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Meeting Minutes – March 2018

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Board Meeting Minutes for 3/21/18 meeting at Emerson and Lindsey

In Attendance: Jeff Yoder, Emerson Delacroix, Elizabeth Warren (skype), Lindsey Schafer, Shelley Williams, Karen Coleman. Laura Pasek from A2, TB.

Absences include: Sue Coles

Old Business & Tasks: Followed up on previous meetings tasks shown in blue.


  • All
  • Who still needs to Watch presentation at – Karen has watched… Jeff, Shelley, Lindsey, Emerson need to watch.
  • Eliz


      • Does CSAM-PO carry board/officer insurance?  What documents does it file with MI and Feds?  Any? Ask Debbie Burr. or Pam Gillespie: 734-277-0030.


  • Emerson


      • Complete membership report not done yet
      • Attend MAOTB Meeting – Lots to report from this!
      • Write blog post about about what Emerson likes about hEY and what it has added to their life not done, but started!


  • Jeff


      • Upload Feb Meeting Minutes


  • Karen


      • None


  • Shelley


      • Attend Barrier Busters Meeting –


  • Sue


    • Complete treasurer report



  1. Go over everyone’s tasks for last month
  2. Approve February minutes
    1. Approved with the deletion of Karen as attending
  3. Treasurer Report
    1. Total received since our last meeting 2.21.18: $23.97
    2. Total received in 2018: $71.91
    3. 5 persons in AR (from 4 member in Accounts Receivable last month)
  4. Outreach Report
    1. 191 members, which is 3 more since our last meeting. (188). We’ve exchanged 5537 hours which is 155 more since our last meeting (5382).
    2. 9 person applied this month. We have 6 applicants in pool. 2 will be oriented Sat!
    3. MAOTB Monthly Meeting Report: Emerson and Sue attended in person! Lots of great ideas.
      1. Speaker was Abby from Crooked River regarding orientations. She has an orientation format she uses and shared with all of us. Sue and Em were invigorated to start a monthly orientation again. We had one Sat. 3.17 at YDL-MI. Details below.
      2. Discussed the use of social media. Emerson decided to start making regular posts to our public page and private group to see if this stirs any activity. Also posted these to the software.
    4. Emerson reached out to Detroit Pride to see if we/MAOTB could have a booth. Do we want one for Ypsi Pride? (Em can’t be at that table as they’ll be at another one.)
    5. MAOTB retreat. And maybe invite CRAT. Nov.
    6. Emerson has connected with Laura of A2TB, and connected her with Sue. Plans to host an orientation in A2 alternating months with Ypsi. Next A2 orientation will be in April. Em wants it to be at UUAA; reached out to them but has to call during business hours to reach the right person.
    7. Kim Hodge from MAOTB attended a meeting at UM today regarding UM’s desire to begin a timebank. Encouraged them to just join A2TB.
    8. Orientation was held 3.17.18, at YDL-Michigan, hosted by Sue, Em and Laura. 7 number of folx attended. One new member was oriented!
    9. Lindsey reached out to Bike Ypsi Spring Ride May 6th folx to see if we can have a booth to hand out water and pump hEY/A2TB.
      1. They want volunteers. Didn’t say anything about a table.
    10. Em asked Michelle to post Free Faire events on Fb. Asked Edie to post Reskilling events. Trying to get folx to put up their own events 🙂 FFY has a new human and Em hasn’t reached out to that person yet.
  5. This leads to New topic: Washtenaw County Alliance of Timebanks?
    1. Laura from A2TB is on board! WCAT would be legit, and we could apply for grants. hEY and A2TB could work under the radar and not be community orgs, or whatever.
    2. Pros: 501c3 and funding, protection that creates legally.
    3. Cons: connection to govt, still can’t trade goods or biz pay someone w/ hours (taxation issues). Where is the interest level there before we create an alliance.
  6. New Topic: Relaunching A2TB
    1. Can do a lot before you have a board. We met for years before this happened. Jeff sat a coffee shop for 3yrs once a week. Blogged.
    2. There are 66 current membership. How can she help facilitate exchanges – Eliz. wonders if this is premature and that can happen after there’s a lot of conversation and energy and money. Really sees Nextdoor used a lot, so thinking about crossposting there.
    3. Monthly brunch, monthly orientation.
    4. Obstacle:out from Jun 25-Aug 5th.
    5. Karen suggested when she asks members who they know that might want to be a board member.
    6. Jeff asked for the folx who are already doing these kind of guild-like thing and see if you can get into those groups. Attend one of the existing meeting. Here’s a brochure. Lots of seed clubs. Farmers market. Artisan market on Sunday. Common Cycle. Offer the bank to foot the bill for things going on.
    7. Emerson suggested coming to our meeting and MAOTB meeting to gain energy credits.
    8. Shelley suggested her church which was interested.
  7. New Topic: Email received about a fundraising opportunity – do we want to do this?For the months of March, April & May, Hour Exchange Of Ypsilanti can host fundraisers at Ollie Food and Spirits, Macheko Grill, and Silvio’s Organic Ristorante e Pizzeria, and they will donate 15 – 20% of sales back to Hour Exchange Of Ypsilanti. Simply choose a date and schedule your fundraiser in 5 minutes. You can choose up to 3 dates for the upcoming months.”
  8. Carry-over: Renew Non-Profit Status vs. Community Orgs
    1. Jeff wants to renew and get board membership insurance
    2. Jeff will renew
  9. Old Topic: Insurance
    1. Most statute of limitations is 2yrs
    2. Eliz suggested asking to get it backdated potentially to Mar 1st and disclose the claim.
  10. The Board does not condone members facilitating services performed by members for non-members, even if arranged or paid for by a member.  We strongly encourage that all exchanges be between members only. Members should not facilitate a service on behalf a non-member. Reason: the non-member will not be aware of member responsibilities and will not have been vetted, nor properly oriented to hEY procedures. BOD agrees to make themselves extra careful.  Mbrs have already signed a hold-harmless agreement.
  11. Next Meeting: 4/18/18 at 6:30 at Go! IceCream.  


Tasks to do in the next month:


  • All:



  • Eliz



  • Emerson


      • Complete membership report
      • Attend MAOTB Meeting
      • Put out request for Social Outreach Committee
      • Where do negative comments go


  • Jeff


      • Renew state non-profit, renew board insurance


  • Karen


      • None


  • Laura
  • Shelley


      • Attend Barrier Busters Meeting


  • Sue


    • Complete treasurer report


Parking Lotted or Floating Items:

  1. Carry-over Topic: Retreat
    1. Maybe wait until after Anne joins in Feb/Mar.
  2. Carry-over Topic: Auction
  3. Carry-over Topic: 5th Anniversary Party
  4. New Topic: Getting new orgs, churches, etc
    1. ?
  5. New Topic: Classes?
    1. Pontiac Sun Timebank has been hosting monthly classes on different topics like cooking/healthy eating, sewing, holistic health etc. Is this smthg we want to do or do we feel like a2-Ypsi Reskilling is already doing this? And Milton offered gardening classes.
  6. Carry-over Topic: Crowdfunding


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