Sue Coles

Absences include: Julianne Bonta

Old Business:


  • Feb minutes approved as amended.


  • Elizabeth
    • Research board policies and whether or not to have them
      • 3/13: PC w/ Kim Hodges.  Described the situation that spurred our concerns.  She promised to email me some documents that may help, but they have not confronted this before.  She did strongly recommend that we participate regularly in monthly statewide meetings: Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks Learning Circle meetings

Generally on the 1st Saturday of each month, 11am-1pm. These potluck meetings are for TimeBank coordinators and those interested in learning about TimeBanking. Please join us and bring a dish to share.  Location: Peace Lutheran Church, 17029 W. 13 Mile Road in Southfield (between Southfield and Greenfield Roads)  2017 Meetings: January 7, February 4, March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3, August 5 (pool party in Royal Oak), September 9, October 7, November 4, December 2

    • Call Insurance co. to see if PayPal is an option.  PAID
  • Jeff
    • Further  update the brochure.  Did update a little, but not a complete overhaul.
    • Write blog post with link to announcements:  Tips for successful exchanging.

If you are offering services that that ordinarily charge for, we suggest that you limit the timeframes in which you will be available for this service for timebank hours.  Note the various options. Not done

  • Research PayPal card.  Can just do a transfer to the bank account.  A few transfers should drain PayPal card.
  • Pay the insurance bill DONE
  • Contact Steven Beckett of Hour World to see how they deal w// FB  DONE


    • Julianne


  • Complete conversion of working group files and place into appropriate folders on Drive.
  • Figure out what Jeff’s task of Make default log-in to the website. means


  • Karen
    • Continue to work on email that can go to organizations – Done
  • Sue
    • Attend next meeting, or at least April.  DONE
    • Bank transactions are up to date in the Google sheet and the credit union and Paypal accounts have been reconciled.
    • Two contributions so far in 2017 of $50 in January and March



  1. Think about fund-raising.  Must have $1000 by the end of the year to pay for board insurance ($913 for 2017).
    1. About 3 full paid membership donations per month
    2. Perhaps after year-end season Sue can propose a budget? – put on next agenda
    3. Events: raffle? Silent auction?  Annual Mtg time?
  2. Facebook group – should we keep or not?
    1. Only ½ of users are members
    2. If an offer goes up on FB, it might not go up on the website
    3. What effect does FB have on hEY?
      1. Julianne: FB is easier.  Not everybody accesses both.  Recording hours is only on website.  Issue is making the offers available to everyone.  More people use FB?
      2. Good PR
    4. Jeff will research further.
      1. Proposal: trial period using FB only as a marketing tool for hey and not as a message board for mbrs and nonmbrs..  Reason: Doesn’t encourage 1-on-1 helping, but rather a shout out to the the crowded room. Rqsts don’t go to the whole mbrsp bc some mbrs use the FB page.
      2. Alt: mbrs-only FB.  Sue’s only successful connections have been thru FB.
    5. Facebook serves as a way for members to feel like they know each other enough to reach out to share/request services
      1. If we are to abandon Facebook having regular membership gatherings would be necessary to maintain the community feeling that Facebook provides.
  3. Language for organizations to join

The hOur Exchange of Ypsilanti (hEY) is a nonprofit organization with interests similar to your own. We want to boost community involvement and need your help.

As ________ promotes _______ we would be thrilled to accept your non-profit group into ours. Our purpose is to make life better for all community members involved. hEY members receive time bank hours for time spent serving other hEY members and their community. An hour is an hour that can be spent for anything another hEY member is offering.

Once ________ is accepted, as an active member, you have the right to give hours to any hEY member offering their time for your non-profit cause. With this exchange we hope your members will be caught by the desire to also be hEY members, being able to exchange their hours for another hEY member’s hours. An exchange is often doing projects one enjoys, for those projects that are not favored. For instance, your volunteers might earn hours by _____ and then exchange those hours for things like laundry, learning a foreign language, being chauffeured around town, receiving house sitting, help in the kitchen, or learning a craft.

In the near future we look forward to having ________ join hEY to help make our local time bank even more of a success. The plan is that having hOur help, free from hEY members, ________ will also benefit in this free non-profit relationship. If you belong to or know of another organization who would be interested in joining the Time Bank please let us know.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


hEY staff member


  1. Someone should attend the monthly meetings at the MAOTB
    1. Could call in instead of going in person
  2. Outreach update
    2. Idea to get Churches to join as organizations to pay their own volunteers hours
      1. Use the church outreach coordinator


New Tasks:

  • Elizabeth
    • Upload the insurance policy
  • Jeff
    • Upload the new brochure pdf
    • Write blog post with link to announcements:  Tips for successful exchanging.

If you are offering services that ordinarily charge for, we suggest that you limit the timeframes in which you will be available for this service for timebank hours.  Note the various options.

  • Ask Emerson to run for board, organize annual picnic and meeting DONE
  • Sue
    • Work up budget for board review
    • Make financial information available for the tax accountant
    • Start a list of local Ypsilanti non-profit/community organizations to approach.  Then send list to Karen each week.
      • List:  Washtenaw County Master Gardeners
  • Karen
    • Work through the language and implement personalizations depending on Sue’s research
  • Julianne


Jeff, president and co-founder of hOur Exchange Ypsilanti, strives to bring community together through shared experience. He loves the city of Ypsilanti and wants to see it thrive.

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